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Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so I'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one..or maybe not..like how would I know if its typical or not rite. Every month I'll be changing the layout and song. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< . Remember to sign my guestbook and tag the board!!!=p. The layout features an unknown girl epicting one of to most known common thoughts on freedom. Featured song is I Miss You by Do As Infinity. The song will take a while to load.

Days do pass the pain

The exams has finally passed by now the torture of the result will haunt for the next whole year. A couple of people already have been talking about seriosly studying parents and teacher. I was wondering ,this is seriouse , it is about what I choose to become. The problem is I can't choose. It will only give me a headache. I missed my notebook~* It was stolen from me a couple of days ago by the conniving sneaky parents of mine.

Two unfortunate events happened to me this week. First was the terrible stomach ache incident that interrupted my arts exam. Today was the toenail incident which left me limping the whole day.. It will probably last for the whole month. This morning ,as ussual hurrying to school. I ussually wear my shoes in the car to save time . So on the way to the car just stepping out of the house "OOOOWWWWW!!" my big toenail got stuck on something in the shoe. I was walking and the nail kinda got disslocated? In the car there was some bleeding at the border of the nail inside /under the nail. Now it looks dead or more like its not connected to my toe so it looks terribly pale. I even had to walk home. Thank goodness next week school days are only limited because of the PMR exams. Now with an injured toe I'm not sure if I should go out to watch a movie. After all the stress is muddled up all in the brain its better to get some form of entertainment to kill my brain cells (the only way of destroying the stress).

The first day the notebook was abducted I didn't know what to do. So i went and draw some drafts for a manga! Its just a storyline not the drawings its more like sketches of drafts. Now I hope i can draw it out because it seems to be hard work.Anyway my first storyline that I don't think suck (^-^). Time is running out ,we're reaching the age where we have to grow up and decide about the future >"<. My head is overloading. Finally got my watch fixed! The battery went KO the beginning of the year. Missed my watch alot! Now have to get used to wearing it all over again. Today is the last day of September! Which means I'll put up next months layout tomorrow. Its not actually good but passable I guess.

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Addicted to manhwa!

This is not a joke. A student has neglected her exams for the sake of manga! 0_0. Well as a matter of a fact, that would be me. T_T. I'm addicted to manhwa !! Manhwa is korean comics and japan comics is manga. The shoujo manhwa is not bad man! I'm almost completing 24 volumes.I think i can finish it today. XD. The manhwa is sooo damn nice! Currently addicted to Hot Blooded Woman and Goong. Although I prefer Hot Blooded Woman more because theres a little bit of similarity to Hana Yori Dango! Don't be fooled by the name, the manga is about this really violent ,hot headed , sometimes dense =.= girl who loves power. At first i didn't like her character due to her obsession with being in power but as the plot thickened things changed. This story is really interesting! I wish I could think up a plot like that. Need to read more shoujo before I can understand the concept. Anyway she was addicted to power and became a jiang (head of gang). So she's the head of thie fearsome gamg called Domoured sumthing ==. Shouldn't tell anymore than this.

About the other manga it's called Goong, and theres a twist in history so to say. If the old monarchy in korea survived the war invasion and now ruled Korea ofcourse not in ultimate power. So theres this seiji (crown prince) who has to marry at the age of 17 and this girl from the same school with a pretty interesting character which ends up paired with him because of some arrangements their grandfathers had. Too bad the scanslation of the whole series hasn't finished, so now I have to wait aggonizingly like Parfait Tic for their releases. I hunted down the manga and downloaded it one by one which takes up a lot of queuing and leeching at a mirc channel. Theres a couple of manga and manhwa I'm waiting for those sites to release >.<

Then the Malaysian Idols finals has been decided. So Daniel won through his popularity with his fans. Switched on the TV and saw like 10 seconds of the starting of Malaysian Idol but was too addicted to manhwa so I swithced it off and continued my manhwa +_+. Next Monday there will be Add Maths which sucks like crazy. I haven't even touched any Add Maths book and also this tuesday is going to be stressfull as both the subjects need to be studied intensely. Since I'm a lazy person I'll regret this later and do terribly in the exam T_T.Finally finished the whole series! It was nice to read but the scanslator said it wasn't a really good manhwa but i still did like it although there where a couple twist and turns. After this exam i'll try editing for some groups. Hopefully I'll get a nice manga to edit on . Atleast something I'm a fan off.

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It has begun~

And so the exams has begun, TODAY. Atleast I read a little bit of BM if not I would be clueless. There was the BM paper which answers were long and theres the BI papers which wasn't that hard but not that easy. Tomorrow there will be Mathematics and Chinese(BC). I still haven't studied maths >.< which isn't good. Thats enough about school and how pathetic life is.

To the bright side of life! FINAL FANTASY IIV : ADVENT CHILDREN has supreme graphics that's out of this world!!!! The movie has leaked out to the public but many say they will still support Square Enix ,the manufacturing company by buying the original DVD. As I said the graphics are amazing but the storyline wasn't so smooth. The action was fantastic and realistic. Ofcourse the characters are absolutely gorgouse and character building has a thumbs up. Although there where some stiff movements of the hand and fingers but the rest wouldn't be noticable. Japan is really the top leading in graphics and technology although I think Korea could be better, because they manufacture alot of online games.

Changing to another subject, what are blogs for? It's supposed to be an online journal rite? Then how come most of them don't sound like journals. Currenty got nothing to blog so lets continue to the finale. I've found some screenshots from the superb movie and here there are XD. I also made a sig just now. Reno RAWKS! XD I'll resize it so it fits the table =.= .\,,/

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Bored to happy~

Today there was school. A school day on a Saturday. The reason is to replace the one day school was on emergency leave because of the hazardous haze. The next couple of weeks there will also be replacement classes for couple of days on the last week of school, so we get one week holiday earlier that supposed to. Half the girls in the class didn't come,well actually my class has very little girls and theres already more guys than girls.

Well theres this one whole gang of girls who always hangout together and stuff.The whole bunch didn't come, lessening our number to 6 girls T_T. Well it doesn't matter class went on as usual and one great relief was that the troublemakers didn't come XD. Although it got a little boring but it was normal. Exams are coming RED ALERT! Next week which will be around 2 and a half days I'm gonna DIE DIE DIE. I'm not kidding, cause I really can't study. I still haven't revised see I told you it was serious. It becomming a MAJOR prolem by the second. Forget about the stressfull stuff for now and go to the things people enjoy.

Guess what happened today! I went with my friends to Sunway Piramid because my friend Sze Yue is a big fan of Daniel the contestant in Malaysian Idol. So I got to take pictures of them ^0^. Mostly who attended where Daniel fans, my friend has attended all the road performances that she can reach. So I heard that one of the idols recognised her and said she was here again ^^. The more I think about it , the more I think she (my friend) is a pretty great person, in my opinion. I don't mean great in doing some great achievements but I mean it in a normal life manner. Its hard to explain. Oh yea and guess what I have a treat! Its the pictures!!

I have around 40 pics but I'm putting up only 3 because I don't want the page take a long time loading, I resized the pics to a much more smaller porpotion. hehe. So Daniel fans sorry if this isn't enough. Oh yea I also saw some people from CHS. I knew it and then I saw some in uniforms and others I kinda knew were in school but don't really know well. After the road show, they had the autographing session,YAY I got the poster and autograph^^. It ran out not before long and fans took all sorts of things to be signed. Actually I'm not a fan and I rarely watch Malaysian Idol but I what can I say.Star power drawed me to it? nah just took it for nothing, you know when you see a celebrity even if u don't really fancy you will get theri sigs or something. Well it's something like that.

As I was saying mafter the road show we checked out some shops ,i also checked out the tech shops around the ground floor looking for some CD-R's but when I reached this shop it seems they ran out of stock. Well should I even be story telling this? Well when I arrived some guy( working at the shop) was talking to the girl and the firl couldn't decide between imation cd-r's and sony cd-r's .They were having a promotion for the sony cd-r's at 38 bucks a pack(50). That was dirt cheap for a branded disk. Anyway not long after the girl finally decided. She bargained to reduce it to RM35. The guy said ok. The girl was like someone around our age and you know dressed up as a girl with skirt and stuff. Then i wanted to buy and they said that they were out of stock. The reason was the guy gave her the loose CD-R's meaning those in 10 per bag. Well then I guess that he was treating a leng lui and all .=.=. Oh well nevermind that. I decided not to buy and went to animetech. I bought a Full Metal Alchemist bag!!! It's not really stylish of or what and the material is really corse >< but they have that sign of the alchemy thing. Thats enough I'm hungry and I need to eat. Chiaozz.

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One of those days.

Today was a very active day! My class had a class trip to Taylor's College for the seminar called "The Art of Learning" .It was really REally REALLY noisy! Around 12 schools particapated and when they asked for us to cheer for whatever crap MAN was the screaming LOUD! It was so loud that sometimes we had to cover our ears from the screeching. Mostly because of the fan-girl screams.

Now, the seminar started of with Domino's the host giving some speech and some cheerleaders called the Dinamites who won the national Cheer 2005 this year from SMK Damansara Jaya. Guess what! I met some friends !! I was searching high and low if I knew anybody there and guess what I found Meng Yean! Well actually she noticed me first. hehe. She has become a prefect or something. I was very delighted to find a friend ! Before that my tuition mate found me! She stopped coming to tuition so it took a while for me to register in my brain that she was from tuition.At first her face was just so familiar. Pardon me for my forgetfullness. Well the seminar went on and on untill around 1 something. Then we had 2 pieces of pizza courtesy of Domino's. It was actually quite good, there was smooked sausage slices or chicken for all I know but it did tast delicious.

Well I found out the my friend is a vegetarian??!! Like wurt? I never knew, haha and also I didn't know another classmate was vegetarian, guess what he did. He removed all the smokes sausages and gave it to his friend. Ah what a lucky friend~ After eating our lunch we left and while waiting for the bus I sneaked into a shop and bought some empty CD-R's. I really needed that because I want to install The Sims2 which is 4GBs but I have around 500 mbs space.So I need to rip my precios anime and delete them to free space. I also brought my MP3 Player and I switched the volume to be louder than what I normally hear, but circumstances forced me too. Anyway what I mean is that ,now even though the volume is high my ears perceive it was normal?

Another surprise! Friendster has added some cool functions like the ability to modify your profile using CSS and also HTML! I added this song for my profile~ By the days end, I was worn out and dragged myself to nap. The unfairness in life today = some people switched around their mp3 players and stuff. I was left excluded. Sometimes I just feel maybe I can't connect with people.like EVER. Listened to my mp3 and only my mp3 the whole day. the outcast ~ >.<
P.S =That avatar is mine ^^

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Ex~Stresso~ in the house.

That sounded stupid. haha. As I said the exams are coming now theres only 6 days left. Yet I have not touched a single book to revise. I'm sooo going to die. Theres no motivation, no mood, no aptitude to even read the book yet alone understand it. I need help, BAD. So i'm still figuring out a way. Probably I'll force someone into studying with me. That still depends if I'm succesfull enough.

I made next months layout and it will feature Full Metal Alchemist ,my current favourite anime. That avatar there is made from the layout. Although my friends say my graphics suck but heck I liked this colour but they said the colour was wrong or something. Well atleast the avvie fits the situation I'm in. Although it's the opposite, I'm not studying ><. This Wednesday there will be some class trip to Taylor's Colledge. I hope I'll bring my mp3 player, but i'm a little worried about the teachers getting hold of it. At least I don't need to study that day ^^.

Seriosly, theres no enthusiathem, I can't bloody well study AT ALL. I need to get a grip but my arms are flapping helplessly trying to reach that out of reach rail. Theres more remorse to what I said, I don't get a thing teacher has thought. Yay someone is going to die, and nobody will remember McL aka Fwenatic LIVED. Well except my beloved treasured family and close ones. I'm really crapping, because of the really unmoody mood I'm having.

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Trial and turbulence

The time is coming. One must now wait and be ready to face the terrible ongoing mental ripping finals. The finals are arriving and this time it won't leave any survivors in it's path. Let there be light! We shall not fall to our demise because of this petty little tests they put before us. Let us strive and arrive to our expectations.

Ehm Ehm.. there was that short speech to motivate others and myself. Although truthfully speaking I'm am unable to comprehend that speech. Ehm ehm enough of crapping. Exams are coming in around one and a half weeks. Theres alot and I mean ALOT to pick up from where I left. Althought I am relieved that I'm still in form 4 not form 5 or form 3. So form 4 is the inbetween so called honeymoon. Well it isn't and infact it takes a great deal to adjust to the much more difficult syllabus. Expecially add maths for me,I guess because I never did any proper exercises and forget the teachings of the O great masters(teachers).

My sitmate recommended me to play this game called darkwars. It is a rpg that doesn't use graphics. Another meaning it's like attacking other people and getting their money then buying some items to make your power higher. The ironic thing is that he can't play hahahaha because his account got suspended (from making too many acc for himself). When he realised it today, he looked pretty sad cause he has nothing to do now. Oh well it is a good thing in a bad way. He'll get to study better( if he bothers to). Talking about revising. Surprisingly I've been making some effort(although I'm way behind the syllabus). Just yesterday Qis and me studied a full 40 mins by ourselves.. HAHAHA I know thats pretty much nothing but at least we gave it a try. I think Qis is studying much more now.

I'm still lagging was behind. Yesterday's tuition finally went into pembezaan, I'm starting to understand little bits and parts now (better than totally clueless) .In one lesson he teached to kadar while my school teacher took around 2-3 weeks. Well my school teacher teaches pretty fast too and I thought my tuition teacher was teaching pretty slow. Just hope I can keep all that knowledge in my brain. By the way for the next 3-4 weeks theres no hope of sleeping to hearts content, because there'll be replacement classes on saturday, then I have tuition on Sunday ><. 3 more weeks of sleeping agony.
p.s=made this avvie a while ago.

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I dreamt..

Just woke up from my sleep and immediately blogging. It all started when my family wanted to go to some place KLCC only it wasn't that place. Then we walked around the shops and all and finally decided to eat at some restaurant. After finishing my meal, I saw my two friends entering the restaurant with their parents. It was Farah and Qis. I confronted them why they didn't ask me along and all.

Then change of scene I was in a shop with my family ,there was alot of personal and it looked like the floor was made out of wood and the lighting was nice(orange glows). My family went to the car before I even noticed. So I hurried to find my shoes. It seems I was wearing the shops white slippers and well my parents were wearing white bathing robes before abondoning me and going to the car along with my grandmother. Then I finally got it at the counter and was heading back by a shortcut at the back. Farah was tagging along (I don't know why or how) I think I met her at the shop. We were walking along the back way which was kinda garden like and there was traffic below us.

I was in a hurry and there was another way that was shorter.( I don't know why I thought it was shorter). Then I climbed over the handrail and outside there was some land. Of course Farah hessitated and complained a bit but I continued and she still came. We walked gripping on the hand rail its more like hangging on it because the land was getting little. Then ahead of us was a bridge! The bridge had adverts and below there was traffic with cars. I wanted to go back into the garden but the land there had already gotten high and I couldn't go back. So we actually continued with my brilliant idea. I hanged on tight to the handrail wich eventually merged to the advertisment board.

I could hear the traffic below us honking away. It took a while and yes I was abit terrified about falling down.We actually walked hangging on the railway at the side of the bridge.We reached the other end (I was wearing a white shirt) . Then there was a perssonel there. He seemed to be angry and said something about noticing something white over the rail(which was my shirt). He led us to a staircase and there are people lined up against both sides. We didn't go through but it seemed someone was coming up. Their head(leader) so to say, all of them were wearing white clothes.Then I found myself and farah in some room and there where other people. Some I saw before in the restaurant or the shops, expecially the features I could recognise. Then the perssonel spoke and we were in a big room. He said there was something going on( bad ) I thought everyone was there on my fault because I went over the rail and everyone else was innocent.

It seemed like some drilling camp giving the first speech. Then I saw my grandmother. She seemed to have been looking for me ,and she was asking the personal to find me. She looked pretty desperate and screaming (not so loud) ,I raised my hands high to signal her that I was here. She was telling the personal that I wasn't bad or something. Then I woke up to my grandmother calling me to go with her to Popular. Actually before I dreamt I was in Kadet Polis and exhausted I was going to open the internet connection,but I could resist and entered the air cond room and doozed off. Woke up around 4pm.
P.S=Made this avatar yesterday... althought my friend didn't like it.
P.S P.S= Sorry for the not so dramatic detailed version.This is all I can come up with since I'm not good at writing.

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Life sets its Pace

I admit I'm not a very good person neither am I a very bad person. There are times when I just feel the presence of others and times I'm here to stay and have a firm grip of courage. Guiltyness is creeping in inch by inch. My thinking isn't set straight and I know my taste in arts or stuff isn't really good or senseble at times. It seems I can't judge colour and art well.

Today is Friday which means tomorrow is the weekends but it makes no insignificant difference to me. That is because of the stupid club activities I regret joining. Now I have to wake up early even on weekends. Even on Sundays for the next whole month I'll have to go for tuition in the morning! I don't know if I can cope with the lack of sleep since I have to wake up early everyday. So today I spent my time unwisely as ussual and made some avatars. Fiddled with the functions and came up with some interesting ones. Although even though I like it everyone else says it's not suitable .I'm talking about the avatars if your mind got confused. It looks like I've got a lot of entertainment on my hands (^-^). I borrowed FMA, The Sims 2, Marmalade Boy and asked a classmate to burn for me Shuffle!.

It seems I got distracted and haven't watched FMA's last 4 episodes. Although I got to watch Water Boys II yesterday without subs. The size of drama's are huge compared to anime which forced me to free some space by burning. It seems my notenook can't burn dvds ><. I wanted to keep one whole series in one DVD. This afternoon Coco sent me this Laruku PV Stay Awake. The PV rocks! Although when I first saw it I though Hyde looked a little weird dancing like that. I really like the PV and hontony arigatou coco!

About the avatars it seems my sences are messed up or something as some avvies that my friends say are nicer than those I like. First time hearing Qis has a goal and it's a high goal too. Well qis i hope you make it, you can strive for it and you're making some efforts I see. While I'm still wandering cluelessly to what my future can hold. To coco GOOD LUCK in your exams!
P.S=OK I'm using it .This is one of the avvies I made today.I like how this one turned out. Although there are a couple versions of it.My friend says that the words are unapropriate.

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Reason to Unreason

The beginning of a new month, the end of another and the terror of the upcoming finals. Exams are on their way and we can't hide, avoid or fight it. The only way to face this challenge is to accept it bravely and do what we have to do. So much for words when I'm doing the opposite. By the end of this month after exams freedom will arise !!

Sorry for the little speech above. Anyways I've watched Fullmetal Alchemist untill the last VCD. I've left the last 4 episodes for tomorrow.Savouring the anime neh~. The plot is really interesting and finally things are unveiling. This morning though I woke with a terrible stomach ache and suffered for a couple of hours till it went down and I slept till afternoon. Then I felt weak and had to eat porridge for lunch and dinner. It's 3am now and just realised I missed CSI:Miami. Oh well tomorrow they will be showing some Bukit Kepong movie for the sake of the Merdeka(independance) Day so I can sleep a bit more in air con but the seats are hard so I hope I get to sit behind where there are tables and chairs.

Anime is generally percepted by the public as just cartoons and they conclude from what they know which is the cartoon for kids by Disney or Pixar wich always depicts happy endings. Well anime is generally speaking like the movie industry, the common concept they use is to put a character in a unrealistic situation yet all his reaction are very realistic. Creativity has no boundaries and those great mangaka's have much ideas, effort and dedication in them to draw their manga's.

It must take a lot of work to create their artwork expecially with tones and sometimes colour synchronisation. I really admire them for all they have done. I have far more to go before I can do anything near to their achievements. I'll probably never succed but i'll just try when I have the time and mood. Just a low graded student in a high grade school.
P.S= Made the avatar.Unless stated the rest of the avatars are not mine.
P.S.P.S=Too tired to do the finish change the fav character section

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