Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog which i just started.Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so i'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< .Please sign my guestbook although i still can't get the handle of it.=p.Its on your right hand side.See that box you can navigate from there although it a small box.The layout features n/a from Clover [clamp].


30 November
Walk as you pass pain,
Struggle to reach the finish line,
Effort begins its quest,
Life begins its journey,
Find the walk of life,
Lose the wrong,
Remember the right,
Try as hard as might,
Dont let life be an obstacle,
Let it be a open space,
And fill it up one by one,
When it all ends well,
Reflect the past,
Look forward to the future.... doesnt even rhyme...I think i shold work on my poem skills...i know it theres still room for improvement..Maybe i should make another poem hehehe..does it rhyme..
Flying through the wind,
Swimming by the stream,
Making ways ahead,
To be unafaraid,
Struck to strangeness,
Fear of fakeness,
Welt up inside,
Where no one can hide,
Side by side,
March through time,
Fears pass by,
Hope is high,
Strong is the will,
Which holds us still.

25 November
Today..was better than ussual days..hehe....I got to see THe Incredibles.It's nice to watch..hehe..the cinema was quite full..and there was someone coughing right behind...wonder how i know that.. because I could feel the air blow on my head..yea that was uncomfortable..anyway I forgot about it when I went for dinner for my frens birthday party.It was nice...and I got some very very very cool pics of myself..DAM YENg MAN!!!!!!! haha..i'm not perasanted or least now I got more pics..=).Can't wait to get my hand on them..>.<.The frst tryouts on taking my pic was really terrible...sigh..but then it got better and better..haha..I doubt my fren would read this but if you do. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" put3.I don't want to start singing cause if i do you won't be able to stop me..neither could I..hehe..not bad day eh..

23 November
I'm so freakin pissed off....dam annoyed man.>.<....I wanna go for my class trip but last minute my parents say can...sooo unfair.. They got freaked out at the freakin letter from the teacher about not taking responsibility....I'm preventing myself from saying bad words..@#$#$#%$@#%#^^%&.. BAKA...NOw I cannot goo...wtheck...Its like the only class trip I have this whole freakin could they>.<....grrrr.... So then what to do...stay at home and do nothing for the rest of my life...stupid.!!!

19 November
sigh.....grumble grumble...sigh..hehe..yesterday as the day before was boring.I played neopets and i didnt earn any points frust..frust.. They said that the sistem was down and they couldnt give out points and I played and supposedly earned 1000 over points...sigh..all wasted.>.<. I didnt update for like 5 days hehe..I went to my frens house the day before..she got lucky..I only got to play gb at the last minute.. and i didnt even finish one game...sigh...Thats because her com had a prob you know the offline thing.She didnt set it to online or connect.Sometimes the computer does that they automaticly set you offline.i miss gb although now i play terriblely.-_-".Since i'm so bored i decided to add this to show how bored I am..hehe

14 November
No one is usin the tag board or maybe no one is visiting this site.Today is Hari Raya so I wish you all Happy Hari Raya. Yet life is so boring...there's nothing to see on TV and i've slept until i can't sleep anymore. Today is sunday makes no difference..sigh...Do you know where to download anime songs other than kazaa??

10 November
I refrained myself from using the internet yesterday because i'm trying to keep the bill low..unsuccesfully. I'm getting another layout ready for this blog because the navigation is like really small and ppl are not using the chatterbox maybe because they can't see it.The other layout is quite nice but not prettier than this.Heart of Sword rox man!!! I wish I had streamix so I wouldn't need to worry of over exceddin the bill + i would get to download stuff faster and get to play Gunbound the game i want to play but can't because of certain reasons....=(.

9 November
My friend so kindly sent me music files through msn.I really appreciated it.I expecially luv Rurouni Kenshin sountracks. hehehe..I got like 6 songs.My fav is Heart of Sword..I fell for it when my other fren brought her diskman with tons of CD's. Well this song was included because she was a anime fan like me.I heard it like a gazilion times and is still luvin it.Well I do get fed up with it sometimes because I listen too much.hehe.I'm like listening to them right now.=)*grins like a silly girl*. Well that was hiperbola<-i don't know how to spell exageratin-.-".swt.I need to do something with my life like.........blank.0.0. Rurouni Kenshin rulzzz 2 da max.The internet bill is gonna be really high and my parents are gonna get really hot tempered with this. I'm gonna die..I can't help it,I've got utterly nothing to do and how can i resist the temptation of internet without any distraction. Am I bragging?If I am tell me because I need to know if I am an official bragger.Today I really went online for a long time added up together. I saw a documentary on this women who is a paper cutter.She cuts red paper into pieces of art.She's inspired by everyday life and her life is not easy. She's poor and she works like a farmer in China.China is really overcrowded and life is so hard and yet I don't appreciate what I have.

7 November
I went blog hopping for the first time.I must sound like an amature.I hope those ppl's blog I visited will visit this site.hehe. I forgot what i wanted to say.O yea I noticed their entries are so long compared to mine because i got nothing to say...hehe.. I hope you all enchange links with me <-do i sound childish.-.-.well i already added you all.So if you mind just tell me.k.I think I'll be changing the layout but not sure yet.I'm thinking of downloading a online game called 'Gunbound' but it will take a really long time and cost money because i'm using a dial up line .Is it worth it?I don't like really have a choice because my parents don't let me go to cc.>.<.And i'm sinking into boredom infinity day by day.Nobody is using the tag board.sigh.

4 November
Boredom doesn't have it boundaries...I like to update because i have nothing else to do...hehe. Should i get a job?But its hard to find a job .rite.What to do ?what to do?hmm..I'm wasting my money.>.<

3 November
There's like absolutely nothing to do now.TodaY I spent half the day seeing TV and playing The Sims.How boring is that.I'm thinking of making a site on something <--don't know what site to make-.-, because I loaded a few layouts from some sites like for example this one you are looking at. I just came back from dinner.So full and I bought Kreko(a comic magazine).=)

1 November
Wonder why I haven't updated in soo long.Well its because my com broke down and had to be sent for repair. Actually there's more than one reason.Anyway I got a new laptop last friday wohoooo.So happeee but now i'm bored because the holidays have started. There's practically nothing to do at all.sien.Hehe i changed the layout and i'm not sure if i'm going to change again because its so much work.I'm still working on my site.I'll add a chatterbox later.So peace out ...

20 September
My first entry let me say its such a relief for a moment.I finally get to publish my website which is very lame....anyway i had this problem since last year trying to put my site on the net. I did load it all into my file manager but the problem which i figured out a few days ago was that the index file needs to be out side the subdirectories and the name of the file was index1 while it was supposed to be index.fuh. Those who dont understand what i'm saying dont worry i didn't at first. Anyway my exams are comin up and i have to study but i can't.Get it i really don't have the mood.Thats a big problem. Can anyone tell me how to put up a tag board or a guestbook where i can put a background picture.*Frust* That's all for now.Linkin Park rox!

Since i don't know where to write it so i'm writing it here.hehe.
Name =>Fwenatic aka McL
Age =>15 years old
HObbies =>anime, manga, music, comics, Making fwens, playing games like gunbound, unsuccesfully avoid boredom..etc.
Fav anime/manga=>Ayashinoceres, Chobits, Ah My Goddess, Card Captor Sakura, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Eyeshield 21, Gensomaden Saiyuki, MAR, Kyo Samurai Deeper, Ranma1/2, Naruto, Sakura Wars and many many more...
Fav singer/band=>Linkin Park, Nickleback, The Rasmus, Keane, 3 Doors Down, F.I.R, Switchfoot, Evanescence, Matchbox Twenty, P.O.D, Yellow Card and etc etc..

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