Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so I'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one..or maybe not..like how would I know if its typical or not rite. Every month I'll be changing the layout and song. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< . Remember to sign my guestbook and tag the board!!!=p. The layout features characters from the animated series Full Metal Alchemist my current favourite anime! The featured song is Shounen Heart from Home Made Kazoku. It was used as a theme song in another anime Eureka 7.The song will take a while to load.


Today is relaxation day!!!!!! Everyday is gonne be stress free, its the holidays! Finally having enough sleep to get through the day~ Sleep late, wake up late, watch tv the whole day ~ Theres a couple of interesting movies showing on Astro ,ok pretty good movies to occupy my whole day.

One movie that was very touching is City Of Angels acted by Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage about this angel(Nicholas Cage) who falls in love with a surgean(Meg Ryan).As an angel they wonder around the streets unseen and it seems they all live in the public library where they can listen to everyone's thoughts kinda like their favourite hang out spot haha. Anyway the drawback of an angel is that they can't feel the breeze, they can't taste the air , nor feel the warmth or coldness the world has to offer. Then I realised that theres two great songs in this movie! You know the song they keep on repeating on hitz.fm even though its pretty old, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. It's actually the soundtrack for the movie, thats why in the music video theres this scene that Nicholas Cage is standing up on a high building. In the movie there was this one great scene where he was plunging from a very high building to ceast existing. Well he wanted to become human and he found out the only way is too try and kill himself aka ceast existing. I think the word ceast is wrongly spelled. Ah who cares. The other song is Angel by Sarah Mclachlan who sing this really really touching song.I've listened to it countless of times ,it was on repeat the whole day ,the first day I downloaded it (30 over times) .Her voice is so melodious that it fills up the whole song which is only accompanied by the piano. This song has been played countless of times in sad scenes even in Alias etc etc. The famouse chorus where it goes "In the arms of the angel".

Another thing I haven't got off my but to go look for a job but I heard that jobs are running out! My (rarely talk to)frends seem to already have landed themselves with jobs. So yes job hunting is a must, if not i'll be spending the holidays staying at home the whole day with tv ,tv ,tv and internet. Which isn't really that bad a way to spend the holidays ^^. Theres still a limit to how much you can stand playing the same dum game over and over again or watching tv (repeated programs) for a certain amount of time. Yesterday I played this game called Smaky which is about this really grumpy. unfriendly squirrel who just moved into this extremely frendly neighbourhood (EXTREME) where the player has to kick, punch, totally trash the other friendly squirrels before they greet you. Theres this ultimate mode where Smacky turns into devil mode and he becomes a crazy lazer-beaming airborn dark figure. I played too many times yesterday but I'm going to play it again today because I have nothing better to do. ^^.
P.s=Avatar features Nicolas Cage standing on some high building.Similar to the scene in the Iris music video. Only the surroundings are much brighter as if he was standing in the light of god.

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Ok school was really boring. Just compare the class next to mine and passerbys will notice the huge difference. First, the other class is still considered full with a teacher although they aren't studying, then see my class which has less than 10 students 0-o. Around 2 went for duty because it was the Majlis Perpisahan for the form 5's. Then leaves the 8 musketeers left in the desolated class. Wait the number can actually decrease if I paid more attention. After another period ops one girl goes missing. Then after another period uh oh 2 guys goes roaming. Well there was already one dude (troublemaker) not in class the whole time but came back for short visits ==". Then time flew and we were left with the 6 musketeers. Imagine 6 out of 41 students ?

Well it's not as if the students are studying, so some are still sleeping at home , some "visiting" other classes more like camping, some actually came to school in casual wear 0-0. Thats the odd thing, at recess my frend pointed out to me that, that some of my classmates were here. Theres was a couple of girls wearing spaghetti wats it called and jeans (casual wear) like they were going to a shopping mall or something. The weird thing is whatever for did they visit the school? to take pictures? Ah well don't know , don't care. Then recess ended and the 6 musketeers reappear, wait 8 musketeers because the duty peeps are back. Then we sit around doing nothing being observed by our hawk eyed teacher.. nah just joking. Then goes on Ganesh talking about this and that and the conversation goes on and the class seems oddly quite. After a while, feeling really sleepy, the atmosphere is so calming so I dozed off and yes ganesh is still talking about his frends and gangsters who beat up the crap of people or something to Revathi. Slept for an hour and wake up to the same voice still drooning on, only now the class is more quiter. Not that it was lively to begin with, but haha everyone is sleeping. Thats a first seeing so many heads sleeping , reminds me off kindergarden ==.

The mangaka of Nana which has a manga, anime and a movie/jdrama came up with another manga called Paradise Kiss. Obviously shoujo, it's about this very pretty girl who always listened to her parents etc etc, then one day someone spots her and asks her to model their linewear. A group of ppl in some very famouse art school. Well I've only watched upto eps 2 of the anime which has really really cold jokes. I don't know why so many ppl like Nana, and I only read the preview of nana and it already looked dull. Anyway Paradise Kiss is the name of the linewear the weird group is designing and she reconsiders about joining since she doesn't have any purpose in life. The anime has good animation but the problem is that the jokes are sooooo cold. The dialog is a bit sloppy and slow and their reactions are like superslow but the animation is really nice ,the colours, the designing, the lighting and the quality of the graphics etc when the car drives through the shine of the light, the colour of the streets (isn't plain like so many animes). Anyway I'll try watching on but don't know why the story disturbs me but it's like sooooo famouse.

Hana Yori Dango has finally released their first episode of their live action drama. The main character Tsukushi is performed pretty ok. Already in the first episode they introduce all the important characters to save time I think. They also changed the scene how she faught with Tsukasa. Eventhough the manga has alot of unescesary fillers but the anime has already filtered them out and now the Jdrama is being overly filtered that it's not as interesting as I would like it to be. The music concept is still the same using musical instruments as the background music just like in the anime. To all form 5's I wish you the best of luck in SPM and life afterschool~

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Still Music

Yesh ,these days I've been addicted to music!!! I found some gems in the rough so to say. All these are credited/leeched of Limewire *bows* . After rediscovering my interest in english music, many bands have come into clearer view. Here they are Jamiroquai (its a band), Gavin Degraw (the guy who sang chariot and the One Tree Hill theme) and ummm much much more. I got a song from a frend which is the battle theme (piano ver) from Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children! They played it in the scene where Tifa was fighting that evil dude. The full piano piece is so damn nice to listen to and the pianist is a geniues that can play pretty fast.

Ok so Jamiroquai is a world wide reknown band and they play funk and asid jazz. The are under the Sony BMG lable and this year they released an album called "Dynamite". In that album there are 2 songs that have hit the chart which is Feeling Just Like It Should which has been played on Hitz.tv many a times. The video clip shows the vocalist Jay Kay as a nerd and a blue dude with blond hair.. and so the scene goes on and he does some unrealistic stunts like dancing on a light pole.. These descriptions are supposed to ring some bells. Also the background beat for this song is actually Jay Kay impersonating a beat box! Anyway the song I was meaning to post about is Seven Days in Sunny June which starts off with acoustic guitars and is subtle. The song is pretty relaxing and funky! YEAH! The lyrics are meaningfull and unique. In the chorus theres this part " Drinking wine and killing time , sitting in the summer sun" which rhymes! I don't know it just sounds nice.

I've been working on a little site that actually doesn't have a purpose. Its supposed to be a review site on the stuff that I like or read etc etc manga, music, movies etc etc. The layout is pretty obstructive because the contents are under the picture which takes up the whole page. So I don't know if viewers can navigate without being confused. Another thing I'm not good at writing reviews so why am I making this site!! Well because I have nothing else better to do. One day I felt like writing alot and I wrote a whole load of crap in forums that my posts where a bit to much. Anyway I have plans for this site to fail and go down as a junksite.. which are just websites that take up space on hosts, and in the end the site will be there forever like a tombstone. Again I'm crapping, I NEED to get out of the house. Its too boring to do anything. So I can complain about leaving the house and try observing the outside world 0-o. OK sarcasticness has it limits. Just imagine how sane I will be when the holidays come !

Another thing Jay Chou has a new album ,which I don't know the albums name but thanks to Shu Yi who uploaded it on Megaupload (a unpreferable host) I got to listen to Ye Qu a song from his latest album. It sounds just like his style and reminds me of some sweet memories XD. The song has a lil bit of guitar and a piano background tune . It's subtle ,clear an crisp to listen to. Hey is my review skills getting better ^^. OK again I hav nothing to do, so I'll try spamming other ppls tagboard.

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Useless posting = SPAM :p

Ongaku means music if I'm not mistaken. Just adopted a virtual pet hehe. The reason its named Ahiru which means duck in Japanese is because the main character of Princess Tutu is Ahiru who is a duck that can transform into Princess Tutu. Uh oh CSI is starting in 15 mins better make this a quick one >.-. School is boing as ussual , now that teachers are starting to teach again like Accounts, Add Maths, and etc etc. Accounts started on the Form 5 Syllabus today. Well the beginning is pretty easy wait till we reach the deeper parts. I hear form 5 acc is much MUCH more harder than form 4's.

Now Ongaku no daisuki!!! After a long break , I started listening to rock again!! Alternative rock ,hard rock ,pop rock anything rock! Still remaining as my favourite bands like Nickleback, LP, Switchfoot and etc. It seems Switchfoot and Nickleback both have pretty new releases !!! Switchfoot released Stars like around last month. The video clip has superb graphics ! They had them perform underwater but the background is on a road or something. The water effects are very good . Next is Nickleback with photograph! This song is totally Nicklebacks style very good to listen Chad Krogers voice is as ussual very entrancing and suitable with the music style! It's been a long time since I listened to them properly! Another very hyped song is The best of you by Foo Fighters. The guitars are hard and loud . The song has a pretty good meaning to it and at least his shouting suits the song unlike some singers.Whoa this site is sweet on the left speaker you will hear "How You Remind Me" while on the right speaker you'll hear "Someday" by Nickleback! Neat MIX!

This was all leeched of Limewire which speed is very irradical and pretty ok around 10-20kbs. The last time I used it the speed was around 4-5 kbs. Anyway back to TV it's pretty boring here.

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Manga sugokku no saiten!

Meaning manga is really great! It could be a totally wrong phrase cause I just made it up. I finally got my reading spirit on ! Finished up some manga lying around still haven't touched the animes and jdrama yet ..-_-. Today I added some manga to my collection! It's called Penguin Brothers (Shoujo) and Peace Maker (not shoujo maybe shounen). Well Penguin Brothers have the making of a good shoujo manga. The mangaka doesn't elaborate to much and the storyline goes on very well. The drawing isn't really what I would call pretty or good but its pretty okay. The storyline is the one that catches the readers the most. Penguin Brothers could have been a great manga if it wasn't for the abrupt halt in the story,only 5 volumes ! I think it was those bloody editors that replaced her manga in the magazine! stupid editors ><.

The main character Mishima Hina is a strong willed girl and she bumps into a childhood friend Isshiki Shoui (who reminds me a bit of Ichi XD) but she has no memory of her childhood before the age of 7. The school she attends is divided into 3 groups. The whites , the blacks and the grays! The whites and blacks each wear uniforms of their respective colour. Actually the school doesn't have a dress code. The gray are those that choose not to involve themselves in either side so they wear casual clothes to school. The catch is the grays get picked on because the black and white heads are in absolute power. So now Hina-chan comes in and not really knowing the school she wears casual clothes. So student start assuming she's a gray. After seeing the whole situation and the unfairness portrayed by picking on other people ,she decideds to change the whole system and elects herself as the gray leader! Now the whites leader is Isshiki while the blacks is Nishizaki Kaito. The whites are at the top ,elite and score good grades while the blacks are at the bottom and gets lousy grades and most result to violance. Now if only the story was to proceed at its normal pace and not cut off so abruptly it would have turned out into a very interesting story ^^.

Now the other manga which catches my interest is Peace Maker, I'm not sure if its Peace Maker Kuragone but I don't think so.. although the characters look the same.. but it just says Peace Maker, don't really know the situation yet, will find out later. It's about Ichimura Tetsunosuke a 15 year old chibi.. pupupuahaha, he gets really mad when people degrade him about his height. The story is based on the Genji era, some ancient time in Japan or is it japan.. The mangaka is really good at drawing guys! It has a little bit of the style in Saiyuki but only a little. So now the kid wants to join this elite force that protects the city called the Shinsen Gumi, They are in that era where there are alot of rebels called choujin who want a revolution by overthrowing the goverment. Well Tetsu-chan shows the very spirited kid with a lot of guts and after a battle with a famouse shinshen gumi ,although lost gets his way in,by pure determination and courage. The reason he wants to join the shinsen gumi so much is because he wants revenge for the brutal murders of his parents. He is scarred with the murder of his father infront of his eyes. The mangaka is pretty good in movement and fighting scenes, although sometimes fighting scenes can get pretty messy and gives the readers a hard time understanding.

Anyway ,remember the guy who acted in Lemony Snicket's : A Series of Unfortunate Events. He really has good looks and great acting! He has been in the showbusines since 6 years old. He acted in pretty well known famouse movies like Once upon a time in Africa, Road to Perdition, Goodboy (leading actor) and the movie I stated before. Now he is shooting in a movie called Airborn which will be released in 2006. I also read that he did try out for the role of Harry Potter, just imagine him as Harry XD. He fits the part almost perfectly, he has green eyes, messy hair and the age is just right plus he's acting skills are really good. So how come Daniel Radcliff was choosen. His acting is so stiff and meaningless at times. Anyway I finally have a favourite actor of my own! His name is Liam Aiken as has been stated already ==. Yes my first actual favourite actor. I never really was a fan off any actors like those Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. Although they are good actors. He really has great eyes and a cool poise! XD.

I really want to draw a manga but I'm too lazy. Then i read all these good manga ,envies the pro mangaka's for being so talented and good. School is soooooooo boring. Times the soo a x999999999999 times. It's really a waste of time and good sleep too. They should hold activities for the form 4's too! Although they insist that the form 4's will still be having the learning and teaching process. Puhleeazzee look at each classes situation before saying that. In another couple of weeks holidays will be starting and where will we be left. Doing nothing again , being a lazy sloth again. I think I should get a job.. but now i'm forming a job phobia.. Interviews are nervewrecking and serving people! Wonders if theres a job that has minimal contact with homo sapiens (humans). Hmm hope I can find a job with a friend so i wouldn't be that lonely. Anyway this is a really long post. These couple of days I couldn't pose anything because nothing popped into my mind.

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Fading away

Theres a problem ,a sad serious problem regarding my cat. She has been with the household for years, I think I was around 7 when we picked her up at the market. She looked dirty and wet from the dust and grime, her fur was muddy brown ,my mum decided to take her back to solve the rat problem. I still can remember the first thing we did. We bathed her and then we saw her clean fur for the first time. I think it was young and still spirited in a way. Years past and now she just came in my room and crawled under my bed T_T. Her cancer is infectious and I'm not allowed to touch her. I'm not sure if cancer is airborn but the decision that lies a head will determine how she dies.

I'm sad for her and yet she doesn't give a damn if I do. She has been void of feelings for a long time I guess. The only time she will respond to your call is when theres food for her.Her state is deteriorating by the day, it spread from her head to now her eye. What can I do for her? what is there to do. There is no hope , I always thought she would at least die with old age in her sleep or something. Her living like this does not justify her life. Farewell is a part of life, goodbyes come and tomorrow will always be there.

I'm sorry to say that she's going to be put to sleep. She should not suffer anymore, she shouldn't have got that bloody cancer, she shouldn't have got in those damn fights , she shouldn't ...... in life what is should and shouldn't, what is was and is, what is supposed to be and not meant to be. May she rest in peace ,May the lord bless her and give her a rightfull place. May all her deeds be reflected on the day of jugdge. Bless her dear lord.

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Clueless in the so called life

Life is a game but its results are permanent,
There isn't a replay or a pause button to press,
There is no coming back when a decision is made,
and life's isn't a thing you can throw away
It's simple to interpret yet hard to determine,
Is there something worth throwing it away ,
Decisions decisive and delutions,
The right can be wrong but can the wrong be right?

A little poem I couldn't help writing out. Yesterday ,I rewatched 10 episodes of Hana Yori Dango a great shoujo anime and manga. Then today I watched Armegeddon on Astro. Now that I watch it properly the graphic quality is pretty amazing, the lighting the potray or emotion and the good sense of angles. I realised they do use alot of graphics in movies plus Armegeddon is a couple years back which shows how much advanced the movie industry is compared to here. The part where they show the outerspace with earth and the meteor. It's very realistic graphics here. The storyline is really good and bruce willis acting was superb. That ending part was sooo touching.

Anyway moving on to another recent animated movie the Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. I realised the show was very fast ,maybe thats how they think in that high packed japan but the storyline wasn't that good. Spectators can hardly appreciate the scenes when they pass it by that fast maybe the editor wasn't experienced or so the director. From the movie making aspect they didn't do a good job, they did use alot of japanese culture which is what they grew up on, but some spectators missinterpreted it and totally disregarded it as weird. Unlike shrek which has a good storyline to top it off which is what makes Shrek a very famouse animated movie. The graphics in FF7Ac is definitely topping of the charts but the storyline is very crucial for a movie. Thats why i don't think it'll make it big in the movie industry but it will in the gaming market or to spectators who don't really care about plot but more on graphics but in the end the storyline is what matters most. The flow of the movie isn't that smooth and some things were flashed by so fast that the details those graphic makers put all their hard work into was probably diminished. Audiences remember a movie that they can connect to or they find most memorable so in this movie there are this moments but it's not enough to make it into a good movie. It is a good animation but not a good movie.

Haha I ended up doing a bit of review than blogging what I wanted to. I can't make a decision on something very important that will probably change the course of my life. I rarely make decisions and have been avoiding this one for a year now. Should I leave everything behind and try life somewhere else. Change doesn't suit me and my parents have been bugging me about it all year. Whenever I think about it I stress up and can't keep on thinking. Why can't i decide, why can't I find the answer. naze atashi mo wakaranai. I can't even decide on what I want to be in the future , how the hell am I going to survive.
Enough of blabbering worries. Hana Yori Dango is having jdrama soon! Too bad it's only 9 episodes very short for a jdrama but i hope it will be interesting ,at least better than meteor garden <.<". Today I reread a couple of volumes of Parfait Tic~ haih what nice drawings and storyline to top it off. I'm to lazy to study japanese ,too lazy to do anything worth doing, living a pretty worthless life.. one day I'll probably regret or just forget.Too bad theres school tomorrow. Wouldn't it be nice to just skip it instead of being bored there .

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Entertainment XD!

WOhoo!! I got addicted to 3 songs!!!! The first is Hyde with Countdown,the guitars and drums are punked!! Next is the song from Sambomaster!!! This band sang the theme song for Naruto called Seishun Kyousoukyoku!! Well the style is the vocalist shouts his lungs out but hey thats the spirit of the song! Now they have a song in the Top 30 Oricon weekly charts called Sekai wa Sore wo ai to yobun daze!!!! The drums are explosive on this song! The Spirit is as high as ever!! The song is at number 25 ! XD! Maybe I'll put up this song on my blog since I'm getting bored of Shounen Heart ^-^. The next song is called Love after Love by DBSK! The tune is entrancing! The reason I like this song is because of the chorus! It's soothing and not so poppy! Their voices are really nice and smooth on this one and the tunes are cool! It's the 6th song on the album Rising Sun. I've had this 3 songs on repeat in my playlist and still I haven't gotten bored XD! Each song has been repeated atleast 10 times by now.

On the bad side of things, I got back 2 results for my exams last yesterday ><. It was predicted before and after I sat the exam that it would be terrible. Atleast the worst subjects haven't been burdened on me yet. Well got back results for add maths and BM. Add Maths which was expected was a failure then BM was pretty bad but at least I didn't fail v-v. That tag board is pretty unreliable. I have realised it is down many a times but I'm too lazy to change. Plus I have memories with this unreliable tag board.

Also I saw the first episode of the live action drama of H2! If you read the last post there is something concerning H2 there. The jdrama is SOOO interesting althought the main character isn't really leng zhai and the part about being perverted wasn't really acted out well haha but well its a very interesting packed drama! It is about baseball and all the spirit of the sport, this shows why the japanese really like baseball, it is expressed vividly in this drama. As well as showing how life is in a japanese highschool!!! XD The girl character also acted in Waterboys 2 which is now airing on 8tv. Waterboys 2 is about a group of highshool boys in a school composed mostly of girls (i think it was a girls school before) then they get into synchronised swimming then interesting things happend. It very much depicts the spirit of teenagehood and highschool life. I think.
P.s= I realised suddenly my posts have been getting much longer ,haha. Atleast compared to all my previose posts last month.
P.sp.s= the avvie is hyde ! made it the day before ^^ I think I got the hang of lighting for now.

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Musically entranced!

Downloaded a ton of songs. The top 30 oricon charts for this week,mostly is composed of jpop and only one or two rock band i know. It seems Ayumi Hamasaki is on the top with Heaven. Personally I don't really fancy her songs , I don't know why same goes to Gackt. It doesn't at all interest me so to say their songs.

One suprise I found in the charts is that theres a remake of the opening theme song of TOUCH (a shounen anime about baseball by the famouse mangaka Adachi Mitsuru ,who's also the mangaka for Katsu(boxing) and H2(baseball).H2 is pretty famouse and has its anime and also a live action drama. This shows how famouse Adachi Mitsuru's work is.) Now touch is a pretty old manga and I have downloaded the anime from 1-10 eps.Its interesting to watch and isn't that dramatic but it does interest its viewers. So anyway it's interesting as the opening theme song was remaked by Younha and is in the top 30 Oricon charts for this week! Another recently famouse manga is Nana ,I've forgotten who the mangaka is but her works have become famouse and now the manga is becoming a live-action drama. (my thoughts:I don't really fancy nana, althought I only read the preview) Next on is Hana Yori Dango!!!, they are also making a live-action drama and the cast has already been selected(^-^). Goong (manhwa) also will be having a live-action drama which will only broadcast around next year because they haven't even started shooting yet T_T.

The thing that I wanted to blog before my mind got to me was that Hyde has released his own singles i think. It maybe old news as I'm not sure but theres one great song called COUNTDOWN!!!!! At first it just sounded like one of those L'arc~ein~ciel songs (Hyde is the vocalist in L'arc~ein~ciel) but then I heard it a second time and so. The chorus really has feeling!! Its one of those songs where theres that feeling. Hyde is a pretty great person to be able to create songs like that. His songs sometimes has that feeling and I don't mean his sexy voice or what. Anyway I don't really know how to describe it.Just that theres something in this song. I don't really like the beggining of the song, it's like a punk concert starting and well the song is pretty much punk rock but the chorus is totally his style!! XD!

Another set of songs I leeched on bittorent is Dong Bang Shin Kin's(DBSK) album called Rising Sun. The song called Rising Sun has a very hype and good beat and I was addicted to it a while ago. I haven't really listened to the album yet but I think DBSK is a pretty good band althogether. On the subject of kpop Rain's song called Na Boom Nam Ja. I first heard it from this lame ass game called Idance. Well it isn't a game its a dancing tutorial using 3D puppets. I bought it presuming it was a game thats why i feel so cheated. Anyway this was one of the songs in the game and there where showing some cool dance moves. The song starts off with a girl sounding angry or sad then the guy starts to sing in. Unfortunately the mp3 quality of the song I have isn't very good but in the game the song sounds much better. Rain is the guy that acted in Full House a pretty famouse Kdrama.

I'm pretty worried about my exam results. It's gonna be really really terrible. It's a fact not a joke. Every subject is going to be a dissapointment maybe except English. Other than that theres no hope. I'm not saying this like some teenager worried over her results but as one that knows it.TRUELY. Well it's my fault to blame anyway and theres a high chance i'll get last in class >.<. Okay a VERY HIGH chance. I was planning on working on my manga but have been to lazy to even pick up a pencil,let alone draw! Tomorrow theres school ,unfortunately, and I probably don't have a choice but to bloody go! Whats the use ,its going to be horror all through and out. Just have to go through the torturouse days for another couple of weeks. Then it will be holidays!! Even though it will be boring but its better than school rite.
P.S=I was very artistic the day before and created a couple of avvies. Here's one of them ^^.I'm proud to present Hyde in all his coolness XD!Rock on! (+_+).\,,/

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Its October~*

It's the first of October and its a Saturday. It's nearing the holidays that was much anticipated. Well it was anticipated because school is such a hassel and homework is such a pain. Now that theres a little break because of the PMR going on. Sloth has kicked in!! Sloth in other words lazyness, the ability to not do anything and live life without a care.

I want to watch movies ! hang out with friends ! gain back what teenagers do! This exams have really gone down the drain and having an injured toe makes movement much more of a hassel. After a long time I went back to Deviantart. Everyone seems to be pretty productive with their artworks and stuff. Too lazy to take the effort to draw ==". Other than that stupid pain in the ass toe problem , lazing around hasn't been better. Nowadays I don't even know what to do online anymore. It's like I go to the same sites everyday and theres nothing much to do.

When the real holidays arrive ,everyone will be grumbling about the boredom they'll be facing(typical). Lacking the interest to keep the blog updated, and also nothing else to do. Although I do have something in mind but I'm too lazy to even start. Start with my drafts. Making a manga is so much hard work and I never do complete things that I did. Including that manga since last year has been hanging halfway without a story which is actually pointless. Now that I have read more shoujo manga ,I think I can understand the concept they use. Sometimes it's all too childish and sometimes it is stupid,I only meant SOME.

I realised Korea is good for making those horror/thriller movies. Korea is also a quite advancing country, they have good drama's , manhwa, graphics and games. So that makes them more advanced than Malaysia. The Malaysian entertainment industry has also advanced at a sudden rate. The movies you see locally produced ussually have that terrible camera / amatuer look but now they seem to have fixed that and made it better. Just now there was a music video by some local artist Jason Lo and this mv isn't that terrible untill you would tag it as a Malaysian production. When I just saw the opening , judging from colour appearance I thought it was a Malaysian production but then the concept and the graphics later on could match the international music video industry.

Althought obviously those internationally reknown artist mv's are much more better (they are professionals and experienced). Talking about the topic there was also another mv from what's his name.. ugh I can't remember. I think it was under TMnet .Siti Nurhaliza is also under TMnet thats why her vids quality is pretty good. Enough about those intellectually stimulating subjects its making me tired mentally . haha.
P.s= I think my toe is getting worse because it is infected!! oh gosh I need to ask mum.
P.sp.s= OMG my mum said its serious! omg she says hav 2 see a doc.could get gangrine or the worse case senario lose the toe!! >"<

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Hobbies :: anime, manga, music, comics, making fwens, playing games , drawing, movies, kdrama, jdrama, unsuccesfully avoid boredom..etc.
Fav anime :: Ayashinoceres, Chobits, Touch, Ah My Goddess, Card Captor Sakura, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Eyeshield 21,Full Metal Alchemist, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Sakura Wars, Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu, Peach Girl, Bleach,Hana Yori Dango, Princess Tutu.
Fav Manga ::MAR, Kyo Samurai Deeper, Ranma1/2, Naruto, Parfait Tic, Love Celeb, Ichigo Channel, Hissing,Hana Yori Dango, Vitamin, Bara no Tameni, Beauty Pop, Goong, Hot Blooded Woman, Alice 19th, Midori no Hibi and many many more...
Fav Movie:: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ever After, Robots, Lemony Snicket's:A Series of Unfortunate Events,Road to Perditon,Star Wars III:Revenge of The Sith.
Fav singer/band:: Hyde, Linkin Park, Nickleback, The Rasmus, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, F.I.R, Switchfoot, Evanescence, Matchbox Twenty, John Mayor, P.O.D, Yellow Card, Staind, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, Do As Infinity, L'Arc~Ein~Ciel, Kagrra, Sambomaster, Alice Nine, Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou, Se7en, DBSK, Orange Range, Home Made Kazoku, Ellegarden, Asian Kungfu Generation, T.M REvolution! and etc etc..
Fav Music Genre::Rock, Jrock, Orchestral, Cpop, Classical...etc
Fav quote:: 'Live life to da fullest'
2nd quote:: 'I love mankind its people I hate..'by Gill grissom..CSI

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The more clicks I get the more something I get in this game. So onegai neh >.-! Just trying out this game.. but my rank is..T_T.Click it don't try to not click it :p


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:.Web cam
:.Learn Japanese and read manga!
:.Learn Chinese to read manga
:.My own scanslation group!
:.Make my first manga with a great story.
:.Be a genius XD. (tensai)
:.live as a highschooler in Japan

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