Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so I'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one..or maybe not..like how would I know if its typical or not rite. Every month I'll be changing the layout and song. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< . Remember to sign my guestbook and tag the board!!!=p. The layout features Nicholas Cage in the movie City of Angels , where he stands on a high building looking down at the world and all it's antics. The song featured is She Is by Clazziroquai ~.As usual it will take a while to load.

Hyun Bin~~

Hyun Bin is the name of the leading male actor in the kdrama My Name is Kim Sam Soon or My Lovely Sam-Soon. Thanks to qis for introducing me to this nice and funny series. Theres 16 episodes in this series and it was recorded that the last episode had 50 over percent viewers watching it! Thats amazing since only a few kdrama have actually captivated that much audience. Sometimes though , to me it does look fake but well the story is interesting enough and the jokes are funny.

Kim Sam Soon (SS) is a 29 years old, fat, pastry chef, who has just lost her job and her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. She has all the insecurities of a woman grazing 30. With yet another failed relationship, SS scrambles desperately to rebuild her career and her love life. SS manages to find a job at “Bon Appetite” restaurant when she gets acquainted with the owner of the restaurant, Hyun Jin Heon (JH). JH is young, handsome but aloof and cold. JH is the only son of a hotel chain owner. Although born with a silver spoon, fate had dealt JH with a hard hand. Three years ago, a fatal car accident, where JH was the driver, resulted in the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law; and at the very same time his girlfriend of 5 years left him for her studies in the US. JH had to endure both physical and mental pain to overcome his problems and rebuild his life. The death defying experience left JH scarred as he stops believing in love and happiness. Due to a moment of convenience, both SS and JH ended up signing a dating contract, where SS will receive KRW 50 million(which she needed to redeem her family house) and in turn she will pretend to be JH’s girlfriend to fend off his mother’s endless efforts to get him match made and married. When JH’s ex-girlfriend returns to seek reconciliation; SS realizes that she has fallen for JH, and their contractual relationship gets complicated.

They have great soundtracks which gave way to me finding out about this band called Clazziquai~ I'm not really sure about the details but it is consisted by two guys and a girl. I especially love the song called She is.. by them which is one of the OST in My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. It starts with the guy singer singing, his voice is soooo melodious and clear , thats just too nice to hear XD. Clazziquai's style is normally kinda jazzy, somewhat like Jamiroquai, only more emphasized on the beat and has excellent voice XD. I'm almost finishing the series ,although it's saddening but there has to come an end to everything. Since watching MNIKSS , watching Pheonix was boring and slow, how to say, its like MNIKSS is so much more interesting and funny and quirky that i laughed my head off at one particular episode. Since I like the song "She is.." by Clazziquai sooo much , I think I'm going to put it up! You can't imagine a guy having such a good crisp voice XD.

So these days I've been so lazy to update , and I don't have any reason why, maybe because of MNIKSS. For additional information on the series go here Wiki. Mnikkss is also probably the most popular kdrama of 2005 ! XD, which makes me so happy that its so succesfull! and I heard that Hyun Bin is a rising star! Good luck to the dude man! Also haven't photoshoped in ages, so here's some MNIKSS avatar goodness~!~
P.s= She is by Clazziquai is up!! must listen XD!It's not normal Clazziquai style but really nice!

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Facts of the mind

Couldn't come up with a title, so it's a random thing. First my mp3 player went KO last last week, because of my negligents. Well I didn't realise that the player was on my lap not in my pocket and so I just came out of the car and *crash* on to the road it did. Well for 3 times, then every little tap on the display made it KO. So now it's sent for repair , luckily it's still under guarantee, hope they fix it. For a while now , I can't seem to access the darkwars site , so my account has probably been attacked alot of times ><. It's probably my comp messing up, also everytime i view my blog, the banner on top seems to be screwd up, but at least the comp is working , it will suffice for the holidays~

These days the weather has been cold, really cold compared to other rainy seasons, I can't believe that my feet and hands are cold all the time, so thats less usage of the fan ,saves eletricity -.- A good Kdrama that is now featured as the kdrama of the month at D-Addicts is Pheonix. I first watched it on AEC 19 on astro and the first few episodes were ok then the story gets really interesting. Unfortunately i'm not good at remembering names so its just a little explanation of the story. One day, this rich spoiled girl meets a poor student working at a petrol station. She almost knockes him down in an accident , and as ussual acts the childish way she is by blaming him. Being angry/spoilt she takes his bag and then I'm not sure what happends but they fall for each other and get married but all's well doesn't mean that it will end well. She can't stand the poor life, when she has lived her whole life under luxury, and breaks up with him. The day he left after their divorce ,was the day her father died in a car accident chasing after her, when she was trying to stop her ex husband from leaving. So 10 years past and now they meet up again in unforseen circumstances, very surprisingly her friend is engaged to her ex husband and all , so that makes the story really interesting. The heroin of the movie, is no longer living though, earlier this year she commited suicide and it was a big shock to the korean entertainment industry, the reason was said to be depression, but with media you never know whats the truth.

Now a little bit of review on the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie that was recently , released in cinema's worldwide. Cinema's were booked fully by enthusiastic fans the first few days after release making it hard to get tickets. This 4th sequel of the movie is definitely better than the last 3 movies, as the 4th book was the start of thick book novels for children. Back to the movie, the actors seem to have finally get a grip on their characters making their acting much more better than the previous movies. The movie had alot of publicity as usual but this time I think it was worth it.
Spoiler alert [to see , highlight the words]

The best scene would be the first tournament, where the dragon chase was in. Although I have to admit that the storyline is confusing for viewers who didn't read the book, because in the book Mad Eye Moody actually taught harry the spell to summon the Firebolt while in the movie, magically Harry just knew the spell also in many parts readers will spot, differences from the movie and the book. Especially the part where Bartemous Crouch, gave that shocked expression after seeing his son [undercover as MadEye Moody] where he recognised the flick of his tongue Barty Crouch Jr.'s bad habit. The first tournament , featured a very realistic fierce dragon the Horntail if I'm not mistaken. They managed to really scare the wits out of viewers and make viewers understand , why Harry was so scared. I didn't really get the part where Hermiony got so furious about Ron's teasing untill she was crying? at the Yule Ball. The part about her and Victor Krum was also abit blurry, which makes the book a better read than the movie by storyline. Also when Harry, was figuring out the clue for the second tournament, Myrtyl was soo ugh edgy? in the book she didn't sound so creepy.

There are alot of scenes cut out from the movie , but for normal fans of the book, it will suffice, they totally tore down the storyline to the ones essential for future sequals. Like Dobby didn't appear at all!

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Naruto fever!

I spent the whole night reading naruto~ catching up where I left last year. I read in a couple of days until chp 170 over last year and finish of to the most recent in one night! Altogether theres 280 chapters available at narutofan.com. The manga is really inspiring and very spirited which makes fans all over the world so crazy about it. There are so many fighting scenes that I don't know where to begin with. This manga has alot of touching scenes , although its a shounen eh~ The memorable fight for me would be the two important characters fighting against each other sasuke and naruto. It does anguish me that sasuke turned bad T_T. Yeah, i think he's going to be as bad a villian as orochimaru, baka sasuke ><. So till the most recent chapters, naruto and all the characters have grown up a little bit and he's new uniform looks cool! It still amazes me the spirit naruto potrays and his very interesting personality, which is why he has touched the lives of many! Way to go Naruto-chan~

I used to dislike Gara for being such a fool, about his opinions on the whole, but now he's characters has been used for the better and it's sooo much better! Gara kakui~ Although there where a few chapters that was very anxieting there. So now Sakura has become someone to recon with! She now has more powers , but all's well with the manga. A lot of characters die though T_T making it touching and meaningful for readers. So now I have to wait a very very long time before I can read much more of the scanslations. Getting my hands on the anime is a possibility, although a small possibility but still is a possibility because the only option is buying or borrowing, because there are over 100 eps by now.I should start collecting the manga ^o^~

Other than that , the day before yesterday's yesterday's , I went to karoake with a couple of friends. It was tiering and exhausting, I expecially hate those stupid karoaoke version of really cool mv's turned into crappy models with stupid scenes. It totally degrades the song. Also got to read manga at Borders! Borders is actually a bookshop from Australia, or I first saw in Australia and it has arrived in Malaysia! There are also a couple of shops that originate from Australia emerging here like some electronicals shops that I have forgotten their names.Anyway Borders is probably my most favourite bookstore to date, just like in Australia they have a comfortable lounge in the bookstore and also Coffee Bean! The atmosphere at the bookstore is not only calming but refreshing, really reminds me of the one in Australia only that its much more bigger.

So we went there and went crazy over the manga! There was around 4 racks of manga!!! There was this one shoujo manga I saw the cover on a shojo scanslation site, so I picked it up to read. The storyline is typical shoujo but still interesting enough to make me smile the whole time reading. It's been such a long since I actually held a manga and read it , esp in English~ Then my friend took around 5 mangas!! to read at the comfy louge laughing her head off at times. She's gone crazy over Yuu Watase's manga, she read Genbu Kaiden at first, then Ayashino Ceres, Fushigi Yugi and Alice 19th from what I recollect. Yesh she has gone crazy over yuu watase's manga's. They are alright but sometimes I think he draws their faces to round. Although Ayashino Ceres is really a good shoujo manga and anime. So after that very long outing I have been stuck at home, I can't wait to go see Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire! It's the most interesting book of the six to date ! It's probably the most packed booked filled with most of the important things happening. Other than that the Triwizard Tournament is really really exciting and dangerous at the same time, but theres a plot behind it, a very deep plot indeed. Although I hear that alot of scenes were cut out in this movie , my friend who's lucky arse already watched it says its good! So I'm going to see ! ~

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ToO MuCh free time~

Here are some cool flash from Deviantart!!!! ,copyrighted to their respective makers ::
Bored Deviantee
FMA meets AOL Deviantee
The Whispering Moon Deviantee
The first flash is just a short little flash about how boredom kills haha,something like how I'm feeling now. The next is the interesting one! FMA meets AOL! This is why the FMA crew should never use AOL. It's so hilarious if you've watched FMA the funny nicknames shouldn't be a problem.The third is the most touching flash in dv i think! Theres a touching chinese background song too. If you'd like to view more cool flashes just go to deviantart and browse the top favourites. There's really excellent cg in deviantart. Many people are brilliant and tallented ,some are even pro's making Deviantart the biggest art community online.
Today I watched Chicken Little, which was only a one hour movie! It's interesting but for an animated movie one hour! is just too short. The storyline is typical of disney ,where the main character faces trouble and in the end theres always a happy ending. I can say that they tried to make it different but well the outcome is pretty much the same. Robots is better than this! For such a short movie , the movie really got alot of publicity ,which lead to me watching the movie. The movie infact did not include the numa numa song they played for their adverts ~ I call for a strike! Maybe they just didn't know how to fit it in. It's just a 1 hour movie! So warning to all movie go'ers its Chicken Little is ONLY a ONE hour movie. So don't expect to much, for a professional company like Disney , it's expected to have a fast paced , funny snipets ,and good animation. I guess the storyline didn't attract that much, but thats only my opinion and nothing more.

Other than that, say goodbye to form 4 and hello to form 5~ After that we'll leave school and everything. Realisation sets in, everyone is worried, because the way I have been, and just like my godfather said I have to Buck Up! I'm seriously already in the slum of lazyness, and students nowadays rely on tuition, tuition, tuition, making the whole student society pretty much over relying on tuition. It's not that tuition is bad for us~ it's more like , we rely too much on tuition. It is bad for the aftereffects, when we need to stand on our two feet without anyone's help. So yeah enjoy the holidays, but not too much, or not that much. I'm crapping because I've been warned countless of times, and so I'm still wasting my time. I'm so dead XC. I don't feel like blogging now ,because my brain is empty... and it's not because I'm lazy. Theres a limit to how lazy I can be although, the limit is pretty low. There must be something I can do this holidays, the problem is finding it and getting it into action. Nothing else to say, nothing else to do.
p.s=totally copyrighted to me avvie~ I drew that pic~

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So today there was school and the great McL! didn't go XD! Di sinilah pemontengan bermula~ No actually I heard that theres only 2 days of school this last week because the SPM are having their examination ><. Gambatteh SPM and STPM candidates!!! Good Luck & Jia You!~ While I'll be here sleeping the whole day muahaha. Yesterday I finished watching all my anime / drama collection on the comp. Witch is a sad case because I have to wait for those bloody torrents to finish downloading before I can watch another batch.

I watched H2 the pretty good jdrama about baseball and also Touch(anime) by the same mangaka Adachi Mitsuru. The story has alot of similarities , where some personality traits are about the same, also supporting characters seem to come in very similarly. Touch and H2 both started out as shounen manga then became anime and now Jdrama. I'm not sure about Touch though maybe theres isn't a Jdrama yet, which is weird since I think Touch's storyline is better. Also about Paradise Kiss , as I said the animation is good but the voice actress for the main character from my point of view is a bit stiff. I really admire the animation/graphics the quality of the picture and colours but as I watch on the story seems to get interesting. Although even though as shoujo , the dude is pretty fake, its how to say , not very realistic in the way he is. The opening theme song is pretty catchy and the ending theme song is Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand which is a surprise because I haven't seen an anime that uses a English(famouse) artist/song as the theme song. Probably the mangaka is a big fan of this song or band. Talking about songs! I nice song to listen to is Don't Lie by Black Eye Peas! The tune is really kinda relaxing and melancholic with the (hawaiian like guitars) totally contrastic to the issue of the song. I just realised that Black Eye Peas songs have deep lyrical meanings~ It's almost as if they are acting out a scene by singing. Still I don't really like their first song, meaning it's not all that great~

Yesterday I went to visit my 3 day old nephew~ The baby's skin still looked raw and all but the eyes is so adorable! He only peeked at one moment then we could see the eyes because when we arrived his eyes were still closed tight. Also enthusiatic grandparents and knowledgeble mum started off talking about a whole ton of issues regarding the baby and it went on for hours. So I switched on AXN and CSI was on! The problem with AXN is they KEEP on REPEATING the same episodes even the whole season/series. They should quit showing cold squad, the series is just to damn boring! The list can go on to how many full season series they have repeated like Lost, CSI, 24, Cold Squad, hmmm haven't figured out the others. Anyway since its the holidays it puts me in the mood to always talk alot of crap ^^V.My comp is also being a pain in the ass at times. That stupid file made my comp have a total error thingy and causing it to break down. So now when playing music/video files sometimes its a little stucky. Too lazy to send it for repair maybe after the holidays :p.
P.s = First appearance of Liam on my blog ^^

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Holidays Rawk!

So today I went to one u! I haven't been there in AGES , all rite not that long ago a couple of months because I bought my mp3 ^^ but if I didn't buy it there, that would make probably a year since I've visited that place.So YR my friend muahahah yes I'm going to mention you! I just can't resist! I know you'll be squeling reading this, a long time from the day I'm posting this ~ Everything was planned the day before ,so the next morning this is what happened.(little short sketch from memory ^^)

The alarm goes off, it's 8.59am, time to depart supposedly 9am.The bed was just so comfortable and my eyes automatically closed shut. *Kring kring kring* stupid telephone was ringing! It's so far away ,actually in the next room. Yesterday my sleep was already interrupted by 5 telephone calls in the morning because my cousin just had a baby boy named Sidney ! I'm an auntie! Actually I was already an aunt before I was born ==. Explanation ,I have a step nephew who is older than me a couple of years ahahaah.(shoot back to the sketch). No possibility of anyone else picking up the phone (lazy sloths), I open my eyes, glance at the clock, it's 10 am!!!!!! Late late late late~

Picking up the phone thinking it should be YR. The first thing she says is::
YR :"Don't tell me you overslept!".
McL : SFX *yawns* "Ackh ,Yesss, so sorryyyyyy!"
YR : "So what time are you gonna be here?! by 10.30? the movie starts at 11"
McL : " Uhm, yeah by then can."
Conversation over.(lamest attempt on dialogue) [A lil exaggerated].
Drags dad out of his beauty sleep, I get ready in less than 10 minutes, bags packed. So then we hurried to the LRT station, stupid Touch n Go card not working, more money from my pocket spent. Finally reaching the station, I wait at the place YR suggested. Waiting waiting waiting, 10 -20 minutes pass, a girl walks over a bridge (looking hurried). Small image appears at the end of the road, there she is! Wearing a short skirt and 3/4 blouse, haha(YR is gonna kill me). Her dad comes along and picks us up to One u!

This is just getting there, now that we're finally there, She did say it was supposed to start at 11. By the time we reached there it was already 11.15. So then she says that the movie is starting at 11.45 if what she remembers is correct. Finally get the tickets to the movie "Tim Burton's : The Corpse Bride". The movie is pretty good. The set is around a little town in the old days and in real life the scenes are more dull compared to the land of the dead. The body atonomy is pretty okay only that some people are very thin, and some chins are soo long. The movie actually has singing which makes it a musical movie~ The storyline is good as expected of fairytales, the animation is similar to Wallace and Gromit kind where it looks like to be made of plasticine only much more complicated. The music is nice and lively , the music scenes are pretty funny example they use their bones to play instruments like the guitar (legs) ,trumpet and etc.

The story starts with Tim Burton voiced by Johnny Depp who's the son of a wealthy fish seller and is to be married to the daughter of a wealthy family that has gone to dust. This is where evil parents come in, and all the evil characters emerge, viewers can judge the kind of personality from the straits of the face ,body etc. So they are actually in a pre-arranged/forced marriage only that the couple fortunately clicked. As the plot thickens, the day turns sour as Tim can't remember to say his vowes after a couple of tries. Depressed he walks into this cemetry over the bridge away from the small town. He tries saying his vows again and exactly after the first time he gets it right, he puts the ring on what he thought was a branch but actually turns out to be a corpse bride that never made it to the wedding bells. So from there the story starts to get interesting and all. Thats the short review I have for todays movie ^^. The movie actually turned out to be touching and educational at a point. So the movie isn't bad too watch and viewers who would like to a little taste of adventure can try out this movie.
Ps= Selamat Hari Raya to all and Good Luck to SPM and STPM candidates~

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The world is cold~

Ok ok I totally messed up the dates so sue me :p, Well at least nobody realised not sure if thats a good or bad thing. Finally I have a life to live now! Today I went to mv for job hunting! Yeah imagine me! job hunting! alone! independence! I was this excited before going and I kept bugging my frend to tell me the details of what to do to get a job~ So I spent my time walking around mv for 4 hours! Found some friends working there but couldn't disturb them. I asked too many shops I think. I do hope to get the Bowling Alley ! The enviroment is so cool and the dude and duddete at the counter was pretty kind. Desperate for a job I also went to Toy's R Us... yes you heard me right. The kiddy store , the kids dreamland of toys, sort of. The pay sucks I regret filling in the form! It's only 36 bucks a day! for a bloody 12 hours, totall regrets.

My first attempt was totally crushed , it was at some stall near the cinema with the sales assistant wanted sign. Second attempt also looked pretty blim but my frend helped me give it to the boss. Next attempt was at Guardian which was a total no no, it is tiresome to keep on asking and walking and walking on an empty stomach. I managed to not spend any money in mv for the first time, oh well except for the donation. Today was the wrong day to apply for jobs I think. It's a public holiday and MPH said that the office is closed. Some people gave instant responces , I don't know if it was because I looked too young or the world is just simply this cold. I'll take the world is simply cold hehe. I walked over mv for like a gazzillion times and didn't dare try animetech. I wanted too but no way , the small shop was already crowded with 8-10 workers wearing the same uniform.

I saw some vacancy signs at some girly ,pinky ,too girly shops.. and wondered why are these shops in need of workers.. then a thought popped up. Boys would never work in those shops haha. There where some signs that printed phone numbers only problem was my phone was way overdue so I saved them on the hp but now I have no effort/guts to call them up. Then I checked out Tower Records in frustration looking at the vacancy sign where the first term was to have a minimum qualification of SPM. Now wouldn't it be super cool to work in a music shop with music blasting every moment! The last last job I applied for would be the cashier in the bowling alley! It was late evening and they had those glow in the dark lights on with cool music on the speakers kinda disco-tech atmosphere. I doubt I'll get it, I hear theres interviews and crap. I hate interviews >.< . After all the job hunting I had dinner with my mum ! Long time since I left the house so it's pretty much a breath of fresh air after a rainy day.

The thing is almost each and everyone of them said they would contact me after a week or two! Its all because of the Hari Raya and those celebrations ><. I hope I get a good job.. So for the meanwhile I'll be lazing around at home doing nothing as ussual oh wait I do have plans! Oh well only for the next day, and not for a good cause. It seems my ic doesn't have that what my(something) sign which is supposed to be important and has been issued out for 3 years now... I never check my ic and today I needed to use it. Accidentally my dad compared it to his, yes he keeps my ic, i'm too bloody lazy to keep important stuff. At home , I can't be bothered to do anything, it's just that I've been programed like that. Nothing I can do except listen to my mothers nagging. So now I have to wake up early (a first since the holidays) to go to the ic department. Goverment facilities always suck and everyone complains. Life is exciting outside the house , but never forget its much sweeter to have a place to return too ^^.
P.s= MK i can't get into ure site >< , my comp lags and it never loads the page , then I have a hard time closing the page to stop the lag. Gome I'll try visit your site. If I can.

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Simply Neat~

It's November!~ As you can see the layout of this month is very simple compared to my past layouts. The layout features Nicholas Cage as an angel in the movie City of Angels which touched my heart. Theres a very very touching song in this movie called Angel by Sarah Mclachlan. Again I seem to be posting about the same movie. Well I made this layout around yesterday , just had the inspiration to use this picture took me a while fiddling with Photoshop 7.

I got this totally uber song Believe Me - Fort Minor aka Mike Shinoda! (the rapper of the duo vocalists in Linkin Park) I'm a Linkin Park fan forever! The tune to this song is just really nice to listen to, similar to LP the lyrics are very meaningfull and the beat touched up with raw tapping on some metal. Theres a name to the instrument but I can't figure it out yet. The chorus is the best part of the song of course ~ So this is a bit of LP style without Chester the very smooth singing voice that usually draws attention in LP songs.

Still concerning music , a gazillion xxxxxxxxxxxx thanks to Shu Yi for providing the link to Jay Chou's fresh tracks from the latest album November's Chopin! There's around 3 songs I like which is Shi Mian Chu Ge, Ye Qu and Hei Se Mao Yi. Following the order Shi Mian Chu Ge is the most favourable to listen to in my case !! The tune is somewhat heavy on the beat and the most melodius part is when Jay Chou sing lalalalala~ ok thats the part I actually like most ^^. There is a part in this song where he actually sounds korean talking jibberish or some what.

Hana Yori Dango's 2nd episode is OUT!!!! Fresh from local televisyen in JAPAN! Thats how good the world wide web has to offer! The first episode looked pretty okay and they had a nice song Planetarium sang by Ai Otsuka. I also made a set of signature and avatar for forum usage. Which I rarely post , anyway I like how the sigs turned out ^^ after being heavily photoshop because the picture wasn't really a good quality. Here it is :::

p.s=had a hard time picking up the song. Tell me if it fits the layout. Although I think the responce will be negative.

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