Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog which i just started. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so i'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one.or maybe not..like how would i know if its typical or not rite. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< .Please sign my guestbook although i still can't get the handle of it.=p. This layout features Sakura from Card Captor Sakura.

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Whoa what a day!!!

My day started at 8 am whe i woke up to attend "Kadet Polis" .We practised marching the entire time and to the ending it was the most tiering event.We marched at one spot repeatedly .Just because of a person didn;t make the cut we had to do it again and again.On the 11th there will be a marching event but we aren't even prepared and can be called quite unready.. Now the MAIN event of the day or should i say the night!!It all started at 7 sumthing as ussual i was online doing nothing in particular when a message from angela came.She said oih..i wondered why she said that.It's weird because she's usually so polite.Then she said Why u didn't come??...i was totally confused@.@ then she said to chiew yee's birthday party.. I was shocked!!!! OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT....i thought it was next week or something..THe party started at 5 o'clock.Then my mum was at home but she had an appointment at eight.She couldn't or should i say wouldn't take me there.Then i immediately rang my dad who was out drinking.. ring ring..i said dad can you come home NOW? in the end he agreed.So by the time he came it was around 8. Well he felt sleepy and everything made me pretty anxios because my frend's house isn't what you would call NEAR to my house.It's actually quite far.NOw back to the story It took us 1hour to finally reach the lighted house.We got lost and went on highways then turned back and around..oh well you get what i mean.Plus my dad was pretty well sleepy...so it makes sence..=.= When i reached there the maid spotted my car and called chiew yee.I went in and WHOA there was quite a lot of people!! I though there would only be a couple of friends all girls..well my assumption was WRONG.There was guys and alot of people i knew^^ .When I reached the scene ,some of them were watching the tv they where playing "A Cinderella story" starring hilary duff and some guy. Then I went upstairs where my other friends where..whoa they where playing chinese music from the comp at quite a volume! Well i brought my naruto head banner along!! to show of and of course it was a party so I thought it would liven things up^^ .THen they forced me to wear the banner on my head .lol.After that I went down to grab some dinner which was cold spagheti and some fries. Then watched parts of the show with several trips upstairs.Then we went into her room ONE thing is that Her WHOLE house was fully airconditioned!!!There they started playing pokemon monopoly I was starting to play uninterestedly when my mum rang.THE dread that came afterwards drained my energy away.Shw was in a foul mood as ussual ,scolding and nagging the normal..said my dad went so far and what crap.Then since my dad doesnt know the way there..although he sent me..=.= she obviosly wasnt going to come for me!! Then i made a suggestion i hitched a ride from my frend.TO old town which isn't that far from home.MY mum totally dised me ...she said she wouldn't come and she was tired and all that loony balloony stuff.I was like OMG now i'm WORRIED!! HOw am i going to get back!!MY frend lives in old town i didn't want to inconvinience them.So I was worying myself over this and then her parents came..anxiosly I went in.Then she suggested that they sent me back home... because it was already night time like NOW at 10:30 we left her house.Then my other frend who was also hitching a ride said where's your naruto thing?? AAAHHH then i realised i left it in HER house..and maybe i also left my wallet there..><...I'm not sure I have to check the car later.Then I was worried the whole wat back because i was like burdon to them and everything!!! I messed up my sence of direstion saying left was right and etc...@.@ FINALLY I reached HOME sweet HOME!! So now i'm back home and immediately began blogging so I don't forget the details.It was definitely exciting!! Even NOW my parent don't know i'm back...so much for supportive parents.They abandoned their only child HOW COULD THEY!! Now their sleeping in their room.They don't even realise I'm back.Nevermind let them worry a little more.I think my mum is because she went out to check the time.=p. O yes I forgot to change the layout since it's already April~...I'll add in this entry later^^.

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A day passes by when you regret nothin^^

Yohoo !! I got accepted into this scanslation site..and now I'm a EDITOR!!! yay! Next goal is to open a scanslation site!!!But that's a long way to go from now.. but i see some potential reqruits!! Now scanslation groups are groups that scan manga's and translate it !! So it's practically understancable and you can still enjoy the manga.The image quality also is as good as original manga unlike the malaysian translated comic's but then i intend to get the scans from there because i don't know any other language..><..and BM comic's are the cheapest around.For chinese translation's hehehe.can ask ppl from my school!! They surely have some chinese manga that they can translate to english if their willing. So now a scanslation site need's raw scan providers ,editors(with my below average skill's it will totally close down) so that's why there should be more ppl,translaters, proof readers(they check for mistakes in grammer or spelling).So this is all a group effort!! Now back to the boring normal life,there's ton's of homework to do..>< and today i brought arounf 5 textbooks can you imagine how heavy is that..exspecially when i have to walk home under the barbequing sun.Usually i never do homework at home because I'm to lazy but today i got my hand a pen and took the effort.It's hard enough coping with school work in school! Even the chinese period's aren't enough to finish them.Tomorrow..sports practise will begin and all hell will break lose..ahaha joking joking.It's just tiering to do sports and have tuition later. Everyday I sleep around 12 the earliest ever and 3 the latest..><..I once had to sleep at 5 and get up at 7..><.the whole day was a nightmare.Well it's at the end of the month and next month will be april!! My birthday is coming up..sigh but there's actually nothing to expect..the most i get from my family is money..the easiest way out for them since they don't need to figure out what to buy and they have a budget..how convenient.Ah well if i collect enough i'll be able to buy a scanner!!! which i don't think is as expensive as a printer rite..there are scanner's around 100-200??? I'm not sure..hmmm.O yea my hp is back to save the day.After a couple week's of absence it has returned with a lamer version..ahaha..well we bought the 1100 nokia which everyone say's suck..ah well what to do..it just so happend's to be like that and it's a phone..and i rarely use it..hehe. P.s=since my granny is going to au this friday they'll be celebrating it earlier like tonight..sigh..eating is that all they do..=.= ah well she said it was a party..ahah actually it's just a dinner and there's still homework to finish..><. p.s p.s=fuuchan from parfait tic^^

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Tired and untired

Today had to get up for school agaainn...haih.Didn't really have enough of sleep this whole week.Yesterday my class had english presentations...luckily it didn't reach my turn.Teacher won't let us memorise >< and she want's us to talk!! Like what's there to talk! I prefer NOT talking especially infront of my class.Now that it's the weekend I have to worry over this thing! Today we practised marching for like 3hours well it's better compared to PBSM which comes earlier and end's later.Then i slept the whole afternoon.When I woke up the weather was cooling^^ it still is.Well I wanted to join chs idol because this would be the last time I could.Unfortunately my friend couldn't do it. So now I'm not sure if i chould join...and I don't want to go for solo! Since form 1 my other frend also bailed out on me..><.Then there's the problem of getting the music...><..haih..so troublesome maybe should forget about it.but then what if I have regrets....hmmm.Anyway just finished playing o2jam with a frend..wahliao he so geng..the note's are moving so dam fast my eye's can't follow...><..so i end up losing terribly every round..>< how come ppl can play soooo good!! He can still say it is normal only!!! ><...is my brain working soo slow that i cannot translate the info in my brain>.< haih..well back to the morning..it is terrible to march for 3 hour's because 3 hour's is an eternity when you stand and do nothing but this helped my posture.^^ I think my hunch has reduced.Tommorow is Sunday...and i think i'll be forced to get up in the morning!!! to go to church for easter..><.This whole week..couldn't sleep until puas-puas.Started reading manhwa(comics from korea) although the style differ's a little but the storyline is just as good. The manhwa is "Hissing" the story revolves around 3 main character's in the same school(this manhwa is a shoujo i think) the girl aspires to be a comic professional,another guy to become BAD..ahaha because he's has like a shining face..seriously shining like got sparkle's whenever ppl look at him even prettier than girls and of course gal's aren't afraid of him..ahaha..Then there's this other guy who's goal in his life is women...ahaha..well it's quite a good manhwa and the style is quite nice..wait i'll go get the revies
This story centers on a group of high-school students and their dreams in life. The fiery Le Da Ae and her inept, but best friend, Kim Sung Chul, who both want to become manhwagas*; the playboy Ta Jun, who only cares about the pursuit of women; and the ultra-cute Kang Sun Nam, whose only goal in life is to become...BAD. As we watch them reach for their respective goals, we find humor, surprise and an unexpected love-triangle that will make you laugh, cry and in general, warm your heart. *A manhwa is the same as the Japanese mangaka, or in English, graphic-novelist..

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Late late l8

Well was late to school again..>< thats the third time this week..><.and all three times my name's written down.I'm relieved I didn't get punished yet.That's the eighth time this whole year and it's only the beggining of the year.It's been 3 months...haih.Seriously should go get a alarm clock.All my alram clocks seem to have broken down..due to no specific reasons.Today got PJK results arh..it was terrible..even for PJK my results suck how enlightening..><.Add math's the worst results >< Physic's and chemistry both at passing mark points...my purata is sure gonna be pretty low.aahhh the bad side's of school seem to be teaming up on me.Homework seems to be coming in with ease and making me frust.There's acc and there's BM and more to date..even physics and add maths.4 homework thats due tomorow..aahh..what torture.PLUS there's the english oral presentation..>< i suck at presenting stuff in public ..haih it may sound busy but it's not it's just pure terribleness.The download speed on bittorent is getting on my nerves!! It's like 5-8 kbs MAX!! That's very v3rY V€RY SLOW! It's even slower than a dial up speed.It's so uncomfortable to sleep in class the table is so hard and the posture is so tiering.After resting for like a couple of minutes and when trying to staigthen up I end up having a aching shoulder or a pained joint..aah..and theres tuition to cope with..plus music.How tiering can this be!

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H@na Y0Ri D@NG0

wwwwwaaaaaahhhh i watched 50 episodes in 2 days!!!!!!!!! A little twisted ending but this feeling is so so overwhelming XD.A little sad that the anime finished.Well everyshow that you get attached to will feel a little sad that it has ended.AAHHH so sad that nothing new for the anime since it was produced in 1996..sigh.My heart is touched although the anime is a bit fictionised but it's quite good!!! I really like this piano theme song but it's hard to find. I tried the piano scores sites doesn't seem to have them..sigh.This is like one of those overwhelming memories XD.Tommorow school will start again..>< exam results aahh the misery.Well don't want to think about it.I'm giving up going to chsc esp the form 4 forum it totally suckes now that only 2 morons spamming the whole board.FED UP! THe main character in hanayoridango is Makino Tsukushi.SHe's a very interesting chatacter and always bumps in the most unexpected or more impossible situations.<-- That's the fictionised thing about it.Then there's the F4 doumyoji Tsukasa,Hanazawa Rui,Mimasaka Akira, and erm..kinda forgot.This is on heck of a good story XD.Sigh to bad it stopped..sigh.Have been watching from day to night XD.wat a dreamy feeling.+.+...ureshi mo kimochi XD!!!
P.S=I got some music from Hana yori dango!!!!!!! I find it nice to hear although its a sad song.But i'm sad because the series ended..><

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Music , Movies and ANIME!!

Today I went to mv and watched COnstantine! It has some similar story presentation as matrix sometimes it was a lil boring and most times interesting.Although compared to RObot's and Lemony Snicket's:A series of Unfortunate Event's I still prefer these both because I was totally absorbed in the story.It didn;t have a moment of boredom.Which is good storyline that capture's the audience attention. Anyway met some frends from school in mv and found out some really nice songs! Those songs when you listen to it ,give's the listener a feeling! THe song is "Run" by Snow Patrol!! I couldnt find the other song ghost by david tao..maybe because it was in chinese.Anyway had to take the bas back tiering and time consuming.Plus was broke because spent to much on arcade..hehe.Finally the hanayoridango series download is completed!!!!!!!! after how many many days..>,< Maybe 2 weeks since before exams.Watched 10 episodes today..muahahaha.It's maybe better than the manga but then the quality of my download is terrible because they are from vhs..=.= but at least i get to watch it .With that i'm satisfied^^.Now back to the movie the actor * don't really remember the name* was the same actor from the matrix keane something.The story line was quite good only the editing of filmake could have been better.It's about exorcise so of course there would be come ugly evil demons and creepy forces but it wasnt that bad.Currently reading manga is Touch(shounen abt baseball) and BAra no TAmeni.The rest are still left on the comp because I haven't read it.Sigh the end of the holidays seem to be nearing now..><.Need more sleep and more play!! Dread going back to school. He ventured to hell to find a clue for the sister's suicide.He is a exorcise which sends most of the demons back to hell so alot of them would be after him.
the twin sister which commited suicide.

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Lemony Snicket's:A series of Unfortunate Events

That pic is Klaus the middle child of the Baudelaire family.This story is nice!! and can be compared to Peter Pan and Harry Potter.Although the theme is dark but the movie is not that dark.The evil character Count Olaf played by Jim Carry is a evil villian who wants to kill the children to inherite the childrens fortune.He would go to any extent to get it even killing them and even to the extent of marrying the ...It's an absurd villian obsesed with the fortune.The review here
This is the story of the Bauedelaires, three young orphans, Violet (Browning), Klaus (Aiken) and Sunny, looking for a new home, who are taken in by a series of odd relatives and other people, including Lemony Snicket, who narrates the film, and starting with the cunning and dastardly Count Olaf (Carrey), who hopes to snatch their inheritance from them. Violet is the oldest of the Baudelaires at 14, and is their brave and fast-thinking leader. The only boy is middle child Klaus, 12, who is intensely intelligent and obsessed with words. The youngest is infant Sunny, who speaks in a language only her siblings can understand, and she has a tendency to... bite.
Anyway this story is great^^.Since my handphone is gone.I went hp browsing through the net.I don't really know what to pick..Anyway the phones are sony ericsson J200i and motorola C650.The pictures are below.The holidays have began and still my parents won't let me go online 24/7..>< Its unfair,proposterous and annoying.Hmm the I though of learning more languages expecially japanese!! but then to learn japanese i should learn chinese to master the words and everything.It's hard enough coping with my studies as it is.So it's kinda impossible..so i should set these dreams aside.Today played at the forum arcade and couldnt even get the highest score for any of the games. The most i could get was second..sigh.Anyway started rose again but somehow I lack the interest to go on.Maybe i've gotten fed up of the game because leveling up is taking too long.My gunbound skills are rusty and rotten...i don't win often either.The olidays are only for one week..meaning it won't last.><.The thought of returning to school puts one in misery for the exam results would be given out.... It was stressful enough at the exams...now the results will be dreadfull.Downloaded Mocking Bird by Eminem..this song reminds me of jay chou because the rap and the tune's nice.Although i'm not really into that song but it'll do because i can't think of songs to download.
Motorola Sony

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Today my exams are done,finito and gao tim..haha..and the holidays have begun.So as the time for adventure will begin it's journey.=.=++.That's the good new's ...The bad new's is that my HP is goooonneeeeeee!!!!!!!! It has left and abandoned me towards the hands of a filthy theif ,a low life and good for nothing ass hole.&#*&@(#*$)@*#)(*#@%*.. A worse thing is that all my contacts have also gone is impposible to retrieve because all my contact are saved on the phone not on the sim card and to top of my fury the BASTARD spent half of my credit which is ALOT!!! becuase I have been saving since last year and it amounted to like 150 bucks i think more because i JUST only top up like 1 week ago!!!!!!!!AND now there's only left 70 over in my credit.This just make's me want to say all the foul words I can think of...calming myself down.Now that all the bad new's is out let's continue with the almost perfect day I had.We went to see "Robots" from the creators of Ice Age.This movie is GREAT!!! The graphivs are amazingly detailed because everything is metal and they need to make it rust or shine or look like stianless steel.The variety is endless.THe creativity has a big variety and the story line is good! I give my thumbs up to this show.Then I bought a new pair of jeans cost about 50 bucks and the reason i bought one was because it was cheap (selling at 50% discount).Plus it totally fits me and is baggy like COOL.Then the nightmare o the stolen hand phone began..the realisation was just a shock because this hp has always been with my side through hard and good times ....endlessly there where i need it...soob soob..brings back sad memories.Anyway what a emotional rollercoaster day..from the very happy to the devastated.Tomorrow going to red box with some frends..hope it's not boring and expensive .I don't really go out often ,only when my frends wanna go. Let's hope life wouldn't be miserable when the holidays begin.
P.s=Just started playing this game called GAte to Heaven...but i suck at starting games and the tutorial just dissapeared..argh..this always gives me a headache.Even playing rose made me frustrated..but luckily i had a frend to guide me.
P.S P.s=and so it turns out the red box thing is cancelled and instead go mv..aiyah wtvla hangin out with frends is good enough.Not that there's anything to actually do.

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Insuficent sleep

Today had accounts and pjk exam.PJK was ok but the revision notes were like 10 pages.The Accounts exam was ok..I messed up at someplaces and had to redo..but then there was no space..so i had to leave the order of the thing wrong..I hope the teacher won't deduct marks.The colours of the font's are kind of plain..but to lazy to change them. 2 more days of exams...Tomorow will be maths and I hear you need to revise from form1-3 syllabus plus form 4 topics.I have been reading Bara no Tameni..a NICE manga!!!! It'a classified as shoujo but it has realistic life in it.The sypnosis..rite now to lasy to write.It's about Yuri whose parents died long ago .So she's living with her grandmother but then the day her bf dumps her,her grandmother dies and she has to move to her never heard until now mother.They said her mother died .Anyway her mother is a famouse actress...forgotten the name.And she has two brothers and 1 sister all from different fathers.She fall's for sumire..her eldest brother andher rival is aoi her younger brother.Yea i know sounds like incest but then it's doesnt sound that bad when your reading the manga!!!Wait let me copy and paste the sypnosis here.
Yuri is short, chubby, and not particularly pretty. And on the day she was dumped by her boyfriend (because he found a prettier girlfriend), she goes home to find that her grandma, her one and only relation, had a stroke and is at death's door. After her grandmother's death, Yuri finds a letter from her grandma that tells her she has FAMILY in Hokkaido. And to her surprise, her mother is the famous actress, Shoko Hanai. Yuri goes to live with her newfound family, which includes an older sister and brother, and a younger brother, all with different fathers. But to her chagrin, she discovers that she is an ugly duckling among beautiful swans. And now she's falling in love with her older brother, Sumire, and her rival is her younger brother, Aoi...
At first I was just reading it for fun..but then i got into it^^..Today was late to school again...><.This is quite terrible because the record had amount to 5 times. Thats Yuri the main character.

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This whole week has been practically stressful to my very incapable of handing stress brain.Today had chemistry and english 2 papers.Chemistry was ok but I only had time to revise for half an hour...totally last minute.I changed the layout hurriedly because i'm getting lazy.The worst exam ever was add maths!!! I dread getting back the results..there's this HUGE possibility i'm going to fail add maths..><.I know i should have took tuition earlier and understand the concept better instead of going head in blindly.Practically the whole paper was unanswered except for the few i could understand and answer.I practically was getting mad because i couldn't do the exam..Anyway that was last week and the add maths teacher came in today when we where having the chemistry exam..he said most of them would score A..which makes it MORE embarrasing for me to fail..Tomorrow will be accounts and PJK..still not mood to study.Since the exam's everything has been really at hectic for me because revising practically in the morning when there is time.Waking up late enough to reach at the bell ring...sigh.Holiday's right after the exams!!That's something I look forward to but when I think of the coming homework days ahead.It make's no difference to have holidays and think about whats ahead.Tuition has been quite nice because the teachers teachings in school doesn't get to my head.Do I have tuition today? i'm not sure..

This layouts effects are quite nice^^. P.S=Finished reading Hana Yori Dango!!!! It's a nice shoujo manga!! Downloading torrents consisting of more than 10 episodes are taking a very long time.
P.s P.s=Currently to lazy to put up music.Will find some later.

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