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Hobbies :: anime, manga, music, comics, making fwens, playing games , unsuccesfully avoid boredom..etc.
Fav anime/manga:: Ayashinoceres, Chobits, Ah My Goddess, Card Captor Sakura, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Eyeshield 21, Gensomaden Saiyuki, MAR, Kyo Samurai Deeper, Ranma1/2, Naruto, Sakura Wars and many many more...
Fav Movie:: Robots,Lemony Snicket's:A Series of Unfortunate Events,Road to Perditon,Star Wars III:Revenge of The Sith.
Fav singer/band:: Linkin Park, Nickleback, The Rasmus, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, F.I.R, Switchfoot, Evanescence, Matchbox Twenty, John Mayor, P.O.D, Yellow Card, Staind,Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree,L'Arc~Ein~Ciel, Asian Kungfu Generation, T.M REvolution! and etc etc..
Fav Music Genre::Rock, Jrock, Orchestral, Cpop,...etc Fav quote:: 'Live life to da fullest'
2nd quote:: 'I love mankind its people I hate..'by Gill grissom..CSI

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Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog which I just started. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so i'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one..or maybe how would I know if its typical or not rite. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< .Remember to sign my guestbook!=p.

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Entertainment is a sin of luxury

Just came back from Sunway Piramid!We watched Initial D acted by Jay chou,Edison Chan,jordan Chan and etc etc.The movie was ok as it was based on racing and nothing buut racing..T.T.The graphics where also ok but to me the show seemed to be missing something.Not sure what though. I bought Howl's moving Castle soundtrack cd!!!!XD It cost me around 21 bucks!!I love the orchestral music!!XD It's soooo nice and I'm listening to it right now!! I'm glad I bought it Joe Hishaishi's music are masterpieces!! He also created the music for Spirited Away XD.What a genius I say like Hayao Miyazaki.I had to wait for 1 hour over for my dad to fetch me XC.

When I finally reached home I found that my aunt and cousin with her husband where there.My aunt is from Australia so is my cousin but her husband is from here.Oh well we had to go out for dinner at this restaurant. I ate chicken rice and my stomach urgh is pretty messed up.This afternoon I ate at A&W and was pretty full.Then I got hungry and had dinner.Now my stomach feels a little gastrick?? Impossible rite.. lol then I have no idea what it is.I miss manga and anime and also ROSE! Sad I don't have time to do my homework.The Moral project which I have been delaying for sooo many weeks is still left undone! Tommorow the whole cycle of school begins.I hate this so called cycle where all we do is learn learn LEARN and then theres the after effects called HOMEWORK!Well the after effects of homework is punishment...and so it goes on, this never ending cycle of torture.Yes theres also the computer work I need to do job as an editor needs it's fufillment.Something today caught my eye!! It was the Motorola E680!!! XD .It was on display at this booth and the receptionist showed us the realplayer!! MAN that high technology gadget can play ANIME!!! XD.It was playing doraemon and the picture quality wasn't bad.Not bad at all!!! What breaks my heart is the price is expectatly HIGH!! Plus she only tod me the promotion price which is RM1800 over!! Sigh my love at first sight crushed..T.T.Other than that life has been continuing it's normal routine.Oh yea after the movie we went to a half anime store.I found Parfait Tic!!!! Well too bad it was in chinese illiterate...T.T. My friend was crazy over tsubasa and genbu kaiden..T.T.Good for her that she can read chinese..><.GAh just found out theres LM stuff tomorrow!!! AARRR what happened to my free time!!! I want to laze around ,have a nap,or at least watch anime !!! but no LM must intervien with my life! They don't even appreaciate me bacause I don't stand out..><. Sigh wth just give it another try.

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Miserably Happy

Well today there was a LM interview.They have it to choose the candidates for the comittee. It started around 8-9 in the morning and ended at 7pm over.Around 30 over people went for it.I was the last.The wait was intoxicatingly long. They take around 30 over minutes each person but for me it was practically 15 minutes?I feel a little sad because after all my waits and my dedication in the end I will not get it.Reasons? hah no use even asking because it ould make me sound bad don't wanna blog bad things about myself :p. Anyways how'd I end up as the last interviewe? I actually was the second last..does that make any difference. This other girl the last cried because she wanted to go home and her tuition started at like 8pm(something like that).So she took my place. OK no problem, I don't mind at all.So what made it so miserable? Well I was the last only 2 AJK's interviewed me, which just shows how unimportant I am.Yes no one gives a dam about me so it just makes all my effort a waste so sat bai.The only good thing at that time is I fell for a song called Grandson's art of war?? Well my chinese sucks so don't blame me or anything.The sond is sung by David Tao .It's seriously NICE!!!!!!!The chinese name is u sun zhi bin fa wo.It starts with chinese instrumental and rawks!!!Maybe I'll put this song up next month!!XD.Anyways many other things also upset me but well I can't say because it'll probably hurt someone or either make me a bad person.

Then after that I hurried home at 7pm over rested ,changed etc etc.Then I went to my friends Birthday Party!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZHI HUI!! I'm gratefull she invited me^^.The party was quite a BLAST!.Alot of people came^^ even /^.^\ .Well what can you say about whiny children like us.There's sure to be someone grumbling about something.When I arrived around 7.45 ,while the party started at 6pm.When I arrived I was so HAPPY to see all my friends there!! FRIENDS are a great thing to have and cherish I will always!!^^ First I was greeted by them with all enthusiathem which I haven't had for a while.Then all I could think about was food! I only had 2 sandwiches for lunch..wait a little wan tan me too hehe. So I grabbed some food and ate quickly. Then we played some table tennise(ping pong).Too bad we couldn't beat the king!!Everyone lost at the 3rd round..ahaha.Then they played truth or dare actually it was dare or dare? LOL. Then came water ballons ,I have no idea why people think playing with water is fun? but well I don't really mind it as I saw everyone excited and all.We played and played then some people had to go home and our bye bye greeting was a spray of water .hahaha.When we ran out of water balloons ,they decided to use the spray hose! Yes, everyone got wet regardless of the game.

Then when the excitement subsided ,I went in and saw some TV.They were showing some Korean horror movie on ntv7.After a while we played somemore games and then I went home around 11pm.Another great thing that happened today.My grandma is BACK!! YAY and I got some new clothes and BOOKS!!She came back from Australia and I couldn't fetch her at the airport because I went for the party.Then tomorrow I'm goin with my friends to Sunway Piramid to see Initial D.Don't know why is everyone excited about this film..T.T .Most of the chinese community is crazy over edison chen or jay chou..T.T".Even before they see the movie they are so engrossed and all. One shouldn't judge a movie before seeing it*rolls eyes*. This always seems to happen to me whenever I experience bad stuff good stuff comes or either when I have something good going on it totally disrups and become bad,horrible. It's like the balance between good and evil..must have bad and good.Makes life miserable at times because sadness can be a everlasting road down the hill.I still haven't done my Moral project.YAY I'm going to die next Monday XC. I did some editing yesterday and i'm slow><.Haven't palyed ROSE in ages!!! I'm such a busy person at times and other times i'm as empty as the air.

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Sentimental is boring

I've been busy busy busy these days..><.I finally did my two reviews for NIE(Newspaper in English...i think..).One was on Howl's Moving castle by Hayao Miyazaki XD!! This movie is just as great as Spirited Away!!! Then I did another music review on Coldplay's latest album "X & Y".Last friday ,when I went out for dinner at this foodcourt ..sigh I lost my phone.A very sad thing indeed. This posession of mine was carried everywhere,whenever I went out not that I frequently used it. Then last Saturday mummy left for China.She's on this trip with her sister to China ..not sure where..I hope she's having a GREAT time!!:D.

After all ,I am living a little miserable life here, sometimes it's fun most times it's normal I guess.One of the awkward situations that happends in my life..sigh yes I realise it happeneds frequently now that I look back at it.Just came back from tuition ,and when waiting to go back there was three of us talking a little bit.Then one of us left lucky girl got to go home earlier than another sad thing I always seem to be the last to go home><.Anyway after she went ,it just went silent.A little weird don't you think? Am I someone people can't talk to? Or maybe my personality is just like that..which makes the situation more depressing th more I think about it.These situations seem to happend more and more and yes I am good at ignoring these things as it is not important..yes it is not important to other people at all so why do I have to think the same way.

Yesterday I watched Peach Girl!!XD It was engrossing and also annoying at times..afterall it is shoujo and I have not yet familarized myself with their relationships and all. Then I didn't do any homework today .I'm just too lazy XD lol.I'll totally regret it tomorrow though.Today I did some editing after a couple of months break ..yes I'm lazy XC! I did a couple of pages ,luckily i already cleaned and resized the manga so all I had to do was insert the dialogs and SFX.Theres still tons of pages to do ..which makes me feel guilty as I have postphoned this job for quite a long time.I haven't been playing ROSE these few days as I was busy with NIE and homework and PM project.Still haven't finished Moral Project..><.Theres still another day of work tomorrow so don't worry you won't be free XC.Theres still other things bothering me and I know I shouldn't be bothered about it because it has totally nothing to do with me.SIGH.
P.S-Kinda got bored of the Gorillaz song so I've put up a J-rock song!!Slide by Plastic Tree!

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Me need sleep ,me will die of homework!

I am addicted to ROSE but it seems people are surpassing me.My friend who started his character later than me has already beaten my level!>< As I'm having tons of homework which the deadline is tommorow!! I'm going to play rose and ignore this pile of work.A few days ago the electricity in my class was down causing us to study in the humid heat without any fan.Yesterday the whole day there was no electricity the icident started the day before after half a day.Today it came back!! Finally the fan was working and the room didn't feel so hot anymore.Then guess what homework I have to do.>< I have to do PM project!! which I haven't touched and BM 2 rencana's and oral BM!!! This is terrible I'm going to die if I overstress myself, a figure of speech of course ;p.

Then I just came back from school we had the sukantara which is like to get marks for our houses if we pass the limit.Unfortunately I scored none for my house making me more i started roleplaying not long ago and I've kept my identity secret!! I will not spill it out incase my friend visits my blog which is also quite impossible but better not take the risk.My exam results, what can I say it sucked dog balls!! Totally terrible and guess what SPM is next year!!!Have only been sleeping for like 5 hours max since school started which makes me wanna sleep in class the whole day. Oh well I'm off to play and if anyone plays ROSE make sure you add me if i'm online.My nickname is Symbel in ROSE!

I'm also a master of a clan!! Well the original owner/creator didn't want it and actually dumped it my hands! What and irresponsible person! Just makes me angry thinking about it.Out goal is to reach the clan field and upgrade our clan but that's a long way to go as we need to equip our self(upgrade weapons) level up FAST at least lvl 50!! and We will have to compete with other players..><..just makes me think of counter strike where I practically die all the time because the people are too good.I'm glad I made some friends in ROSE ^^ and really appreciate them ,makes living a hell lot better.Tomorrow theres a LM duty, we have to bring cloths and wear the LM t-shirt which only has one meaning! WORK WORK WORK I guess we'll have to clean up the new sports center and arrange the chairs and all. Plus there's tuition tonight!! However will I make it in time?

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Dreams that are no mere dreams

I just woke up from a sad dream and the details are faling apart but let's just see what I can remember.It was like a movie.There was this girl set in past times where they still rode on those old old cars.OK the reason I'm talking about these old old cars is because the scene started when they where kinda racing or this chinese girl was kinda following this white guy.From my observation she was a rich man's daughter as she had a accompaniment a servant or something.She was adventures and sporty and then the scene changed.She was inlove with this guy and her father met her up with this other guy chinese infact.Yes it sounds so melodramatic.Then not very sure they ended up married and she had a child.Then she still loved that white guy and not sure they where running off or sumthing at this very part was very very touching..She and the white guy where at this line and everyone had to pick a number whether to go or not..not logic oh well it's a dream after all.

The guy picked his number and then it was her turn.She stood there and the man that was giving out the sticks refused to give her untill she said what number.It was as if he knew that this was one of those paths she cannot return from.Like a wise man very much like Chow yun Fatt.She was so mixed up in emotions and then started crying well I felt it cause I was dreaming it.Then her tears fell on the last number which was not rounded..the rounded ones where sumwhere I think.

So she decided and turned down and went back.At the mean time her husband was going a little insane he was holding the baby and there was this tear coming down the baby which showed how sad and painfull she was or sumthing.The man was going to choke the baby and then he looked in the mirror a hand mirror and stopped himself before he could do any harm.At the deciding part my mind was playing this music which I doubt I will ever remember but the girl looked like teng li chuin the famouse singer but it definitely wasn't her song.I think I heard it somewhere before but I doubt I'll ever remember.The whole scene was so touching it made me wept and yes I don't ussualy dream these stuff actually it's a first but I do know I've dreamed adventure you know like movies chasing after criminals or running from something because it really feels like you so.

Nowadays I seldom dream but I know I always dream after getting up and going back to sleep again.Which is what I did this morning I got up because of a friend calling and we decided to call the outing off since everyone else couldn't make it and I was very sleepy at the moment.All I've been doing the past few days is play ROSE.Addicted ,I want to get a high level!and then I remind myself I have PM project to do but I don't want to..><.and it's already SATURDAY!!

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Noooo, I haven't done my homework!

Gosh am I going to die,I didn't do my homework yes I'm too lazy to.There's only a few days of holidays left><.Lately have been playing rose like crazy but levelling up sooo slow.Yesterday I went out to Ice Skate at first it was very much like torture after that it got better but I still couldn't skate.People who went there only a couple of times already know how to skate! We skated for a couple of hours then we went to see a movie.The movie is Kungfu Mahjong and it's HILARIOUS! Very very funny hahaha and stupid to top it off.It's about becoming the mah jong king and this guy who has this excellent memory.So to team it up it's a key to success.We definitely laughed alot!hahaaha .

Then we went back skating and this time I got better but I seemed to be the last one catching up.><.Atleast I got to meet a new kid from my friends class.Talking about skating I just remembered!Man did I fall on my back once and it's seriously landing on my back!Haha my friend dragged me in the fall so haha I fell too.Cha poh haha she was very unstable and always woobly all the time but in the end she got better than me.Back to homework,I have to do P.Moral and as a editor I gotta finish my scans..><..Man I'm lazy! Too lazy to do anything even sleeping isn't fun anymore.Always getting up with a headache not refreshed at all.Just now got up to the call of my friend she has lots to talk about.I'm glad to have her as a friend although I treat everyone around me with little interest maybe that why people always ignore me.O.o

Harry Potter's latest book is coming out in june or was it july!I saw MPH taking pre orders!!It costs RM99.00 thats quite affordable!Don't know when I can get a hold on that precious precious book^^.Yesterdat near the end of the day I realised the platic in the skates where rubbing againts my ankles and so I stopped skating.At the other side of the ring there was this dancing machine and wow there were pro's there. They didn't even need to see the screen for the moves! There already knew and sum guy used his hands and knees too ,maybe thats how it was supposed to be because it was all very fast and everything.Then I went bac home and played rose FINALLY getting to level 29 now the problem is getting throught level 29 because it's takes more exp to pass this level.
P.S=Ah my watch has gone out after 4 years >< my lovely watch ! Don't leave me! Ah the drama ..haha

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Rose Mania!

These past few days I've been sick cough cough sniff sniff.Anyway it finally got better the first day after the camp was the worst.Since 2 days ago I've been playing rose constantly!Like the day before I played fro 11 till 8 am...yes i didn't realise that time passed by oh well I leveled up 13 levels.Then yesterday played till the dark ages and didn't level up as much as I wanted. I want to level up because i want to go to JUNON! It's this main city and I've only been there once yes once theres plenty of guildes there.So I must level up till 30 at least before I go there.Imagine if I could go to the other planets +.+ thats a far fetched dream I know.It's already the second week of holidays so that means in no time I'll be back to school dragging my bad up to class. Haven't been reading manga much or practically none but I did watch some anime.

The LM camp is very memorable and yes ,it is also a part self discovery.There was a lot of physicality and there were tons of games.3 days there was like an eternity I'm telling you, you can forget what happened in the morning when you've done so much things.There were midnight walks into the forest not sure why they even had it.They told us some creepy stories ,which I have no idea is real or not then they wake us up in the middle of the morning on the first night.I was sooo sleepy but then we were blindfolded and took to a spot in the forest I presume.You could here the bird chirping somewhere on a distant tree and the air was chilly as it always is in the morning plus it is located on highground.I tried napping but it was to uncomfortable and ended up having horrible pins and needles on my leg.Then after a hour or two they allowed us to go back to sleep.Man it only took a couple of minutes to doze off and again we were woken up for the real day.

This time we had to go for a morning jog and it was up a very very steep hill, they even expected us to run up that slope! My whole body was already aching by then expecially my legs because I use it all the time to go up the stairs ,down the hill up again,even walking was painfull.So I passed on that jog and rested a while.After that they had public speaking and all sorts of games to test our leadership.Too bad I don't seem to be the leadership type even though I wanted too >0<.You can say people don't listen to me or they don't follow.A quote "The test of leadership:Look behind and see if anyone is following you."So true and I doubt I'll even be picked to be on the candidate list.Now back to reality and it's easy going lifestyle,I also played GB world championship^^ my skills are definitely rusty but there was nothing much to begin with.I saw Madagascar a few days ago it was hilarious but I wasn't feeling well at that time so I wasn't really in the mood to see so I'm not sure if it was me or something the movie didn't appeal very much.Yesterday watched Star Wars again ^0^ but not even close to the first experience.

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LM Leadership Camp!!!!

Well I just came back from the camp and guess what I feel different.It's like coming home to a different place my home.I'm getting sick>< got a cold and a little cough an annual sickness so to say.The LM camp lasted 3 days and was very VERY PHYSICALLY EXCHAUSTING!Too bad my physicality sucks so I ended up breathless all the time.The camp spot is located very high ,right on top of a hill of mountains.The first day we arrived we had to run up this very very steep slope and i really mean RUN it was pure torture.Then we set up the camp and cooked hahaha my group does suck at cooking but still we get good enough mark.I'm not in the mood to explain the whole thing.I've written everything in the DEAR DIARY a phamplete book that was given to everyone.

I also had to write a report in a hurry.Well when I got back I took a bath and watced some TV then went online so that means I haven't rested yet.Anyway my body has been aching since yesterday!!Many things happend in this spectacular a way.As I said it is pue torture at times and enjoying at moments. Today we played mission impossi-ball.The objective of the game is to protect your team adviser and attack the opponents adviser.It is something like poison ball only this was interesting^^.My team the yellow team almost won a little regret that i couldn't play the last two games.Then we had to walk walk but not as much as the first and second day.I think later I will tell the details if I take the effort.It seems no one takes me seriusly and i'm not a leader what a sad thing.

Anyway I came back and Kuning won 3rd place I think.Unfortunately I didn't get to spectate the prize givings because I left just before haha.I do cherish these memorable moments of my life.It is very rare to experience such kindship among ppl my age.I am also suprised at some people because I though of them very diffrently and in camp they were unexpectedly leadeship quality.Too bad people will forget I ever existed and move on without any contact.Everyone of us cooperated and succeded in away.Leadership is a lifetime journey not a brief trip!
P.s=sad didn't have the chance to shine at all.2 bad so sad.haha.

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Ouch! I think I got an ulser.

I had this pain in my back teeth for a couple of days now.I think it got worse and it's getting harder to eat properly.I'm not sure if it's ulser or a loose teeth or maybe both!It is quite shaky..><.Eating is so not comfortable anymore.Not good,tomorrow I have a camp and I haven't packed or bought the things I was supposed to.I also have to go for tuition tonight.The next 3 days I'll be in camp held by LM.Yesterday I went to karaoke with my mates,at this new karoake center called Neways.This was only my second time going to one of these things. The price was a bit consuming luckily I brought my student card but still the snacks and drinks which were compulsory doubled up the entrance fee.Well we sang tons of songs for a couple of hours.

To get there I had to walk to the LRT station situated not very near my house and take the LRT to pasar seni then continue our way by bus to cheras i think.Going back my frend gave us a lift to KL Sentral and then I took another LRT back home.Then I had to drop my guitar at my camp mate's house so she can tune it.Finally reaching home around 6 sumthing, I went online and just did what I normally do.Made some layouts but didn't turn out nice..><.Don't seem to have the artistry or skills to do it.I still haven't touched my homework which is quite a lot.The last two days I was disturb by phone calls and had to get up but today I slept throughout and had a headache afterwards.LM camp I wonder What it'll turn out to be although i know for sure theres gonna be alot of physical energy involved.
P.s=Avatar features Hyde from Laruku!

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Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of The Sith!

Today I saw Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of The Sith!!!!I wasn't really interested at star wars but just thought of it as a famous movie.Even seeing the second episode I wasn't that attracted to it but today all of it changed! The beginning of the show was exactly like the beginning of superman where the storyline comes out and they even played the same music.The huge difference is that it started with a battle fight in sky-fi jets.Man was the graphic AMAZING!! It's soo realistic and the SFX is great!I won't spill the story out because those who haven't seen it will probably kill me for spoiling it for them.I'm just a little upset at what happened although I knew it would happend but not how.

This kinda show's make me want to become a graphic designer to make movies,anime,3-D animation even games.>0<.Unfortunately the Malaysian industry in arts and graphics is way behind the technology used in star wars. So maybe i'm thinking of going to another country and learn these skills.Back to the movie,it was so absorbing that you felt you where there!Yes it is the truth in many cinema movies but only the best do i mention.The fighting scenes where spectacular and as I said the whole graphics world is superb!Now about me,to see the movie I went to mv in a hurry I was busy making a layout untill I realised the time.After reaching there later than the time we agreed on i hurriedly went to find body or face paint for the LM camp which is coming up on the 1st of June.i practically walked all over the 2 floors before going back to meet them.Then i gobbled downa couple of mouth fulls before leaving because the movie was going to start!

Well then i explained the movie so after it we went around walking and they decided to go to coffee bean<--they rich kids I say.Well I rejected buying anything and eat the popcorn i had from the cinema. As I had a whole box to myself which my frend belanja and the rest were sharing oh well I didn't start eating till the middle of the movie.Plus I had a bottle of water which as 3/4 full.Only today did I finally make a DIV layout! I went to some layout sites and took myself to the test.Now I have 2 layouts not fully coded but I think it looks ok^^.

Tommorow there's a LM meeting to complete the name tags for the camp.Teamwork i say I don't think people think of me as the leader type in anyway or maybe because all my suggestions sound awful or unsuitable.I need to bring my out of tunned classical guitar which i quit learning since last year.Actually tomorrow there was supposed to be karaoke with my frends but it turned out being postphoned because my frend couldn't come.
P.s=quote"Defeat the sith we must" by the leader of jedi..forgot his name.
P.S P.S= I was expecially heart wrenched when obi wan kenobi said"You where the choosen one" to annikin skywalker ahh it's upsetting alrite.

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Teacher's Day the last day of school!!

The day started at 6:30am when I reached the school.It was dark but still enough light to see in the distance.I was dreading this day which I was supposed to play netball with the teachers but eventually i didn't have to!!!Still it wasn't easy.The LM AJK Executive boys stayed overnight in school to prepare all the decorations.The school was decorated with silver stars hanging row by row.These stars were each sent to each class which wrote messages to their choosen teacher.In the end of the day we gave them to the teachers.Now back to the beginning,immediately went to LM room and there were still busy doing something.So well we went into Dewan Kuliah and had our clapping practices.We then performed in front of everybody in the tapak perhimpunan.The opening ceremony was quite ingenuis.They lighted up a torch and torched some things hangging on the top of the wooden structure. It then began to burn and almost like firecrackers crackled away.

Then I went back to Dewam Philip Wu and helped prepare the tables and chairs for the teachers lunch.Well after that i lost interest and went to see the performance in the tapak.It was the lion dance interesting and exciting.Then it was wushu,with freestyle,wooden pole,and sword! The music suited the action too.Well then tons on performances went by and the student's were excused to the canteen.Well before that when they were performing I suddenly got the interest to do the NIE!! Since I saw a lot of them bringing digital cams and notebooks.So i wrote notes and begged for pics from friends of mine^^.Then everybody went back but i had to stay because i had this camp meeting.When i came in there where making the sunflowers for the tag which are for camp.Well this camp has given a whoe load of work to do.Although i seem to do less then everybody else...or maybe not.Then we eat the leftover's in the dewan for lunch.

After that The form 6 said they had and orientation so we had to clear the hall.This was really tiering work!! I took chairs carried them,arranged them,even tables bringin them down into the dusty dusty storeroom underground.I was quite exchausted after that but I don't know why i felt so hardworking and then went to the dewan kuliah again and did the sunflowers while the rest were resting and chatting..etc.Some went to nap rite there so we had to keep our voices down.Well i'm pretty tired and had to walk back and now i'm blogging here. So my eye's are feeling very drowsy now.yawn.Well much have happened since my last post! My notebook got struck by lightning so it had to be repaired.While it was in the repair shop for over a month which is my parent's doing I resorted to tv and became the oldself I was before fast connection and fast comps were in my life.Well i got connected with a Korean Drama called Attic Cat.That's all I'm saying..and believe me I'm leaving tons of things out like the exams.Well it was definitely harder then first semester and got back some results this week.Oh the horror my results seem to be getting worse by the minute!I'm getting to tired so gotta stop.

P.S=Later will put up some music after i get some rest.
P.SP.S=Added music from gorillaz with Feel Good Inc.I like the mv it has animation!

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