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Age => 15 years old
Point of origin=> Malaysia
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HObbies => anime, manga, music, comics, Making fwens, playing games , unsuccesfully avoid boredom..etc.
Fav anime/manga=> Ayashinoceres, Chobits, Ah My Goddess, Card Captor Sakura, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Eyeshield 21, Gensomaden Saiyuki, MAR, Kyo Samurai Deeper, Ranma1/2, Naruto, Sakura Wars and many many more...
Fav singer/band=> Linkin Park, Nickleback, The Rasmus, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, F.I.R, Switchfoot, Evanescence, Matchbox Twenty, John Mayor, P.O.D, Yellow Card, Staind and etc etc..
Fav quote=> 'Live life to da fullest'
2nd quote=> 'I love mankind its people I hate..'by Gill grissom..CSI


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1.Streamyx(at last i got it^^)
2.more anime(still getting)
3.$$$$$ (doubt i'll ever get more)
4.redecorate my room(this will take for ever)
5.more music( hmm dunno where 2 find)
6.a better connection(the wayer dam sensitive)
7.more jeans/cargo(no $$)
8.more yeng t-shirt(black=cool)
9.earphones(spoiled 2 of em)
10.more bittorent sites (2 dw lots of stuff)
11.more time to sleep(tired in the morning zzZZ) games..dunno any.-.-"
13.not to feel bored.

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Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog which i just started.Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so i'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one.or maybe how would i know if its typical or not rite. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< .Please sign my guestbook although i still can't get the handle of it.=p. This layout features Chii from Chobits!!

wow do i act that old @.@

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Merentas Desa!!

This year..well it was tyring as usual but the end was a blast^^..the cheering was as loud as ever..and the ranks for the houses are rumah hijau last..ehehe..then rumah kuning then rumah biru..and surprisingly rumah won naib johan..then rumah ungu was the johan.Rumah merah's cheer was the loudest!!the worst was rumah ungu.-.-" even though they won they had like no reaction...-.-" ahaha...and went back today at 11:30.We were very excited and bersemangat!!! ahaha Yea my frend got one of the top 30..geng..><.. Nowadays i play rose online so much..expecially on the weekends..and sleeping late..><...this game is quite interesting...ussually i have to be dragged out to leave the game..>< the moment i come on's the com..^^ and my family keeps on dragging me out for mafan.i've got news.My fren is back.She came back yesterday.So now i don't have to be sooo lonely.^^.Still have to wait for CNY holidays to play until puas..^^..Yea its not as if i can stay on the com 24/ parents will nag nag nag..not that i don't have enough nagging to cope with..luckily this year i didn't get the stomach pains..or what's called a stich i think..because i read it in harry potter.Anyway if i did i would have to walk all the way..>,<.5 km take one hour.><...and its a its running and walking and hurrying.i watched mai-hime..its quite a nice and full of action.Since i've been playing rose online..i don't get to download much because i'm using the line so i'm not sure i can play if i download.sigh tomorrow there's school sigh..they should have gave us a holiday.arh i know i should change the layout but i'm to lazy to do it..><

*fwenatic* tired from runnin @ 5 (1/2)// comments (0)

Rainin at this moment

Today had to go to school for the replacement of the Chinese New Year holidays.Well what can I say...the teacher's never fail to give us homework everyday...and i mean every single day..>< so that leaves me hogging the net and forgetting my homework.. and sleeping to late then.. waking up late.. which affects my arival at school to be late...yea..was late yesterday. but i'm always late every biggy. Well i's raining rite now i can't use the net.. and yea my parent are one of those irritating facttors..><.. I played gb and kept on losing..seriosly i was sooo rusty.... and i just kept on losing..and then i was like going to give up and i went for this last game..where everyone was playing satay.At first i just had to cool my head down.. like forget if your gonna loes or win.Just play..and i did...i played..and i won!! but then i thought most probably they are very weak even weaker than me.. like how do they survive.. but then i won again..and my fren ahaha he was rusty playing..i was pretty oiled up cause of the practise the whole afternoon..i'm happee to say i finnally got back my gb skills..i was wondering..i neva played this badly in gb before..even my firs shot kena the person...well i didn't know how to play then.. and it was like a accident or something.. i just pressed the space bar and it kena...hahah my fren cheered for me..but i was like blur blur..and joined them in clapping....Well i was at a party then.Blur~~ well i then forgot about it..and only remembered it after the party gb is fun to play.. i had to go cc to play it..but know can play at home..XD.. Anyway Jay Chou's concert is coming up tonight!!!!!!!!!Not that i'm going..>,< cause no $$ and no frens..i'm like a newbie fan.. just started listening to his songs last week.. and its cool.My fav is wo de di pan..and some but now i'm not sure..cause i've been listening to it to much..that i could start getting fed up..qi li xiang also sounds nice..^^.. i saw him on 8tv yesterday with some winners to meeting j chou.. and guess what someone from my school was on tv!! i was like..that guy looks familiar..hmmm.. well he sang terribly..-.-" the worst of all of them..-.-" but heck he met jay chou!!! and Jay was like so polite and everything... no wonder he has so many fans and is soo famouse.. at first i thought he was a anti social person or someting from first impressions.. because his eyes was always half closed and didn't talk much on MTV Asia.but he's k...ahahah... Now downloading anime takes a freakin long long time..i started downloading spirited away a FEW days ago..well of coused i stopped it to play games and stuff and to rest the comp.Well at least tommorow is sunday can get a good nigts rest..but then next tuesday is Merentas shyt i hate running...because i sux at it la.. jay chou's pic below..^^

*fwenatic* concerto @ 5 (29/1)// comments (0)

School on a weekend..><

This Saturday meaning tommorow got school..><.. to replace some holiday.. Well Chinese New Year longer than other schools though..^^. I downloaded R.O.S.E online..which is a RPG game... which to tell you the truth i haven't played RPG's before.. so yea a newbie... which is totally confused and a lil stressed out. Phew lucky got fren help me out..Its so complicated..><..well not so..but alien... i haven't played FF before i bought the cd like wat..boring wan. Run here run there..kill this kill that...-.-"... i still perfer gb not so complicated.. and easier.. but i haven't played it in days.. hmm..dw progress has been developing really slowly.Rooter makes it slower..><..CNY is the only time i'll get to have like a true school break because after that there's gonna be tuition,study study,and homework..><...and less time to use the net.Somemore Merentas Desa is coming up next week..><.i'm going to die exhausted in running for so long and far..><. but one good thing no more house practise under the hot sun...shit i can't find my gerko i hope i didn't lose it... >.<. die lo... sie lo... sat mong lo..PHEW luckily my frend help me..>< good..i thank her.. i found the phew..*wipes sweat of forehead* not so stressed out like just now.....downloading anime really is getting to slow...><...can kill time..

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Lots of trouble 4 1 thing

Today i wasss really really sleepy...snoooreeeZzzZZ....i took every oppertunity i could to sleep..Well i slep at 1 something yesterday i know its not that late..but nowadays i need a good nights rest...not like the holidays want to sleep also have to struggle. Finally found the web files on the can update. I got the headphones yay!! but but my $$$$$...-.-, sigh...and i got frustrated because i bought a earphone for like 39 bucks from japan la...><...then i went to another shop and checked out aarhhh it was cheaper like 33 bucks and it was sony!! late i already bought these earphones.Now adays quite hard to find earphones.. they mostly sell headphones or those really bulky one's.I bought them before and spoiled them.-.-''.Now i'm using a rooter...I hope it doesn't slow down my downloading...><...I saw jay chou's cds and they were like no 1 and 2 albums for chinese charts^^ but it was 4 bucks over so i decided not to.. it was tempting though. I also bought my comics!! It's been a while since i bought them and has missed out on 1 episode or 2.I missed my music lesson...dead meat..i forgot the teacher would be coming earlier because ussually its in the evening..and i went out for the afternoon... and i had to wait for the bus to come back like 34 minits...over..i know it doesn't sound that long..but wait till u stand in a corner doing nothing and waiting for a bus..and most of the busses where going somewhere else.I don't usually splurge on stuff...even on comics i don't.. ahaha..i can;t remember what i splurge on anyway. school was sigh a momenton of the empty space of lonelyness cause my frends fault!! who ask her not to come..well i know her excuse though...its enivitable.I hope my earphones are woth it..>< argh i think the rooter is making it excrusiatingly slow.o yea just started using my NEW earphones!!!!!!! they ROCK!! music never sounded this good!!!

*fwenatic* tired @ 5 (26/1)// comments (0)

frust to trust??

I think my connection has gone slowerrr....esp wen was using limewire.I dwloaded jay chou songs...omg took me 30 mins..>< over!!!!!!..must be lime wire..or not i'm dwloading looks normal..but i can't be sure...I've downloaded howl's moving castle..and saw 3 mins worth of anime before i could take it no more and went to sleep last night.I also saw the first episode of looks a lil stupid and funny ahaha...the music k..not really nice....i have to find more layouts.The layouts i have are no suitable for this blog..but i'm lazy to though.I have homework..should've done it yesterday..>< ..owh now i can't access the animesuki site...yesterday also like it down or up?? to lazeee to do homework.Saw the 3rd episode of Utakata~..a bit of fan service..><... my frend came over but she isn't really into anime..ahaha i force her to watch wit me.Tommorow school starts again....sigh... nevermind i have to patiently wait for the Chinese New Year holiday!! i downloaded Zhi Zhan Zhi Shang...really nice..the melody is based on a piano and mixed with cool tunes.As i'm blogging i'm listening to it^^..hmm what other anime's should i watch? kaleido star,eyeshield 21,spirited away.... i have to wait till i can access animesuki though.I watched Howl's Moving i predicted is just as GOOD as it was intendet to be^^.You can really see hayao miyazaki story line or signature play of fantasy!!! Its really nice but i got a lil confused at the beginning...ahahaha.. owh its so late now how am i going to get up tommorow...><

*fwenatic* sugoi @ 1 (25/1)// comments (0)

one day holiday

yay tommorow is a holiday,.Thaipusam i think.I was late to day..>< school.Luckily they didnt recored down my name.Again my connection has been taken away from me..Well taken to the com shop again..When i leave the laptop on..i think it overheats because i come back to a very hot room.PLus the weather is u can guess the temperature of my room..><..I still haven't finished downloading bleach...><.. i'm also downloading howl's moving castle by hayao miyazaki a studio ghibli film.I also want to download spirited away which i only watched once^^.but its taking forever..><..and spirited away needs a codec called xvid...its like doesn't that really sound like dvix?or is that divx....hmmm... Anyway i have homework..can't one day pass by without homework.. except weekends..why is my class like that.><.I'm not sure but i think my laptop is lagging..><..but i read somewhere the bittorent can strain the something speed..><..erm..i have to go check ..if i get the chance.I don't know why but everytimes i play gb there's sure to lag.I still don't know how to put up music on to this blog..><..hmmm...i should go ask around. School was as usual depressing.. i appreciate the anime so much that i don't want to watch it ..><..meanin terlalu sayang.Like save the best for last..i know my com has adware...but i don't know if there's spy ware...i hope not..>< fav chinese song now is wo de di pan(my teritory) by jay chou..^^ this song rocks!!!..i saw the mv..once or twice.but i don't know..maybe i'm getting bored of it. ahaha..i listen to it to much..but its still cool.hmm..maybe i could put that song up for this blog..that would be so cool!!!I added somemore links and added my wish list.Chinese New Year's coming up!! but i don't really get much angpao's..-.-, and food is hard to get because of the tsunami esp fish and seafood...let there be gratitude towards the peace of mankind.

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spiritual enlightment

I download lots of anime...but i'm scared i'll finish watching them.Today went to church..boring...then went for some thing in church..i got presents..well the youth something..celebrating chinese new year.Well everyone got a present anyway.It was ok.Something like a spiritual enlightment.Yea i made that up but it sounds nice. Let's see what i have downloaded so far from last thusrday to today..utakata episode 1-5 ,AIR 1-2,mahoraba~heartfull days~ eps 1,and still downloading bleach 1-10...wait did i dw the wrong thing..or am i supposed to dw beck><...o no..have to go find out.k its the right one..phew..confused with beck.I'm downloading it in a patch meanin a whole group..will take a very very long time..><,i don't know how long i can leave my laptop on..because it may over heat... but my frend leaves her's on 24/ i'm not sure.Yesterday slept at like 3 am..woke up really are tired..Anyway i still have to go do my homework which i have stalled since thursday...><..i dont want to do..but but tomorrow got come other schools have holidays on monday...i think replace for chinese new years celebration.. extra holidays..haha i download stuff like crazy..haha kazaa,limewire,gunbound, well when i write out doesnt seem much..but it takes a load of time. School's starting tommorow..><..have to wake up early..aiyo.I feel sleepy..just when i am on the i think i better go take a nap..if i can.^^

*fwenatic* spill @ 1 (23/1)// comments (0)


I can't get online!!!!! argh...the streamyx telephone line is dam sensitive.Move once then cannot connect..WWWWWWATTlaaaaa!!..I didn't get to use the whole morning..><..cause the adsl went to the com shop to adjust the other comp..but now i can't use...that can mean i can use for days and days.><.. The stupid stupid line.,...><....aarggghhhhh.It's soooo frustrating...pulls hair out...><..FINALLY i got online....sigh...still frustrated.Still got plenty of homework..><...To make up for that i'm downloading more anime.^^..Yesterday when i played gunbound my com lag like hell.Really this is quite a new com so i'm pretty worried about that..I don't want it to lag...yesterday i had to leave it on for i think 12 hours straight..I downloaded Mahoraba..its quite nice..the characters are kawaii.Then i also downloaded utakata because i read about it in a magazine.hhmm i wonder where to find kaleido star.I checked back my mags and found a lil picture of no wonder it looks familiar.Well i also found out about another fan-sub site..Gonna check it out^^.I hope the line doesnt fail me..Its just soooo SENSITIVE..i hope someone fixes it.It get's on my nerves..#.#.O man i'm worried about my homework am i going to finish my sejarah's too much.Now i'm downloading AIR...i hear its quite i'm trying it out.I think i should buy more empty cds to burn them on..don't know if my comp can hold how much.My room is so messed up..Should i put up a wish list...hmmm..maybe since im so free.k done it..I'll add on as i update..

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Streamyx oh streamyx

Got tons of i am all alone...sigh...the streamyx is installed!!!!!!!!! but there's problem><...i can't get on the net..and i'm waiting for the installer to come again..but is that person gonna come. If he doesn't i'll have to wait till next TEUSDAY!!! nooo.>< was really sucky..had to go house practise and breath my lungs out under the blinding hot sun.Yea of course i got a sun tan...i have add maths homework.><.i still can't get the concept.. i get stuck and stop..i know its not hard i just get stuck at the simple things.Atleast there's no school tommorow^^.Can sleep late.Waking up for school nowaday's is getting harder.O whats the porblem.I hope that person gets here.The moment i came back home. had no rest watsoever because i immediately on the com but but there's that PROB..sigh.My dreams crushed under one featherlight weight modem..i have been waiting for over an hour...sigh.O yea house practise have to run 4 rounds..i wonder ho big is taman jaya because my frends don't believe me when i say i take 1 hour for 3 rounds.Well today had to run 4 rounds.I so stupid dunno how to cheat.When u went to the teacher i saw the line and the teachers where counting the marks on a manila card.>< i went back to running couldn't catch up to my walked alone..all alone desolated in a corner..ahaha exagerating.O yayayayay i solved the problem MY SELF!!! ahahaha YAY!!! now i can download STUFF!!! 0.o i'm goin to be online 24/7 just watch me...aahahaha..a sucky day turned into a good day^^

*fwenatic* yippee @ 5 (20/1)// comments (0)

sadness fills the void my frend didn't come to school so i had to sit alone..well she's going to it looks like i have to sit alone for 2 years!!!!!Its so sorrowfull..sigh..and chalk consuming.Its so boring to sit that desolated place filled with chalk dust,light pollution and noise polution(from teachers).I gotta admit it is lonely and i don't really know anybody in my class. I mean i'm not so close to them...and my only frend there is practically leaving me in pieces..><..Well i have to get over it.Now i still have tons of have to do so much i don't know how can i cope and to top it off i don't feel like doing them..At least this friday is a holiday..but still boringgggggg.Streamyx will most probably be coming tommorow....not sure if it will..>< and i think thats the only good news...I think all the sad stuff happening is like to balace the good and bad luck..Like i'm getting streamys something bad must happend in order for something good to happend.sigh...and more not good stuff..I have house practise tommorow..NNNNOOOOOO....><..i don't wanna ruuunnn....its soooo extreamly tiering.I can just imagine the hot sun,the humid weather.. the beaming rays of sunlight wich can penetrate throw any force and me in that uncomfortable situation..I have 2 frends going to to migrate one to a nother school..More sad news..sigh..its not like i have much frends and i'm losing more.Class doesn't really help the situation.I can;t ask the person sitting in my place before i switched to go away..I think thats just mean.Plus their happier without me..but i don't want to sit soo infront...aiiihh...sad and lazy..i have lost 2 preciouse frends.Maybe u should put up a wish list^^,I read in the newwpaper..ussually i dont read much paper.I mostly read on wednesdays or sundays.It was 3 pages long.about redecorating rooms..specially for teenagers..COOL..Just imagine u can hang out in a more cool ad confy way.Redecorating is maybe esential because teenagers spend most of their time in their room to sleep,hang out or just chill.Comparing my room i've realised how dull looking it is.Practically plain and furniture that doesn't really match.Plus there's not enough space except to walk around.So this calls for rearanging or space organization.Right now i think i'm to busy or lazy.maybe when i'm free.So if u wanna check out the page u see it in star 2 (1,2,3 pages).^^i found the link.U can check it up or just read whats it about here the article & the main site enjoy^^

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Study study

Nowadays going to school is tiering and tiresome.Still waiting for streamyx...Anyway sitting in front at the moment sux .i mean in a unhealthy way.I don't mind the teachers or the door or sometimes when i can't see the board because the light reflection is to bright. This is such a unhealthy everywhere...on my table on the board on my pencilbox.On my books even my new textbooks and especialy in my nose.I realised teachers inhale a lot of chalk..which i don't find very pleasant.I'm a little sick.Have a little running nose and maybe a little cold. I'm not sure it's just annoying sometimes especially when i'm learning. Anyway i sneezed quite a lot of times.At home in school..sigh..and back to chalk!!! It's really hard to avoid any chalk when i sit so near the board..i remember reading in the papers long time a go about teachers inhaling lots of chalk...or specificly chalk dust.It flies everywhere maybe even in my hair though i haven't checked.Stayed back in school for some sports club practise quite tiering...i guess i have no stamina.Met some peeps in school..haha..when i stay back there's always a familiar face..Thats a good thing i means i know more ppl now..^^ Everytime i say i'm going to do something i end up not doing it because i forgot or it just slips out of my mind.I didn't do any homework yesterday so to day had to rush to do in school.Took up half of my recess.I also forgot to watch chrono crusade ..i think thats a good thing so i can see more later.Jewel in the palace is quite nice..It's like you can feel it when it happends..Really even if u expect it but it just pulls the viewer in the series.I missed out quite a few episodes.Studyinh add maths is k but sometimes confusing.Well haven't mastered it not even familiar with it. Most of the time i forget how to do i until the teacher shows the steps.Sigh no freedom from homework.I have to do a sejarah notebook..>< i have to write and write and write..Well tv's the only relaxation now.Wait till i get streamyx...still have to waaaiiiitttt..tsukareta..

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I have textbooks

Today bought my textbooks...i know kinda late..but better than still not buying.Still waiting for streamyx.I have to wait till the 20th which will be a few days..><.The faster the better^^I've still got leftover homework from last week.Especially addmaths..><...i don't feel like doing it..My class didn't have the 10th period today.. yay..we're so smart..ahahaha..the 2nd time this month.^^.Yesterday met my cousin and had dinner with them.They had toufu..yumm..Anyway haven't seen any anime yet today goin to catch up on Chrono Crusade.I made a discovery yesterday.I was kinda shocked to find it..I went to my temporary internet files and there where plenty of usefull junk like pics that i can use for avatars ,anime pics,msn display pics,emoticons,even some music..well had to scour around for it.It's like all the stuff i visited online was there.Of course not all but quite alot since last year stuff.So i've added a bit more to my collection.I even found some internet manga which i read last year.Although it's incomplete i just saved it. Getting up for school today was really tiering..i slept at 1 something..i know it's not that late but i ussually sleep at 11-12.Well nowadays if i don't do that i probably end up staying up all night and having insomnia.0.o.Haven't bought more comics..need to go to the bookshop to get them.I tried saving money but my money had already been broken by school stuff like for some extra book the teacher asked us to buy.Like 10 bucks..but luckily i saved early this month so no need to worry about financially hurting for comics.Just need to be carefull not to spend it on crap.Going online nowadays is quite hard.Especially when my parents are involved.My dad keeps on using it for himself. When i'm using it i have to hand it over to him.So unfair.The weather in the afternoon is still quite hot..i should pack my umbrella or i could get sun strock....

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Anime oh anime^^

Started off my day watching anime!!!!!....well i watched on animax channel 15 astro...i still prefer subtitles than dubbed versions.Some of them suck but today i was lucky.I heard of this anime before..its called..Arjuna..It's like totally adventure..but wait.Let me tell how i got to know about this anime. Someone gave me a dvd anime for the first time in my life...seriosly.Well it was a few years back.Then i couldn't play it because i didn't have a dvd player and my com was really i only got to see the anime last year...after a couple years of wondering what it was..anyway.The anime is Onegai sensei. It's k...but i've only got 4 i still don't know what's the endin.This is the most expensive anime i have to date..because i didn't buy it.Plus i got it outstation.So it's like the original!!!and a original dvd has quite a lot of extra's.Anyway there was this section in the dvd promoting other anime. Like chobits which i already saw.Spirited Away which i only saw once..><.and there are a few more..but the main point is there was Arjuna!!So when i saw it on animax i ws like suprised because this is like wuality anime.Even the dubbed version isn't to bad.The trailer i saw in the dvd was also quite interesting. It's about arjuna who is a highschool says she died in a accident but this guy will make her live again if she protects the world...well not exactly what he said but something like that.Then the music is quite nice.It's like seriose anime about her who gets special powers...and her bf still supports her. She can shoot a bow.O man i know i sux at explainin stuff.It's something about the earth and how hurt it is as in pollution..That's all i know now.Animax showed like 2-3 episodes today and its at its beggining.Let me quote the trailer as in the words that were shown."One hot summer day, i died"she was on a bike with her bf and the bike the wheels disasembled at high speed"and then i saw the future of the planet as it faced its death" then follows scences of the anime.It's something like sci-fi fiction but there isn't really cyborgs.Then the dvd"Chrono Crusade" that i bought a few days ago.I just started watching it today Its quite nice...about Rossete Christopher and Chrono her helper/demon.They fight evil like demonic is a bit like monster stuff...i'm trying not to see all of it in one go.Just saw up to the 6th episode.I think i'm going to continue seeing right after this..Two anime's in one day..not bad for a day.

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Gerko DAy

Today was Gerko DAy in first went for duty then went to class....untill recess and then i went to visit the hall.It was packed because of the form 3's i think....well i didn't know that..then my friend said that the recess bell had already rung for quite a time..then i went back to class...there was no teacher so it was really noisy....chaotic...then only the supposed to be time for us to go to the hall came..So i went again...ahahahaha...then i joined a few frend paksa me join with her.. not really...joined to many sports clubs....have to play like 3 days a week...then i joined club creative!!!! they pasted up some artworks on the was totally anime styled..and there where 2 ppl drawing...geng 1...activities will start next week..wonder what they do. Well gerko kinda pretty hectic...the whole hall is like very hot in side because to much CO2..but if i stand near the door it's pretty's a social event i think...met lots of frens..joined to many clubs.-.-"..met some ppl from chsc.The weather wasn't so bad to day. I"m still waiting ofor long DO i have to wait!!!!sigh.I got really tired had a nap...just woke up...still sleepy..woken up by gran.

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Tiering life can shorten life span

Today quiet my bag is heavy and i had to go for house practise.Somemore have to walk feet have blisters i think i'll know by tommorow.I still have to wait for streamyx..><... Don't know how long..... Hmmm school was the lsat period the electricity cut no fan...and lots of ppl complaining that it was hot...haha.Then stayed back ins school and met some chsc frens.I met anonymess...i've seen her before if i can recall. Well in school you see ppl and forget them is a very common thing...Ppl tend to do that when it comes to me...not like i can blame them.Anyway tomorrow will be GERKO day.....don't know what club to pick..also got duty..but i already know what i have to do... no fun also...somemore have to change you can see...some c2pid person cameand spammed the board with foul i such that people have to insult me to be happy....sigh....i won't up my blog again in chsc because i don't want ppl to spam my board and isult me to top it off...everyday i have homework....i don't think P class is that terrible...i'm to lazy to do work...I saw an article in the papers that living a to active life can make u "go" faster.Well if you excert yourself to much then your hormones will do to much stuff...ahahaha i don't really know how to explain.My opinion is that whats the use of living if you don't do anything...being to lazy is not good either.Well lazyness is k as long as it's not too much and effect your what happened to me.... yea sad going down the drain....sometimes i can be smart but most times i'm blur..There are times i feel really when i was in primary.When i can play the piano by instinct obiviosly better than ussual or when i can answer questions like simply.. ahaha...i must have a bit of a problem....not clear.

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Homework overload

Aiiiiihhhhhh.......i kinda got lots of homework....i don't usually do my homework at home..I ussually do it in i can be free from homework at home.I did my accounts...phew that was yesterday..then today like overload.. i finished copying fizik notes and it was like from last week maybe 5 pages...tiering..then today the teachers keep on giving overload..and i need to do composition,rumusan,add maths...tried doing it in school but couldn't get the answer for a question, well got the wrong answer cause i checked the answer sheet.Luckily i don't take chinese and the teacher is super when she comes in ,the whole class goes quiet...if i can recall she gave them homework...hahahaha....i know don't laugh at them. Still i have been copying those physic notes from the 1st to the 5th period which is like the whole morning before recess...><...and my class i still don't really like it....and my neighbour is always making noise.. i feel bored...but the school is like really really i have to walk under the HOT HOT sun....and i don't have an umbrella or i'm to lazy to pack it in my bag.yea applied for streamyx already and have to wait for them to come maybe 3 days not sure and they say their only going to check to see if it ca be installed its not as if i can use it immediately and have to go buy the modem in telekoms after that....yea i still have to wait for a while....but i'm not even sure if they can install it..i dunno the're gonna check the wiering or something..>< wat if it can't....then wasted all my energy and my dreams crushed under titanic..quite unlucky these few days teacher denda me ,fren or not my fren anymore scold wtf is that persons prob...i don't go and talk to ppl to get freakin it was totally insulting...some stupid idiot. well wateva...i freakin don't care...and good news at last...i bought chrono crusade the DVD-rom....but i need dvix to decode it or hurry up streamyx then i can download it faster...hehe...i feel like that pic so trapped.....and obviosly not liking it...

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Today so cam...i kena zhat like nothing u know...i think for an hour or 2.That stupid person go and zhat me...very tiering..Anyway i doubt if i can be mod..i got to little votes anyway.Tomorrow have to go back to school.>.< I haven't done any homework...><...but luckily tomorrow don't have the subjects that has homework^^..Rite now i feel malas to do though.yaaawwwnnn...O yea just came back from dinner at aunt joan's place....sigh...boring.. the whole form 4 forum spam until like wat....><...hope ppl won't read them.Gonna get streamyx but don't know have to wait for how long.><...Haven't applied yet..i'm gonna push them to do it as fast as possible.Road to Perdition is quite a nice show. Saw it since last year.I especially like the music the piano duet.I wonder where to find the notes..The movie is about Michael Sulllivan(Tom Hanks) who is a hired assasin works under a big boss.His family got killed by the big boss son except for one kid. So he goes around for revenge..but it's not as simple as that..Its kinda deep and has a lot of emotions...esp portrayed by the music.I'm going online to much these days..><...gotta stop...but how....

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Mod power..^^

Today went to school for nothing..goin to join the police thingy club held by Mr Michael.We only stayed there for half an like wasted my time going there anyway..there was just a lecture...but somethin cool was said...we could handle GUNS!!!..Like whoa handling real guns...coooll...but still its gonna be hardwork and need to march in the sun or somethin....O yea i bought Kreko..yay..i missed 2 issues but bought them both today hehe..The new years edition had some key chain at first i thought it was sasuke..but it turned out to be lontu whoever that is.Now to the main point.I can get STREAMYX.....squel's in excitement..then i can go online foreva..-.-+++++..hehe thats a spark in the eye...i'll trurly go online forever..1st on my list is getting more naruto manga,then gunbound...then my dream will come true...ANIME..can download anime..aaaaaaaaaa.. hehe,,i know i'm overreacting but...i can do much more stuff than a dial up...hmm...i know..ppl do get bored of stuff...but hey can find stuff to do...-.-+..OMG Streamyx will finally be HERE like in my HOME...hahaha.. but i haven't even applied yet..sigh have to wait till next week.>.<..cause its saturday..don't think it's open..i think i have to wait till next month...O.o..can i wait that long..i think can ...but i've waited since the holidays ...have been 2 chsc alot cause tryin 2 be mod mah...hehe..really talk about lotsa crap down dad keeps on taing the line from he can use..thats soooo unfair....>.<...i also want to use wat... today a bit gila bought 3 mags...just now went to buy starz after dinner hehehe.

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so mafan..

Today gotta go buy books but well...the bookstore is so so soo crowded.I lined up before to buy an account book but in the end it ran out just before i reached it.I still need to buy my textbooks. So far I haven't really bought anybooks except from my friends..hehe..cheaper mah...-.-".Hmm today there was a sports house the morning..we had to sit on the road..>.< was not comfortable. Then....sigh..i don't wanna say...>.<...then....recess...hhmm...nothing much happened i guess.I wish i had streamyx...maybe i can talk my parents around..but it's sure gonna be hard.O yea i applied to go to science stream i totally doubt i will get it anyway..>.< my results so pmr trials are worse..but i know other schools very easy to getinto science stream...change school mafan..and i'm kinda comfy in school. Haven't bought comics yet...sigh...all the shop like don't have..why...maybe i should change my tag always seem to be unavailable..and my guestbook the picture is missing...where did it go?

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Since i had the holidays I forgot how boring school was...Well i haven't bought my books yet.><. Since school just started the teacher's won't give work our on the first time we meet..So they all decide to give us a speech...or a lecture about spm, about how strict they are "i suppose it's so we don't walk all over them" ,about what books to buy ,bring,etc etc..yawn...i think even i would appreciate work.. because class is strictly boring....sigh..Some teachers taught me last year even my last year class teacher..she would recognise the same lousy KT we had last year haha. I forgot to say yesterday my penpal called...O so sweet of her.She sounded really polite and spoke fluent chinese..luckily I understood first i was suprised.. then like we didn't know what else to say...hehe.So we ran out of stuff to say...K let's see anything happened today...hhmmm..erm...errrr nothing absolutely interesting crossed my mind.. sigh.I still have a sleeping dissorder or insomnia...well thats what my friend i slept for a couple of hours like 4-5 hours a day.....certainly not a good day's rest.. waking up for school is utterly uncomfortable...sigh
DarkChii from ChobitsAkane from Ranma 1/2
Dark Chii in a holloween costume..i made it a long time ago and Akane from Ranma 1/2.

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School sux

I knew it ,I knew it...they would put me in ARTS!!!!!!><....My supid class has the stupidtest noisiest and lousiest KT and boys.. Noisy noisy boring class.Although I'm still kinda confused...should i stay in my class or should i go to science stream...argh..i don't know..wakaranai...>< because I don't know whAt i want to be...should i be a businesswoman? it sounds interesting...but yet i don't even know what type of busineses they are.. or should i go to science stream...where all the smart ppl are ..dunno..argh..should i appeal to go to science..or just stay put..Argh..some of my old classmates are in my class...ppl that i totally don't socialise with.sigh..I think my parents will respect my decision or maybe not..I've been missing out on Jewel in the Palace. I only got to see a little of it today then had to go out..I also missed last fridays series so i don't really know whats happening..School is utterly boring.. no difference than staying at least tv is better than sitting in class trying to read a book or run out of really boring sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Sigh...i did meet my friends but still what is there to talk about...yawn..

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School's comin...aiihhh

Tommorow school's starting aledy..>.<...and tomorrow i will know if i get to go to science stream.. I know it is like impossible but still I have some hope...HOPE I GET TO GO SCIENCE STREAM...well i know i know..don't put your hopes to high up...but but...arh..all my frens got like at least 6 a's that shows how smart i am..>.<...theres also the school prob.should i just move to another school or stay at mine.Worries man..tommorow have to get up early..o no dunno can get up or not..or if i can get a good nights sleep at all><..... o today we gave all our old clothes to the church for the tsunami victims..i gave like 4 bags of clothes like clothes..then my gran also gave a load with my grandads clothes.Something like massive clearing of house.Then there was the newspaper man .He came and took away all the junk at the back.Like old papers,documents,books dating back to my dads time when he was in school. So there was a lot of junk at the back..even my primary school textbooks,writting book..i saw my old standard 3 textbooks.Old memories...or maybe the backyard..i think thats wat its called.Looks a bit more better. K every month I'll change the layout..^^so u peeps won't say its boring..Celebrated New Year by eating out..had my fav tau fu..yummm.I'm dreading going back to school.Life isn't so simple no matter what age..even kids have their own complications..sometimes the illusion of peace and freedom can calm oneself down.I don't mind going to samad but my parents want me to go to why..its further than samad from my going to any school will be weird for me..Its hard to fit in u know.

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Here it goes::..NEW YEAR

Yo its da NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!HAPPY 2005!!!!!!Not that I celebrated hehe..Changed the layout if you noticed.I had this layout for a while and decided to use it for the new month and new YEAR!!! Next Monday have to go back to school..back to studying ,back to uniforms and back to waking up at 7 am...aaiiihh...but still i get to meet my friends..All those sacrifises is worth it when i meet my friends. Now since my PMR results ain't that good so i'm worrying about going to science school is kinda like filled with smart ppl..well except me of course.My school needs like 6 A's to get into science stream because I told you a lot of ppl scored and like all of them want to go to science stream.So my parents want me to go to science stream..So they're kinda planning to put me in another school like assunta because other schools are easier to go to science stream..i think...or well thats what my friends say.So I worry and doubt i can get into science stream and also..miss my friends wich other way i go.So should i stay in CHS in arts stream...or go to another school and make new friends. Well its hard to be comfy in one place...and lets say i started to get used to my school and now i have to go to another one...what la,have to start all over again like that.Well i don't know why but i just prefer the colour brown..or this layout.I also am reading Chinese Cindrella and Secret Dragon Society.This book is quite nice. I already read Chinese Cinderella which is kinda sad. This story is fiction and is adeline yen mah's latest book.Unlike her Chinese Cinderella which i think is not fiction this book has missions and kung fu ..inspired when she was a schoolgirl in shanghai and she liked to write. My previus layout was also brown..You can see it if you check the past entries.argh my mum's forcing me to go to and all those uncomfortable chairs .I decided to spice thigs up with a little more pretty pics..hehe...K betta go..going to church to celebrate the NEW YEAR.. my mum...nag nag ears hurt..bye.

Aya from Ayashinoceres.

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