Matching MSN Display Picture/Avatar! Introduction Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog which i just started.Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so i'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< .Please sign my guestbook although i still can't get the handle of it.=p. This layout features Otomiya Haine from Shinshi Doumei.

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31 December

Well goodbye to this layout.......should i write a poem or stuff..i know..i'm not good at those kinda stuff.hmmm.Well happeee New Year!!!!!!!!!!
Sad,happy,angry,calm,worry,agony all these things we feel in life.
Even boredom,slack,and lazyness....although we should learn to give these kinda feelings up.
Negativity can fill one's mind..but don't let it fill one's heart
For all love lies there in one single organ.
Let us all rejoice in happyness and love ones
One will never know one's true self..unless one works to do so.

29 December

OMG!!!!!!!!!...Today got my PMR results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................chill chill.. Well..I didn't do well...sigh...I only got 4a's..sigh,,saddening.....waaaaaaa...kk enough with the complaining.Life just goes on.Went to school around 2:30 to collect my results.. My class was like sooo slow the last line in the hall i guess....sigh...terrible la....sigh...Then walked back and it was drizzling..argh so much for a good day.Then my frens called ..well that was the highlight of my day...almost all my friends call..sobb...gan tung..touch..hehehe..They like acctually remembered me...hehe...just finished talking with another friend. Well the main reason they called or sms was to know about the PMR results...sigh..hey i know i suck but like appreciate life rite..=).Maybe i don't suck....i'm cool wat..haha..jkjk. So happee my friends remembered me...argh i should refrain from usin the net..shoot can't help myelf..cause my fren ajak me online..temptation go away.keep it short k.Sooo frekin depressing...argh so sad...waaaa

27 December

Today and yesterday i went to mv..hehe.Tiering..I watched Meet the Fockers yesterday..haha when they say fockers it sounds like u know what..haha..and in the show the fiance was getting married to gaylord fowker the main character.Then her name will be Pamela Martha Fowker....hahahaha...hope u get what it sounds like...hahaha..then their nephew.The first word that came out of that baby was ass hole hahaha...learnt from greg(gaylord fowker)hahaha..Then today i watched Kung Fu Hustl quite nice. It is funny at times and the music is nice.It sounds like a chinese orchestra playing....and sometimes its just plain stupid..haha.But it is a bit ganas at the beginning no wonder its 18 pl..Like pics of dead ppl and must be cg bodyparts being chopped of by a axe. Then the kung fu is ok but not really better than what i've seen.Well walking in mv is tiering..wuuaaahhh..walked over the whole building all day.Then I have a big prob.I have sleeping dissorder...aaarrrhhh..Well I can't sleep ..yea seriouly i sleep at like about 7am. Not kidding..and eventhough I try to sleep earlier my mind just won't let me.I tried that yesterday..Now i'm tired but i don't wanna sleep yet cause if i do that i'll get up at midnight and e awake all night till day. Yesterday I slept like from 9-12am then i couldn't sleep till 7 am...argh..not my choice.Then my PMR resukts will b coming out soon like in 2 days argh..then school will start in January so how to wake up..or i should say how to sleep...haiyahh.How am I going to survive school if i can't have a good nights minds to active.....sigh anyway nice money went flying away when i bought 2 t-shirts for 46 bucks.Thats gotta hurt my wallet.ouch.But its quite yeng and cool.hehe..ons black the other is white..and the design is just my style. hahaha...k thats I update to long..and I'm not gonna go online to much like once a couple of days..need to save money or reduce the bill..

25 December

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! hehe. Today didn't really do much .I want more anime.sigh.Seriously i need anime. Didn't really celebrate much ,just had a homecooked dinner.Not that its bad. At about 11 pm forced to go out to this place where there was performance and stuff and it was finishing.Anyway guess WAT..i saw JACK from Malaysian Idol.Not that i'm a malaysian idol fan or wat. I just saw a few episodes to the ending.^^.Well it wasn't thatcrowded at that time.My mum said the agong was there.Well how would I know most probably went back before i even came. Should have brought a camera..>.< so then i could take her pic.She sang the song "Gemilang".She also sang that song when she won.The music was really loud like it vibrated troughout my body as if it was a heartbeat..Well maybe because I was near the speakers.Other than that nothing much happened.O yea goin to watch Kungfu Hustle but but its 18pl how le..hmmm i hope my friend can buy the tickets. I hope she can get them because if she doesn't I don't know what show we'll end up watching or even no show because it's kinda hard to get tickets esp wen its like 1 hour before the show. Then tommorrow goin to go mv to see dunno wat show..My frend neva plans.I doubt we'll get a good show.She doesn't even know what show to watch and window BORINg...wuuaaahhhhh(yawnin). O I know I didn't change the layout for christmas because I didn't lookfor christmas layouts.I'm cutting back on using the net.I don't think it makes a difference after how much i've used...>.< But i have a rurouni kenshin layout! i made it usin paint.Well the words kinda sux.Well thats because paint doesn't have any interesting fonts.Hope i get to use the internet there at the hotspots..If not all my efforts are in vain...I need to download somemore naruto manga..>.<..Kinda anxious to know what happends next.

20 December

Today was my mum's birthday...just bought a cake and sang a song not much...sigh...depressin rite...sigh. Well the dictionary was just on the i picked it up..and checked for depression..i just simply checked it because i just used the word..and belive me.I'm not the kinda person that checks the dictionary and let me quote from the dictionary="Depression=a feeling of unhappiness that lasts for a long time.Depression can be a medical simptom and may hav physical signs,for example being unable to sleep.sigh..could i be havin depression. Well I have no idea..boredom is depressing i guess and i sigh a lot.Should i write stories but my stories are boring.Then what to do.Sigh..can't felp myself from sighing..haven't been to a hotspot terlalu malas la.. I shouldn't go online to much but I can't help myself and still going online is still boring but it's something to do and thats better than nothing. Nothing nice to watch on tv..but i just realised asro@15 is showing animax from 7am yea am to 11am..wat la so early..Thats the time i'm to get up so early.. Can't can't wake up early..I planned to get up early today but it didn't work.Am I a boring person...maybe so..sigh..Life is never easy no mater how old you are. My feet are cold..and my face is hot or body..My hair band is missing i had to use a old crunchie but i prefer the oe i normally use.Where is it??!!I left it on the bed..where could it go..should i cut my hair? I know i cut my har like rite after the holidays and cut again I probably can't tie my hair up and it'll be messy.Already I can't tie my hair neatly..the fringe is coming out from the sides..argh.and letting my hair go is messy. Should i even let my hair go?Too much info for u all...sigh...hope i didn't bore u to death

18 December

Today i feel kinda depressed dunno why...where are my friends??Do i have friends???Does anyone remember me?Everyone forgets me.. Its like no one ever contacts me...and nowadays haven't been anywhere..>.<...Life is sooo boring...i repeat boring...wish i had true friends..sigh.. yea today really sux...boring..pathetic..stupid tv programs...nothing on thats worth frustrating...true friends are so hard to find..sigh. Its saddening...sigh..My social life is like 0% active..blah...just ranting around.Hope i feel better.

17 December

O its the 17th i tought it was 16..well woke up at 5 pm...went to eat at my dad's office. Cause its some Hari Raya celebration...then came back and watch TV..then now going online..anticepating the series called Jewel in the Palace .Its a kinda nice story..hehe...arh starting already better hurry up and finish this entry..erm..I visited my frens blog...and hmm thinking of getting hard to find..they all stop after like 1 reply..pathetic eh..well..sigh havent continueddownloading naruto manga yet.. Have to go a hotspot so mafan..>.< but very malas la.Just finished seeing Jewel in the Palace..quite interesting.Should I change the layout for Christmas. Maybe if so then i have to go look.I wanna put some music up..wonder how my frend put up..

11 December

Yay !!today i went to the comic fiesta in KL..erm..k la..i bought a naruto head forgot what they call it in the comic..Anyway...i did get bored..then we wnt to SP..and saw The Polar Express. Its not bad and quite good.Its a touching Christmas story.It really goes into the Christmas spirit of believing.The animation is quite realistic..not jk.It is touching i guess. Then we went to the arcade.I went there before the last month..sigh..i guess my frens dont really like 2 play..or i just dont fit in...hehe...then my frend abandoned my other frens wich i dont know. I wore the bandana the whole day..Rite now i feel tired..^^..tomorrow I'm going to my frend BBQ house party.She said all anime fan crowd.hehe....I also bought 2 badges one of naruto and the gang the other is just some pretty girl.Only RM1 splurge a bit..hehe..Then i saw some cosplayers .they look dam yeng man..>.<..and my fren didnt bring his digital camera..baka least i got to see some chobits cosplayer..>.<

8 December

The day before yesterday...I went to hotspots...and i tried to connect for half and hour. That is long and frutrating.Then I went to another hotspot incase the one i went to had some prob. Then I also couldnt connect and spend another half and hour.Plus my money was wasted because i need to buy something from the shop.I can't just sit there and not buy something and that place is not cheap...>.<..wasted money,time and energy. Well nowadays i can't sleep.I dont know why...maybe its because i have to much energy.Then today and yesterday I went to duty in my school.for my club. Sigh...yesterday i had soo little sleep....a couple of hours...>.< i slept more abit...sigh..but now i can't sleep..even in the afternoon..even when i so feel tired..That sux. Any way...write in tag board..k.

5 December

I know I know changed the layout again..well thats because i didnt know how to fix the table prob on the other layout ..hehe...Today I went to qis open some naruto theme songs. Although the songs arent really nice...I like one song at least..Then I went to Nadia's house..I'm probably guessing you don't know what i'm talking about..hehe..its doesnt matter. I don't even know what the name of the song is...and i'm listening to it rite now..hehe^^.I think this layout should be fine..I hope it doesn't cause any probs...O yea her house has PS2 so nice lifestyle.. at least you fill in your free time with games..Going to download more naruto scanslations later when i go to a hotspot.=p...Life goes on ...and now i have to pick a pathway towards a distant future.. Any probs just tell me..and use the tagboard....everytime anybody comes so i'll know if anybody is even visiting >.<..hehe..chiaoz.

4 December

Lots of stuff happened..hehe..I now can access the internet through hotspots...wohooo...a faster connection..sugoi neh..and I've been downloading lots of naruto manga or scanslation. Where else to find..i dunno..can someone please recommend?I know the table is messed up..I can't even view the pic..>.<..Anyway...should i go to australia??>.<..If i do i'll miss it here..>.< how how??...its like a life altering decition..>.<.I just had a serius talk with my mum..sigh..I hate to make this kinda decition ...Its really frustrating and worrying at the same time and that is not a good mix.>.< sigh...its so hard to decide.If I go I'll miss my frends eventhough i know they wont miss me..its so hurting...sigh..decitions decitions...if i do go it will be really soon. So goodbye is so hard to say..but i know hey wouldn't even know i'm gone..and that hurts even more..but i'll get over it in no one visits my site so who would know..hehe...

1 December

Its a new month,New begining..and..erm....a better life..haha..I played gb for like 4 hours..siao rite..haha=p. Then i actually did this a few days a go..When i'm bored and feeling kinda blue..i did this..and it came out sooo pic is below.. This is what happens when I have to much free time..hehe..and I have changed the blog skin...If u didn't notice the difference..-.-"..I find this better because the table makes it easier to access, while the past one i had to scroll down all the time..sigh..but still the past one is prettier..I had this layout for a long time.So i decided...Lets use it.. hehehe.O and i think im going to get a wirless connection..Well i mean go to hotspots with a prepaid card..I figured it out after a while.I guess thats all for now...=). I decided to put up some really yeng pics of me on put3 birthday because i couldnt upload it to friendster >.< so cannot show off...sigh.hehe so put it up here.=p argh too damn big.sigh..i'll try to make i smaller although i dunno how to..sigh.I know it spoils the whole page..sigh..but nvm.>.<

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