Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog which i just started. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so i'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one.or maybe not..like how would i know if its typical or not rite. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< .Please sign my guestbook although i still can't get the handle of it.=p.

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Today was the day we the gathering project managers finally made plans to motion!Well things started at 7:30am yea so early..><.Then we prepared the sandwiches and started off the Amazing Race.Well that's where things kinda got messy and dissorganised.Well some groups finished the Amasing Race in like 30 mins that's too fast as it was supposed to last a few hours.Then our ketua project did some emergency games and played it out.Phew the games seem to help pass the time.Then we for lunch..the fried bihun was yummy ,delishes, and mouth watering .oashi! O yea i brought the eggs so they made egg sanwiches and the bihun didn't seem to be enough.So they made tuna sandwiches last minute.

Then I went to prepare for the station game i was stationed to.It's the ping pong chopsticks!! O well the game is quite simple you have to go through a few simple obstacles like jumping over chairs and goin around them.The catch haha is that they have to hold a ping pong ball with a straw folded into chopsticks!I guesss you could call the game boring but heck it all depends on the team!The first team was very enthusiastic and we had a great time with the game.The second team was also good and haha they dropped the ball for lack of concentration esp wen someone from the opposite team taunts them.Then we waited for the third team unfortunately they didn't turn out to be anything near enthusiastic.Even while explainin the game they were sitting all over the place what unattentiveness.After the game they said it was too easy gah i should have known her character..some form 4 gal i knew once. Their attitude is very much predictable and yes i know she's a little conceited even if she accidentally knocks me ,totally no apologies.O well then the fourth team was worse..>< can you believe what they did! They dented the ball to make it more balanced.That is sooo cheating!Muahaha as revenge i deducted their marks.Evil glint =.=+..muahaha well it is troublesome as the next team won't be able to use the ball properly or fairly.Well the last tea was more geng, you know why i say that!ahaha they didn't even play the game because another ajk did a jus match with the head of the group and ahaha he lost..T_T so they escaped their doom..ahah joking joking.

Well now that station games where done I actually did something related to my position in the gathering project.I cleaned the canteen see i'm so hardworking believe it or not.T_T.While sweeping they were playing some water game about answering some questions etc.Back to reality dinner started much later after another game in dewan kuliah.Well big problem we BBQued a big load of chicken served it to the ex-comitee's and guess what they actually finished it! Wiped the slate clean well the chicken was delicios anyway and I had no chance to try..T_T sob sob.

Anyway Alot of people didn't have the chance to enjoy the BBQ to cause food ran out not long after and the current comittee's couldn't get to eat hahaha oh they did have a little i guess.Anyway after the BBQ was a ex-comitee's birthday Michelle Lai she was the ketua tugasan!! Then finally the crowd dispersed or so to say it ended.Well it ended for them but not for us.We had to clean up the whole mess,put back the BBQ equiments,arrange the table's and chairs back in order and etc.Whoa when the whole load was done we realised we finally finished!! Then they said they'd go wat sumthing but then I went home ^^.phew I'm exhausted but then i had to write a report for the gathering.Practically every AJK has to..T.T so well i finished mine XD!! There's still tons of stuff to write but i guess this post is already taking up tomuch space hehe untill next time.
P.S=my partner was really sweet in the ping pong game^^.

P.S.P.S=Gonna practice singing for you know what !I got to play a bicycle it was soo fun!! We chased after it ahahaha sounds childish but i am childish it was way cool!I even cycled around the school!XD

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Music can be Life~

Alot of stuff happends at one time sometimes and sometimes it's just plain boring.Well mine is usually at the border because in a day it gets interesting then goes way below the boring zone.Now there's thunder and forced to off the connection.Anyways I didn't go for the Kadet Polis camp because it supposed to be a competition.Although it wasn't stated in the forms but well it's the spirit of competition among the schools.Just to get into the camp particapants are supposed to run 5 km whoa..+.+ So it is a very VerY VERY physical camp.Unfortunately my physicallyty is way below average so it's a good and bad thing to not go.I don't need to skip school,miss out on lessons and catch up on homework.New obsession!!

I have found the tears and joy in J-ROCK!!!!XD It totally rocks!!! Although there are some songs that are not suitable for fragile ears.XD My favourite song now is Janna Da Arc-Gaia.It starts of with music for like a minute or two yea thats long.Then my most MOST fav part is the ending chorus!!XD You know when you listen to songs and you get that really good feeling!!! It happends so seldom and well it did happend..watashi daisuki this kimochi!!!!XD maybe i'll put up this song next month.So about the bintang chs this is the 2nd time my frend quits.unfotunately she can't make it because on that same day she has something important going on that she can't miss..T_T.So I was giving up hope and decided to go try joining other teams.Luckily Angela agreed to join mine although what i wanted was to join hers hehe she wants to join 2 teams thats y..XD.

My hope and dreams +.+ to go to Japan has been replenished!! Although I was always hoping I still have this good chance to go!!!XD~ There's another intensive student program to japan!!!!! And it's around RM4000 for 6 weeks!!whoa and my classmate is goin well she already passed up the forms but the catch is that we have to interview and theres this big possiblity i won't be chosen..><.let's hope my parents will give it a try anyway! It's almost like a dream come true +,+!!yume no mitai which means like a dream.Another catch is that we need to pass up the forms by tommorow.T_T.Ahaha that reminds me i met coco yesterday she was goin for her jap class with her frend * stares enviosely* Her jap sure is good by now^^.Hehe.

O yea I finnally got a scanner,printer and copier 3 in 1!!!XD haha i scanned my sketches and posted it in some forums.T.T pretty dissapointed to realise i still suck big time. I can't draw movement and yesterday at tuition my frend brought his book filled with drawing +.+ from his classmate.Whats weird though isn't it his book? so why's she drawing there? he said she was under him ahaha yea rite T.T Her drawings are super kawai!! and she can draw movements!!This just show's how far back i'm behind T_T or just how good she is.Totally outshined ...hehe.

Anyway back to J-ROCK!!! I've been downloading some songs randomly like Hyde esp like "Hello" and plastic tree is not bad! There's also T.M Revolution! Yea his song's rock and is alwa super high techno!Asian Kungfu Generation is also good! Super rockers deserve my respect +.+.All these are J-rock bands if you guys got confused or sumthing.I still lack sleep it seems I have been like that this whole year! Can you believe I used to be able to stay awake energetically in class the whole day.Compared to this year my sleeping streak has been increased in super fast speed.After just waking up I can sleep back again in a few moments if only I had that super comfy bed ,aircon,blanket and pillow!+.+ Now this is making me a lil sleepy so I better stop.
P.S=A lil sketch of mine^^.GAh it totally lacks movement.
P.S P.S= i got to listen to a few singles from FIR from their latest album ! Their totally living up the fans expectations!XD
P.s P.S P.S= LM gathering is like in 2 days!we have to ganbatte^^

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The B day!

So finally it's my birthday the day i get older and feel older and IS older ahaha.What difference does it make i don't get taller..>< maybe a little smarter^^...or maybe more stupid.-__-.Ah well today went for Kadet Police and not really feeling dissapointed or anything because I'm not going for the camp.It seems to be a competition and need's high physicality which unfortunately i obviosly don't have.As ussual we practise marching and some other simple order's for 3 hours.Then ate at the lorong there.Then went home and switched on the internet as ussual.As expected the connection was slow ,It has been slow for a couple of days now it seemd Streamyx the broadband provider is having some technicality problems which involve other countries.

Spent the whole afternoon reading manga^^ and so i'm obssesed with another manga!! It's called Love Monster ah well there is a little echi =.= but storyline is kinda interesting^^.Then i also read Tsubasa Reservoir chronicles I read the first 8 chapters only.Since the connection is really slow i decided to read all the manga ,i downloaded but never had the chance to read.Hmm including naruto,reread some manga like parfait tic,girl queen and hissing.

Just finished watching some telly which i haven't done in ages.NTV 7 is showing Boston public again after a long long break like 1-2 years. I'm not really expecting much for my b'day because it'll be the normal eat out or cash present.Although i still want that scanner,printer,copier 3 in one!!+.+ Last friday we took pictures for clubs .I finally got the kadet police uniform and hurried for the lm photo session right after.Class pictures were taken on thursday.I'm not sure if i should watched Beyond the Clouds the days of our lifes or something.It's said that it was created by one person makoto shinkai! That's is kinda amazing since it usually takes group work to make a anime.So you could say he totally did multiple jobs.The animation is kind of good ,since i downloaded 1 gb =.= for the movie obviosly the quality is superb^^.It's already going to be sunday .What a pity there's school on monday.sigh.Yesterday got the printer working and printed some scores and Ichi Shinpo!!! I made a potrait i think..ahaha.It's sugoi and kakui.

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Today was terrible terrible!! I didn't realise it until I had to go home.><.I had brought load's of stuff today for pjk and house sports.Then there is homework which i'm starting to catch up on.Oh well that's practically a normal day but it got worse.I couldn't get the uniform for kadet police..>< which means i'm unable to go for the photography session..><.Since this is the first founding of Kadet Police in CHS it would be an honour to get photographed as one of the first seniors on kadet police^^ but nnoo it just wasn't meant to be.Well that wasn't really bad or anything...so i decided to leave the day as it was.

Then it was sports practice.I didn't realise it but when i started the 100m run ,pain soarged through my muscle..>< It was terrible ,plus it was only the 100m and there was the other 3 rounds race..><.I managed through that by cheating a little bit instead of 3 rounds i went for 2.The pain was really painfull and i figured it out.It was because last week I went to kadet and had to march intensely for almost 1 hour over.That caused my leg to have a total muscle pull!When i ran the muscle felt like it was over stretching ,so it practically felt as if my muscle was being pull strainingly by my leg.>< OUCH!! I managed through the rest.

Ok i still didn't feel the day was that terrible UNTIL i had to go home..><.Terrible incident no 1 was when my frend missed her van!! She's in deep trouble because she can't get back home and her parents are busy.So we walked out then realised her van missing.uh oh we went back into the school by that time it was drizzling .I was already tired from sports practise.So i decided to head back and argh the drizzle turned into big drops of rain .So straight to the point ,i had to walk home in the rain!! which i haven't done so in a while..>< I got soaked through and my hair obviosly wet.Terrible Incident no.2 I fell T.T another thing i haven't experienced in a while. i haven't fell since form 2! at the same place ,i remember falling before and scratched my knee and hands.Oh well thank goodness i wasn't injured seriusly although my palms are a little sore from the blow of the landing.Well it was slippery and i slipped T.T I'm not sure if i did a 180 degree turn hmm maybe a 90 degree =p.So now my uniform is totally messed up.

Luckily it wasn't yesterday because today was the class phtographing session which will be used for the school year book!! Hell swallowed me whole and spat me out torn and tattered!

P.S=OMG i just got a call to go for the kadet police camp!!! to pahang!!! next week yayay..!!!! and i'll get the uniform 2morrow!!! all bad things have a good thing in return see!! this always happeneds to me T.T ..^^

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Back to Reality

Today had drag myself to school.There is homework..haih delayed since last week.I still haven't touched it..>< and there's not enough time now.I went and get the form for the exchange student programXD..I really re@lLY R€AlLY want to go!!!

My parents don't seem to agree though that's why it's is impossible..XC.The cost is about RM4700. How i wish i could go.><.Just imagine in june,i think it'll be winter and to actually be in japan!! Actually speak with the student aka teenagers which inspire all those mangaka .It's is like a dream come true +.+.Unfortunately it's too expensive and i'm such a poor person and no one is willing to sponsor me including my very unsupportive parents.

Just finished watching "The Cider House Rules" the movie is kinda ok.It is touching but it is as well a bit irritating.They ended the story with to little composure.The storyline is also abit unnerving.Now I have to go for MORE tuition.My mum signed me up for some chemistry tuition.sigh I prefer staying at home!!! I hate going out what else studying during my free time.I'm getting more depressed that i can't go for the homestay program.It's sooo heartbreaking.My heart has been ripped and stepped upon so many times it can't function the way it used to be.ahaha that was not meant literally.

There's still the solome future ahead.Although i doubt i'll ever get to spend time with student from japan in their school and enviroment.XC.I should stop ranting about how insensitive my parents are what alone how I'm coping with school.i never have enough sleep.I'm always trying to get more sleep.My eye's have very heavy eyebags by now.I have no mood to do my homework.This just throws me right back to the slums.

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Whoa what a day!!!

My day started at 8 am whe i woke up to attend "Kadet Polis" .We practised marching the entire time and to the ending it was the most tiering event.We marched at one spot repeatedly .Just because of a person didn;t make the cut we had to do it again and again.On the 11th there will be a marching event but we aren't even prepared and can be called quite unready.. Now the MAIN event of the day or should i say the night!!It all started at 7 sumthing as ussual i was online doing nothing in particular when a message from angela came.She said oih..i wondered why she said that.It's weird because she's usually so polite.Then she said Why u didn't come??...i was totally confused@.@ then she said to chiew yee's birthday party.. I was shocked!!!! OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT....i thought it was next week or something..THe party started at 5 o'clock.Then my mum was at home but she had an appointment at eight.She couldn't or should i say wouldn't take me there.Then i immediately rang my dad who was out drinking.. ring ring..i said dad can you come home NOW? in the end he agreed.So by the time he came it was around 8. Well he felt sleepy and everything made me pretty anxios because my frend's house isn't what you would call NEAR to my house.It's actually quite far.NOw back to the story It took us 1hour to finally reach the lighted house.We got lost and went on highways then turned back and around..oh well you get what i mean.Plus my dad was pretty well sleepy...so it makes sence..=.= When i reached there the maid spotted my car and called chiew yee.I went in and WHOA there was quite a lot of people!! I though there would only be a couple of friends all girls..well my assumption was WRONG.There was guys and alot of people i knew^^ .When I reached the scene ,some of them were watching the tv they where playing "A Cinderella story" starring hilary duff and some guy. Then I went upstairs where my other friends where..whoa they where playing chinese music from the comp at quite a volume! Well i brought my naruto head banner along!! to show of and of course it was a party so I thought it would liven things up^^ .THen they forced me to wear the banner on my head .lol.After that I went down to grab some dinner which was cold spagheti and some fries. Then watched parts of the show with several trips upstairs.Then we went into her room ONE thing is that Her WHOLE house was fully airconditioned!!!There they started playing pokemon monopoly I was starting to play uninterestedly when my mum rang.THE dread that came afterwards drained my energy away.Shw was in a foul mood as ussual ,scolding and nagging the normal..said my dad went so far and what crap.Then since my dad doesnt know the way there..although he sent me..=.= she obviosly wasnt going to come for me!! Then i made a suggestion i hitched a ride from my frend.TO old town which isn't that far from home.MY mum totally dised me ...she said she wouldn't come and she was tired and all that loony balloony stuff.I was like OMG now i'm WORRIED!! HOw am i going to get back!!MY frend lives in old town i didn't want to inconvinience them.So I was worying myself over this and then her parents came..anxiosly I went in.Then she suggested that they sent me back home... because it was already night time like NOW at 10:30 we left her house.Then my other frend who was also hitching a ride said where's your naruto thing?? AAAHHH then i realised i left it in HER house..and maybe i also left my wallet there..><...I'm not sure I have to check the car later.Then I was worried the whole wat back because i was like burdon to them and everything!!! I messed up my sence of direstion saying left was right and etc...@.@ FINALLY I reached HOME sweet HOME!! So now i'm back home and immediately began blogging so I don't forget the details.It was definitely exciting!! Even NOW my parent don't know i'm back...so much for supportive parents.They abandoned their only child HOW COULD THEY!! Now their sleeping in their room.They don't even realise I'm back.Nevermind let them worry a little more.I think my mum is because she went out to check the time.=p. O yes I forgot to change the layout since it's already April~...I'll add in this entry later^^.
P.s=Added new song by Jay chou!! Had a hard time picking which song..the song is wo de di pan!!!It's nice 2 hear^^ and changed the layout.

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