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Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so I'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one..or maybe how would I know if its typical or not rite. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< . Remember to sign my guestbook and tag the board!!!=p.This layout features some character from DNAngel. The song features Baria by Plastic Tree.

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Lazyness Taking Over

I didn't touch my homework for the holidays. Lucky today wasn't too heavy teaching. Although I counted 4 subjects with homework T_T. Yeshh I have been lazy to even update my blog. Last Sunday I finally watched the 7 last episodes of Attic Cat a Korean Drama. After a lot of hunting and pondering i got the subtitles to work. Then I spent 7 hours straight on the computer watching the series. It's a touching story and endings always make me sad. I get more attached to a series than a movie because of the time duration and attachment and all.

Today school has begun and some office staff (clerk) retired today. So they had singing and performances and all but it wasn't much. I got pretty annoyed at the girls sitting next to my class complaining about everything that comes to their mind *rolls eyes* It's like can't they shut up. It's someones retiering party for goodness sake,isn't there any respect. Some people are just so spoiled. Anyway tomorrow I have to pass up my Chemistry project and guess what I haven't touched it. YAY wish me DEAD luck because I'll be needing it. Borrowed the full Full Metal Alchemist set from my friend. YAY THAT ANIME RAWKS!!! It's a seriously GREAT anime.. only that the mangaka like to torture his characters in my opinion. The theme songs are fantastic . They got L'Arc~Ein~Ciel to sing for them. The famouse Rewrite came from this series! XD. I'll be intent on reading the manga later. Only I don't have time ,bad time arrangement so I'm neglecting my studies and everything.

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST IS A MUST WATCH ANIME! Viewers will never regret watching it.. unless your the whimpy kind who can't stand blood and death. There are a lot of sad scenes and gruesome at times but it does reflect much on life in reality. In FMA ,Edward Elric always says "Exchange of Equal Value" .. eemm something like that I'm not very sure because the subs are pretty full of mistakes at times. BUt they follow the rule called alchemistrical equilibrium.
P.S=Wednesday is Merdeka Day.

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Being plain lazy

These holidays have been quite a bore. Haven't been doing anything fruitfull including the school homework that has been left untouched. It's practically left to rot at some corner of my room. Let's start with the deteriorating english issue. Yes, my english has been deteriorating, well that's because T'm influenced by the people I chat with. This is either a bad or good thing. The bad thing is that it'll pull down my intelletual acedemic results and the good thing is that I'll fit in better? By the way you can see how I'm using proper english for this post. Even my posts are a little weird with all the slangs and manglish. The worst influence would be from chsc. Yes, everywhere the posts in that forum is manglish,singlish or whatever short text.

These days I've been listening to different type of music genre's so to say. I heard some k-pop (se7en) and i don't find it all that bad as i thought it would be. Then there's the R&B(japanese) like Home Made Kazoku, Eureka 7, Orange Range and Soul'D Out. Found a favourite band like Kagrra( thanks to miracle), their singing style is similar to Janne Da Arc( my most favourite band) but the music style different more harder rock! (.|,,/) <-- thats a hand showing the sign of rock! Yesterday I bought this game cd from amcorp( i'm starting to hate those shops) . It's called IDance so I though it was a dancing game... It turned out to be something that teaches dancing so its NOT a game.Although some dancing music is nice. I was scammed, cheated but i don't think the sellers even knew what game it was. Thats the second cd i bought from those amcorp game shops! The first I bought from there a while ago was the sims 2. The bloody thing didn't even work! I installed it but it would not play! I know were supposed to crack it and I did. urgh. So I left it at there wasted around 16 bucks on that. So my advice is DON't BUy from amcorp game shops.

TAlking about the supposedly game I bought. It shows some pretty cool manouvers for dancing of all sorts... although the instructions(supposedly by some pro instructor) is in Korean. There is a English version at the website but I'm too lazy to get it. So I'm jsut watching the dance moves and the pretty nice music. They have hip hop, balley, night dance, techno, blablabla just theres a lot of dancing styles. If you guys are interested to check out just go to google and type in Idance. The first result will be the official korean site go a few more links down and you'll get the english version of the site. Belive me the steps are hard to follow.. and yes i suck at dancing.. T_T.

Made some avatars ^_^ I like how the one I'm using now came out. Although I still am figuring out what good fonts to use for avatars. Thanks to Shu Yi I got my hands on some ^_^ . Grandmum and Uncle are now in Singapore on official business and also family visits. Good thing I didn't go, I disslike travelling. At most I dislike change, everyone is changing ,they change by time, by attitude, by the way they think. As this happends I lose friends, I know I lose alot of them, but nowadays I'm losing more and more so the count goes up. I can't get the problem neither do I bother anymore. It just happends without reason, it is a sad thing because in the end everyone forgets.

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Yahooo got my Samsung mp3 player!!! XD

Today we went to One Utama with my uncle and the family. When we arrived at the place, it took ages to look for a car park. Everywhere we turned either someone was already there or already parking in. We also tagged this person but at the junction another car dashed after him so we lost the chase. After rounds rounds of searching we tagged another person and finally got a place. I was starving by then and we grabbed some lunch at the food court. I ate sizzling yee mee and my grandmum ate ikan pari with lala and rice.yumm. Then as we were heading towards the food court I noticed some tech shops! So after lunch I mentioned wanting to go check them out. I have been wanting a mp3 player since last month. The price was around 300 or 400 wich is expensive..><.

Then we looked at a small convention in the center hall. It comprised of popular well reknowned brand names like sony,samsung,acer some of the many. At first I was attracted to the sony mp3 player.. It was round and looked like a timer clock but the music quality was fantastic and it had 70 hours play back!! Then we found another one the sansung which was very small but only had 10 hours playback with more extra features. The samsung had a rechargeble built in battery and looked much more fashionable than sony. The sound qualityw asn't bad either. I still couldn't decide ,oso we went back to the first shop we went to and checked out the mp3 players. I wanted a 512mb mp3 player so I could put in more song,then we went back to the convention place and found out another samsung which had more features and 42 hours play back but with a 1AA battery. So after much thinking I made up my mind to get the second sansung for 530 bucks. The sound quality is great and I just finished sync-ing it ino the device. Wohooo the music quality roXXors!! The bass and sfx are boombastic! XD.It can store around 90 over songs!! Ah I'm gonna bring it everywhere I go!!! and I mean EVRYWHERE XD!! Then when the payment had to be done.. I felt very guilty because after all he was my uncle and I was spending his money >< ..Although he's kinda rich and stays in cititel at mid valley and if earning money in australia which is almost triple the calue here.. I still feel guilty.

It made me flashback at some parts of Hana Yori Dango. Makino would have never taken it.. she would really insisted on it. Then she would try to ay back if she had no choice to accept. That made me even more guilty. So i said to myself," One day I will pay him back!" .. Although I have no idea when that day will come but I really feel indept. Oh well now that I'm listening to the songs I can forget about that guiltyness cause the quality super DuP€R RAWKS!!! Tonight theres another dinner at my grandaunts restaurant.. Everyday i've been eating sooo much.. ugh I'm definitely gonna gain weight. My computer has not enough space, before I opened adobe photoshop it had around 400 mbs and then after I opened it there was only 100 mbs... does phothoshop eat space? Anyway yesterday I saw the finale episode of Full-House. It looked reall promising and sweet. Weird eh I didn't watch the whole series except the ending but I hear it's pretty good and th actress is an accomplised model or something. Korean actor/actresses are very pretty thats for sure, I wonder how their community is like? Wouldn't they be very judgemental on how a person looks? Yes,I know I'm being pessimistic.

P.s=Dad bought me another optical mouse but this one a a little big bigger but looks cooler (^-^).

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Wasting my time on this precios earth

Thats exactly what I'm doing. All I do is not worth any recognition, it's not even worth the simplicity or technicality. Now today I did a lot of work. The first thing in the morning was the merdea performance, as the Independance day is coming nearer (31 August) all the groups contributed something, like the Kelab Kebudayaan ,Choir, Kadet Polis, PBSM, Girl Guides, Kadet Remaja, and a whole lot more. They had a sum of presentations all interesting and entertaining in their own ways. The bomb was the drama act of the invading japanese and their tiranical rule. Man did they make it hilarius, they also added in some special effects when the comunist were executed, by spurting some red paint to make as if it were blood, it was a good humour and people where all going whats his name... think think.. not sure just know its the 4A dude everyone has been saying is very cute, maybe because he looks a bit like that actor.. can't remember his name T_T .. just know he acted initial D. Yes I'm terrible with names, it takes me around 3-4 months to get all the names in my class correct.

So the whole thing took two periods,of our school (^-^) kekeke. Then when we reached class, I started working on all the homework I was supossed to do but delayed till the deadline. I completed this much homework >> add maths project, pendidikan moral (5-6 pages), accounts(4-5 pages), tatabahasa (4-5 pages),I think that's it. At first it may seem like it's not much but i'm telling u it's ALOT! I had to skip recess for the moral work cause today was the deadline. Actually the main reason was because I'm utterly broke v.v". Anyway I got to listen to Heart Of Sword by TM REvolution (a Rurouni Kenshin ending theme song which is kinda old) in class ,because my classmate brought his mp3 player!! It was very troublesome to listen to it because of the interruptions and people sneering at me because someone of authority saw it or whatever. Since I skipped breakfast.. and hadn't had anything to eat at ALL for the WHOLE morning. I was starving when i got back and guess what! Nobody was at home, they abandoned me to go entertain my uncle in mv. hmph. There was no food suitable for lunch at home.. so I waited till 2 sumthing and couldn't stand it anymore. I cooked some maggi mee and ate it with tuna YUUUMMMMM!!! oashii!!! XD . It was seriusly nice to eat after an empty stomach.

Then I had my piano lessons, I made teacher play some really HARD for me but easy for her pieces. I don't practice very often, usually I never practice at all except when teacher is teaching. However this week I did practice, but i still think it made no improvement. Tchaikovsky's pieces are hard for me to play,well everything is hard for me to play,but when you really want to play a certain piece but is unable, that makes it extra hard on the person. So now that my uncle has arrived from australia ,now we have to entertain him with food ,food, food,... he is abit crazy over food because the food in australia isn't as good as here. It's just the same with family outings,the only time a family goes out to celebrate something ,what do they do? They go out to eat dinner at some restaurant. So everything is eating eating eating. *rolls eyes*.

It seems my english has deteriorated as time has passed us by. My studies are definitely going down the drain, which makes me more frustrated at how things are. These couple of days I've been really pessimistic.I seem to keep on looking at the wrong side of things and thoughts keep popping up in my head. Just like the times I wake up.. I have no idea but I keep on thinking bloody school, bloody classes and everything. Weird. Tonight theres a dinner ,and it seems I have to go ,the only good thing is that I can skip tuition.yay ^0^ . Sometimes I feel that i can't connect with people, I want to bridge that gap, the gap that makes one to polite to the other, the gap that makes people distance themselves.. That void no one seems to care about. I've realised since I started this school. The void we all are having is very big and slowly it's killing everyone's patience. Most ignore this and go on with life, some won't even recognise this as a fact.For me this is a fact and people are just becoming meaner to other people. This may not make sence to you, but it makes sence to me. v_V.

Whats Your Personality Type?

Your #1 Match:
The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
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Sometimes you aren't the most considerate person, especially to those who are a bit slow.
You are not easily intimidated - and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.

You would make a great CEO, entrepreneur, or consultant.
Whats your personality type?
P.s= I still hav to use the bloody mouse pad,so I can't play ROSE >"<

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Comp sux without my precios

The preciouse I'm talking about is my mouse!! Gah it just had to break down on me. Whenever I put the mouse in it says device unrecognised. I think it was because I pulled the mouse wire to much or something. The other problem that I fear is that my usb port has a problem >< . Although I don't really think thats the case,I'll try getting a new mouse first. So now using the comp without a mouse is very troublesome, I dislike the mouse pad which is more troublesome. Yesterday My grandmum's frend wanted to treat her with a dinner.

So we went out to this shop I from time to time for the last 16 years, and ate some seafood! We had crab , 3 crabs to be specific and, some prawns and a fish plus mee. Eating crabs are a mess and is pretty troublesome, so yeah I got my hands utterly messy, because ussually I use 2 fingers (index and thumb) and manage through the crabs, I've even eaten a crab before without needing to use hand, hard work using the cutleries. So it was a very filling dinner. Then when we went back,grandmum asked me to help her open something. It was a necklace thing. In the middle there was a pear like shape cage and they couldn't figure out how to open it. So i just looked at the instruction or the lining of the openings and popped it open. Yes, I'm usually called on for these things, and it's not because I'm good at it but because I do stuff faster than my dad. Well guess what was next, there was this tin can (similar to the tuna can) and outside it was a casing that told there was a real pearl inside!! Whoa inside there was a pearl liying in the bed of a clam! It was a real clam with a real pearl! It was a white one (quite small) and the boz said that it represented health. So she put it in the pear shaped cage thingy and the necklace was complete.

So today I just realised my uncle that I mentioned before is coming! One bad thing though, dad says I have to hold dinner till 10pm which is when he is arriving. I've gotta go tuition around 8 how can I survive without food!! Actually there wasn't any lunch liying around the house so I skipped it, althought I had a heavy breakfast >< . I still haven't completed and passed up my add maths project, so i plead my frends to send me their documents. The problem is I need to refill the ink and it's definitely a hassle without a mouse . Nowadays I have been slacking in class, at least slacking more than I was before. Theres a bloody ton of work and teachers are already starting to ask for their books. I am still slacking here not doing any work and I have no time... because i got tuition.. urh thats all ...

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Found something interesting!

Today school was boring.. sigh I have a ton of work to complete. Well I'll make this short. The only reason I'm bloggin today was because I found this REALLY COOL!! video about this guy/artist playing the ukelele!! I found it at ying xiao's blog ^.- Thanks for the linky man!! The guys name is Jake Shimabukuro! He lives in Hawaii.I'll get a brief paragraph from his site.

Jake Shimabukuro is the spokesperson for the 2004 Hawaiian Tourism Japan campaign. His music and engaging personality is the perfect vehicle to promote the theme “6 islands 6 surprises” that seeks to unveil the additional wonders of Hawaii heretofore little known to tourists. The commercial song is a pop and lively number that truly expresses Jake’s sentiments about his beloved home. The commercial is set to air in the Tokyo and Osaka region, starting end of May.

I love this song he's playing its called "While My Guitar Weeps". Although this is not his composition but his skills are amazing! Watch it for yourself in the vid below! Maybe I'll even buy his cd for my grandmum's birthday!! I think it'll make an excellent gift! Seriously this my fav song from his album!! by the way if you got hooked up by his playing heres his site Jake Shimabukuro. In this vid u can see how fast his hands can play ,I can't even see his hand properly anymore in the vid ,was afraid the strings would break at the highest point of the song.

P.s=that avatar is one of my drawing.. colouring is bloody hard.

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Back to school T_T

Tomorrow there will be no choice but to attend school again.It seems the haze haas gotten much better or maybe it has finally subsided. It rained today in the afternoon and now the weather is cooling ,the air is cleaner , the skies are bluer. Yesterday was granmum's 80th birthday celebration in church. The actual dinner will be next week and my uncle from australia is coming down to celebrate with us . I became the photographer of yesterdays event. The food was OK and granny got alot of presents.

I still haven't touched my add math's project.. will have to pass up tomorrow. Will try and do it tonight hehe . Then these couple of days I started replaying rose because I had nothing better to do. I couldn't install FLYFF which I haven't even played in my comp because of insufficent space. I tried downloading Gunz which a couple of my friends said were fun, but the installation wizard was corrupted or something. BY the way these are MMORPG games, (Multi Mass Online Role Playing Game) I think that's what it stands for. My friend in Rose gave me a Pierrot 7!!!!! Thats the most valueble thing anyone has EVER given me in a game larh. In real life ,the most valueble thing anyone gave me is this notebook!! next to it, ahah a Pierrot7!! pierrot 7 is a valuble jewel that improves our characters speed ability which makes killing those monsters easier(^-^).

Today I watched some anime which I had stored in my comp like Peach girl, Iriya no Sora ,UFO no Natsu, a bit of Princess Tutu, I wanted to rewatched Spirited Away last night but I was to tired. Forgot to mention last thurdays and friday was a HOLIDAY!! because of the haze hehe. I watched Goal and Gincu yesterday with Put3. The movie is not that bad .it was better than my expectations for a local movie. Actually we wanted to watch Bewitched but we had to split if we wanted to watch the movie because there were no more seats together. I also downloaded a ton of anime theme songs XD around 20 over or more from gendou(an anime Mp3 site).

Its official my piano skills suck! Its so terrible >< I can't even play ANYTHING without making plenty of mistakes or it just won't play. It seem I have a slow brain, so it takes a while to translate the notes to my brain sigh. I really want to play some songs from Tchaikovsky or either Joe Hisashi's music (the composer for all Hayao Miayazaki's works). My friend came to my house last friday and her playing although wasn'ta s smooth as my teacher was still great! I mean she's at least a great amount more better than me.. sigh. She can play some very hard for me pieces but quite easy for her pieces. Listening to some anime theme songs brings back memories ^_^

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BLoody Haze!

The haze has gotten worse tremendously since yesterday. Everything 500 meters away ,already look hazy. PLus we have to inhale this pollution into our body, just imagine the accumulated dirt in our lungs. Everyone is complaining that they feel hot or something. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. Then the skies look greyish brown because of the smoke of veil with dust and pollution. Since yesterday my friends have been asking me about the add maths project many times. Just left the msn on and went to watch the tv and when I came back 2-3 windows asking the same thing..T.T.

Today is Tuesday another 3 more days before weekends. I feel that I have been neglecting my blog these couple of days for no apparent reason. Yesterday I went photoshop crazy and made two wallpapers and a couple of avatars. Sigh it seems I lack a lot of things and I visit Deviant Art everyday. It seems that place is as dead as this place. I'll probably be posting up some artwork i made in school these few days (^-^). I did some inking so this time the drawings will be clearer,but still lacks inspiration,talent or movement, the only thing I can draw is the hair. School has been a bloody battle but today it calmed down. Got in a fight with a retard! Retards just don't get to understand the higher intelectual inteligents that we have. Sad rite ,just to bad that person will realise sooner or later how phathetic that retard is.

Tchaikovsky is one amazing genius in music! His music are just sooo sooo nice and good and Fantastic!! It would take a million years to play his pieces >< . I'll try them out later when I don't feel so bad. About the add maths project, it seems someone had all the answers and everyone wanted a photosthat, me too :p , so someone had to go and photosthat it, which to looked very pityfull as he couldn't eat at recess and had to spend a while in the line. Yesterday I created some COOL pixelated dolls. It's very easy just like dressing a doll, I used the doll maker. That site has such cool pixelated stuff! Heres the link! Elouai Doll Maker!
P.s=made the avatar.
P.s p.s= here are the dolls!!SOOO PRETTY!! The guys looks like Shinpo Daiya!

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End of the weekends

You are Mythos (Mute)!
You are Mythos (Mute). Selfless and Compassionate,
you give freely of yourself to save those who
are weaker. Now, if only you'd stop throwing
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In the world of Miyazaki's spirited away, you would
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You are most like... Pique!

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You are Toji!

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Classical music is fantastic!

Yesterday and the day before I was watching Princess TuTu which took me weeks to download.I watched the whole series which was around 38 episodes. Now that I realise the series ain't that bad but who am I to say when I get addicted to every anime I watch except those really sucky ones. It's about a duck that was transformed to a girl by a storyteller. The whol series is influenced by Tchaikovsky's music. His music is mesmerising and dazzling! A genius in music, no wonder they are all well reknown.

Princess Tutu often used The Nutcracker,Swan Lake Suite Op 20-Grand Waltz, Dance of the little swans, Waltz of the flowers and all!! This series is about ballay and music and is pretty much similar to a drama play in the olden days. I think this was targeted to younger girls around 8-13 years old, because it's not very deep about emotion, but more about the drama. The music makes up to all the emotion! So now I'm hunting for Tchaikovsky's music pieces,anyone with it please send me. Anyway if you know me, I'm not into classical music but more into rock rock and J-rock! Totally the opposite of classical, but I have always been a person to listen to the music more than the voice. Influenced by princess tutu which is based on fairy tales.

Yesterday LM had their AGM and as expected I didn't get any posts but alot of people from my class did. How come it seems that I lack so many things ,theres just this feeling of uncontentment.So I heard that my friend feels the same but it's hard to comfort another when oneself is in it's trap. My mind really is always coming up with these thoughts that this and that is good while everyone else says its not. How come people can play music so flawlessly and I can never seem to even play without mistakes.. no matter how hard I try. Losing so many friends, life has so many dissapointments yet has the same amount of happiness.I guess thats what we look forward to, that keeps us going. These days there has been a haze going on.

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Dissapointed, remorsed ,frustrated and sad

How could this day happend! The day was horrible,dispicable, untolarrable. Imagine smiling through remorse! That only makes me more remorsed.Argh!!!!! I'm gonna spill all the bad news and things that happend in ONE day. First I lost my ping pong match. Even though I lost I was still smilling like sum stupid fella, my opponent was like NOT smiling, not affected by my smile.. she was like urgh.. well nevermind that. Then our class totally lost! We lost 2 rounds of matches which kicked us out from the semifinals.

So then I reached home, checked the mail box and it was empty. I was eagerly waiting for the AFS letter to the exchange student thing. Then my granny came back. She called for me to come out because there was something important. At once I knew it was the AFS letter! I was sooo excited. Then when I opened the letter the first word I saw was DUKACITA dimaklumkan. Now how DEPRESSING is that! It was the one thing I was looking forward to the whole year. The irony of it all is there are a couple of people from my school who got it! ARGH like what the HELL man. Did I suck that much! I was SOOO DISSAPOINTED and angry at the same time.I really felt like I wanted to beng them! GAH!

After that I had to force myself to attend piano lessons. It's bad enough I suck at piano, I still have to take it everyweek! I know I suck at everything! Now that's not enough I have to face that cruel reality everyday. DAMN la, I REALLY WANTED IT >< ..I then thought back about my interiew, was I terrible? trying to find faults to all my answers ,trying to remember all their reactions.All my hopes and dreams crushed to ashes and as if thats not enough it was blown away by the cruel icy wind.

Then I had to go for tuition. After that I watched CSI:MIAMI! Guess what happened! One of the CSI's died in a shooting incident! ARGH ! How terrible is that , how cruel is reality to bear this one me in one whole day. I don't care if this is exchangerating! I AM MAD! ok I should calm down, but when I calm down I'm soooo sad. Stupid day ,stupid me, stupid AFS... kureshi ><. The only good things that happened.. well lemme see. There wasn't so much homework and I met coco! She allowed me to listen to her Laruku cd!! and we talked for a while. Then her friend warned us that Mr.Wee was coming down so we separated and I went to the Ping pong match. Another bad thing I forgot to mention, I keep on losing my eraser and ruler. So I had to buy another today.

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Stumbled onto this!

Wow ,guess what!I stumbled onto this site after not visiting it for months! Then look what I found out!!!!! This was taken from Manga Jouhou.They also show daily releases of unlicensed manga. I still prefer daily manga though because they have licensed and unlicensed >.-


Japan Weekly Top 10: Top 10 manga (July 25 - July 31) from Taiyosha:

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 11 by Hiromu Arakawa (Square Enix)
  2. Lovely Complex vol. 11 by Aya Nakahara (Shueisha)
  3. Hot Gimmick vol. 11 by Miki Aihara (Shogakukan)
  4. Emblem of Roto: To The Children Who Inherit The Emblem vol. 1 by Kamui Fujiwara (Square Enix)
  5. Parfait Tic vol. 15 by Nagamu Nanaji (Shueisha)
  6. Nagasarete Airantou vol. 6 Takeshi Fujishiro (Square Enix)
  7. Crayon Shin-chan vol. 42 by Yoshito Usui (Futabasha)
  8. Ookiku Furikabutte vol. 4 by Asa Higuchi (Kodansha)
  9. Eve no Nemuri: Yasha Next Generation vol. 4 by Yoshida Akimi (Shogakukan)
  10. Team Medical Dragon vol. 9 by Akira Nagai (Shogakukan)

Guess what!!! Well FMA is at the top which is not such a big surprise but but!!! PARFAIT TIC!!!!!!!!XD KYAAA!! Parfait Tic is no.5!!!I'm sooo proud of Nanaji Nagamu!! :D.Maybe I should try reading Full Metal Alchemist eh.. it's so famouse always at the top! Now Parfait Tic is doing well! Thats a great achievement! Hot Gimmick is also a shoujo manga only I didn't really read it, but it's pretty famouse. Today I didn't do much. But I did hunt around for manga and found some interesting and some not. I finally finished me editing Sekai Wa Happy Dekiru. If you want to know what's the story about just go to my fav links section and check the project out at Terrad! I'm a noob at this ,so I made a little mistakes here and there and had to redo it.hehe.

My Deviantart is practically a dead place? No one visits and rarely comment.Oh well it's not as if my drawing is good and worth looking at. Gotta GAMBATTE to improve my drawings and memorising hiragana, katakana and kanji then only I can forward myself to studying phrases and dialogs. Long way to go before being able to read manga.>< .. still not making any effort to improve the situation. Went surfing to almost all the sites in my favourites list. It's hard even understanding the simple frases in Japanese.

Tomorrow theres the ping pong competition coming up.. last week I lost to my friend T.T from the opponents team. Totally not good in sports. My school band totally rawks!! I've been rewatching the videos again and again.Currently waiting for the FINALs vids. Oh and did I not mention,my school band won the nationals!!! XD.

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Before things are too late,better appreciate what I have

Yesterday mum came back from pangkor (^-^). She bought me some t-shirts.. with the name pangkor on it. Today wasn't that bad, which is weird? Usually theres a lot of bad and good to be in balance .So that means what lies before me is the terrible peril of badness. It's better to prepare for it before it's too late.

I realised lots of teenagers don't appreciate what they have. They tend to take lots of things forgranted and are ussually self-absored.Thats very much true, you ussually don't think about other people without thinking of yourself first.Sometimes you think about yourself too much untill you forget about the people around you and in the end forsaking them. I'm not only talking about people, but also about the things around us. The esential everyday living things, nobody appreciates them.

Just think if you went back through time and there was no electricity, no computers, no internet, no rock music! How would life had been.Of curse if you were borned and raised in that century they were used to it. Thats why the old people nowadays appreciate things? or just forget about them. Then theres the case of the overcaring and selfless. Yes, it's good to be selfless and all ,but sometimes it's just sooo fake that I give up trying to tell people.

Most people prefer to be nuetral, which is such a normal sight that it doesn't brighten life at all. So dull.It's the first of August and another month has passed since the day I stepped into form 4. Now not long before now, I'll step up to form 5. At that time, decisions are everywhere and deciding is pure torture. Time is already running out, before long I'll be off to some university or colledge,if I can get one, then working!! Now how's working different from school? It's still WORK! Wish I could learn japanese fast! I wanna read Parfait Tic!! The original (japanese version) (^o^).

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