Hello!I'm fwenatic & this is my blog. Any bloggers out there interested in introducing your blog let me know.=). I'm a total anime fan so I'll be writing about it many a times.Anime is Japanese Animation <--for those who don't know. I'm also into manga which is Japanese comics.I find that the japanese comics are more interesting than the american ones.Mainly I'll be writing about my daily life...which is a typical teenage one..or maybe not..like how would I know if its typical or not rite. Every month I'll be changing the layout and song. Anyway I may begin my eloborate blog -.< . Remember to sign my guestbook and tag the board!!!=p. The song featured is She Is by Clazziroquai ~.As usual it will take a while to load.

Over and Out~

I totally forgot to change the layout because it is December. This layout is a pretty simple one , that was actually meant for a website but alas ,I'm not sure if there will ever be a website. I know it looks seriously girlish but well I don't care anymore ,lazyness blurs judgement.Too lazy to make a layout..

These days , I've been attempting to download RO , well I finally did after attempting 3 times. First my connection dc'ed after 10 hours waiting, then the 2nd time , when the download reached 1 sec my computer ran out of space, how ironic. Finally when I did get the file after 2 days of continouse frustration , they took a long time patching up, and etc etc. Now that I did play the game, I'm not sure whats so addicting about it. I miss Rose On9 , the graphics, the 3D the terrain and the cute characters of mine. Well I do congratulate Square Enix that they have made it p2p , at least now they can earn money.

Since I've been really bored, I'm reattempting to play back some games I disregarded a long time ago like gate to heaven, maple story, even o2jam. I read that the game is now free!! So thats why I'm going to give it a try (^ - ^)! Playing Maple Story was boring , it just made me keep reminiscing rose's 3D graphics that actually made players feel they were there! Enough about games, I need to get my hands on some good earphones/headphones! Since my Samsung earphones went KO too , it was sent for repair, but I need it by today which is not possible. I'll just have to suffer with my ex-earphones that totally suck.

Other than the fact that I'm broke, and have no transportation to go to KLCC for the pc fair ><, I'll be leaving this blog unatended for 2 weeks!! XD Since I'm not sure if I can make an update or attain a internet connection for these following 2 weeks, I'll just leave it as it is~~ Reason? Muahahaha aren't you curious! I'm going outstation ngahahahaa and I'm not telling where ~ Yes, curiosity killed the cat but in due time I'll probably reveal my destination, no worries. ^^v .Tomorrow I'll be departing XD to the airport and taking the plane by myself!! MYSELF!! doesn't that just scream independance! hahaha This time I get to go somewhere for holidays instead of staying at home~ I'm going to try bringing along my notebook, even though i won't have a bloody dsl connection, and unfortunately I couldn't find any good pc games lying around, most of them spoiled =.=. Everyone enjoy your holidays while you can! Theres only one month left to school. Only one more year and we'll be gone, saying farewells and sniff's to our old beloved friends. The journey of life is about to take a turn ~
Over and Out!~
p.s= Avvy - Hyun Bin looking awfully cool!

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Name :: Fwenatic aka McL
Age :: 16 years old
Point of origin:: Malaysia
Msn messenger :: fwenatic@hotmail.com
Hobbies :: anime, manga, music, comics, making fwens, playing games , drawing, movies, kdrama, jdrama, unsuccesfully avoid boredom..etc.
Fav anime :: Ayashinoceres, Chobits, Touch, Ah My Goddess, Card Captor Sakura, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Eyeshield 21,Full Metal Alchemist, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Sakura Wars, Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu, Peach Girl, Bleach,Hana Yori Dango, Princess Tutu.
Fav Manga ::MAR, Kyo Samurai Deeper, Ranma1/2, Naruto, Parfait Tic, Love Celeb, Ichigo Channel, Hissing,Hana Yori Dango, Vitamin, Bara no Tameni, Beauty Pop, Goong, Hot Blooded Woman, Alice 19th, Midori no Hibi and many many more...
Fav Drama/Series :: My Name is Kim Sam Soon/ My Lovely Sam-Soon, Attic Cat, Pheonix, Hana Yori Dango , H2 and etc.
Fav Movie :: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ever After, Robots, Lemony Snicket's:A Series of Unfortunate Events,Road to Perditon,Star Wars III:Revenge of The Sith, City Of Angels and Blue Mountain
Fav singer/band:: Hyde, Linkin Park, Nickleback, The Rasmus, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, F.I.R, Switchfoot, Evanescence, Incubus, Matchbox Twenty, Jamiroquai, John Mayor, Sarah Mclachlan, P.O.D, Pop Shuvit, Yellow Card, Staind, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, Do As Infinity, L'Arc~Ein~Ciel, Kagrra, Sambomaster, Alice Nine, Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou, Se7en, DBSK, Orange Range, Home Made Kazoku, Ellegarden, Asian Kungfu Generation, T.M Revolution, Clazziquai, Fort Minor and etc etc..
Fav Music Genre::Rock, R&B, Jrock, Kpop, Orchestral, Cpop, Classical...etc
Fav quote:: 'Live life to da fullest'
2nd quote:: 'I love mankind its people I hate..'by Gill grissom,CSI

She Is - Clazziquai

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